a2860647016_16ARTIST: LSD And The Search For God

RELEASE: Heaven Is A Place

RELEASE DATE: 15th January 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Deep Space Recordings

Back in January 2007, San Francisco based psychedelic wonders ‘LSD And The Search For God’ unleashed a beautifully melodic, hazy & down right fuzzy collection of five tracks on their self titled debut EP that blew me away from my very first listen! Steeped in glorious reverb & musically reminiscent of Spacemen 3, The Telescopes & early ‘Creation Records’ drone practitioners My Bloody Valentine, ‘LSD And The Search For God’ told sonic tales brimming with dreamy duel boy/girl vocals, straddling beautifully fuzzy space rock jams. Fast forward nine years to 2016 and the band are back with another astonishing collection of 5 psychedelic stories glistening with the same spaced out ingredients that blew my mind way back in 2007. The ‘Heaven Is A Place’ EP is real, it’s not a figment of my imagination & it follows on from copious amounts of touring, collaborations with UK based psych gazing stalwarts ‘The Telescopes’, the addition of new members & building up a massive cult following throughout those nine years, all the while deliberately teasing us with the promise of a new release! This is a full on fuzzed out confession told through the medium of sound and picks right up where the bands debut left off. ‘LSD And The Search For God’ are made up of Chris Fifield – Guitar, Sofia Campbell – Vocals, Ryan Lescure – Bass, Ricky Maymi – Drums & Andy Liszt – Guitars / Vocals and this latest release was unleashed via the brilliant ‘Deep Space Recordings’.

The EP opens up with the immense ‘Heaven’, a swirling, droning maelstrom of layered reverberating sound straddling a thundering drum beat and that blissful vocal arrangement courtesy of Campbell & Liszt. This is a sonically charged slice of euphoric brilliance. Up next, ‘(I Don’t Think That We Should) Take It Slow’ is a melodically fuzzed up psych behemoth dipped in shimmering reverb and trapped within a whirlwind of hazy simmering sound-waves. Probably my favourite track on the whole release is ‘Outer Space (Long Way Home)’. This track slowly shuffles into the sonic ether with ease & I’m mesmerised with it’s addictive guitars & fuzzy droning undercurrent. Andy Liszt adds a lazy vocal to proceedings but its only when the sublime duel vocal hits and everything gets subsumed within the swirling guitars, throbbing bass & pounding drums that we are treated to something truly wonderful.

‘Elizabeth’ starts slowly with a melodic guitar line intertwined with that now trademark psychedelic droning swirl until the drums start & again we’re treated to another immense vocal arrangement. There is a definite ‘Creation Records’ sound here (although do I hate lumping modern day bands into the “Creation Records” category!) & it does swirl around the overall ascetic of this EP but ‘LSD And The Search For God’ have added something special to proceedings and thus have taken it to a whole new modern level. The EP’s closing track ‘Without You’, the longest track on the EP , is an immensely euphoric chunk of expressively edgy psych-gaze that erupts after 5 minutes, unleashing a monstrous swirling sonic wall of noise. Vocally brilliant in its entirety ‘Without You’ will leave you wanting to hear more.

‘LSD And The Search For God’ have released something really special in my opinion (Not that my opinion really matters in the grand scheme of things) but none the less, ‘Heaven Is A Place’ has instantly catapulted itself into my top 10 releases of this year and it will take something really, really special to remove it.










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