ARTIST: Las Cobras

RELEASE: Temporal

RELEASE DATE: 19th May 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records

When South American based boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebellato aka ‘Las Cobras’ signed to the ever reliable London based independent record label ‘Fuzz Club’ and their debut single dropped into our inbox, they instantly became firm favourites of ours with their swirling, hypnotically charged sun kissed rock n’ roll vibe underscored at times with dark experimental tendencies that are deeply enshrined within this modern day fuzz fuelled psych firmament. We soon discovered that this initial debut single barely even scratched the surface of what this duo could achieve sonically and it was only after we peeled back the many layers on this debut album did we immerse ourselves into what traditional Latin American psych truly sounded like. ‘Temporal’ is released on May 19th 2017 via ‘Fuzz Club’ and you can pre-order it right now on various formats from 

After an initial intro of warbling synthesiser drone courtesy of ‘Dark Waves’, the albums opening piece, we’re then shepherded into the welcoming arms of ‘Beating Hard’, a mesmerising mêlée of sequenced percussion and growling guitars that are broken up at times by plinking keyboard patterns and layered brilliantly by those menacing duel vocals. Screaming lead lines meander through swells of synth and luscious reverberation as the track builds in momentum and pulses through huge instrumental progressions with relative ease. Up next, ‘The Time Has Come’ staggers into audible range on a bedrock of electronic percussion as it’s sampled synth lines loop and pull the entire production together dragging with them tremulous guitar progressions and simmering vocal lines that are absolutely steeped in resonating effects. Lead guitar lines whip up a frenzy and are allowed to lash out at will as their serine but sampled electronic understudies hold the track’s deeply repetitive modern swagger in check. ‘Our Love Will Grow’ jangles into earshot accompanied by a fantastic cascading baseline, hi-hat heavy drum pattern and angry guitars as the subtle but infectious sampled production bubbles underneath what is a fantastically refreshing track indeed. Duel vocals add swathes of melody as pulses of reverberation ripple out into the ether, skipping along with that highly infectious baseline.

There’s a tinge of garage psych streaming through the inner core of  ‘Al Más Allá’ thats quite alluring but it’s the pull of traditional percussion, jangling guitars and droning synth enveloping a magnificent vocal line drenched in glorious reverberation that peaks this listeners attention. Up next, ‘Nothing Against You’ sways into the ether on a snaking synth line and another brilliant guitar progression whilst ‘So Much Love’ growls menacingly on a fractious baseline and a swirling synthetic drone as it’s metronomic drum pattern pulls a duel vocal attack through massive swathes of delayed reverb. This track loops and arcs through wave after wave of undulating sonic frequencies and turbulent effect laden production and it’s probably my favourite track on the entire release. The albums penultimate piece trembles on a swirling synth drone as throbbing bass frequencies and the explosive drum track dig a deep dark furrow into the sonic firmament. ‘Same And Again’ swerves through passages of intensely addictive lead lines and mesmerisingly hypnotic vocal lines that intertwine with one another and undulate like a stalking pit viper and atmospheric organ sweeps create magical incantations as the collective wall of the instrumentation pulses ripples of psychedelic abandonment out into the ether at will. The album closes out with the bands debut single. ‘Temporal’ shakes on pulsating bass lines and shamanic like percussion as haunting opening vocalisations mimic addictive streamlined lead lines and open up into a magnificent lush and textured afro-beat connotations underpinned with mystical impressions, droning incantations and warbling guitar lines. A fitting bookend to a wonderful debut album.




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