RELEASE DATE: 03/07/15


The enigmatic Lust’ seem to have appeared from the ether. The Toronto four-piece played their first show in June and released their self-titled debut album in July. Fast work, or the fruition of months, years or decades of planning? Who knows. Their eight track debut creates a head-swirling atmosphere that’s only punctured fleetingly, as by a thunderstorm. The slow-ness and depth of sound, combined with the whisper of unsettlingly intense lyrics seems intended to hypnotise.

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Opening track ‘Calm’ eases in with chorused guitars and sets the rhythm for the record, with its slow, deep breaths. Although the noise grows, the pace is steady – in and out. A tumult of textures and layers, ‘Whisper’ rouses us briefly, but ‘Day Dream’ sends us back to a reverie. It’s definitely dream pop, but they pile some dirt on too. Keeping it dreamy, ‘You and I’ casts a sonic hex which is shattered by ‘Alone’ – an energy boost of drums, distortion and wonderful whammy action. In ‘Are These Feelings Real?’ a recorded voice doubts their reality, and no wonder. This deep into Lust’s debut, disorientation is all. And that only deepens as ‘Breathe’ begins and seems somehow to be a continuation and evolution of the preceding song. It’s almost smothering – a long way from the airiness of Calm, all those songs ago. The album closes with ‘When You’re Blue’, with its swooping minor chords and whispered lyrics, it’s a dark incantation.

Lust have us under their spell.






In her time, Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr has attended raves and rock clubs. She enjoys pedals, pizza and spy dramas. Sarah also plays guitar in Edinburgh-based noisemakers Wozniak and is co-founder of Morningside Young Team who put on gigs and put out records for discerning audiences who enjoy fuzz and confusion.