ARTIST: Holy Monitor

RELEASE: Holy Monitor 

RELEASE DATE: 17th February 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Primitive Music RecordsBlackspin Records

Stunning Athens based experimental psych/kraut rock collective ‘Holy Monitor’ have announced their debut self-titled full length release filled to the brim with luscious soundscapes that skip through a multiple of different sonic disciplines with blistering aplomb. Not content to have wowed us with last years ‘Ongakubaka Records’ release ‘Golden Light​/​Aeolus’, a compilation containing both of the bands previously released (only digital & in a ltd edition cassette) EP’s, ‘Holy Monitor’ have returned with a ten track monolith that will literally blow your mind. Released via ‘Primitive Music Records’ in collaboration with ‘Blackspin Records’ the album is available to pre-order digitally right now from

Physical copies are available to pre-order in two limited editions of high quality clear-copper & blue-white marbled vinyl, 200 copies each:

Swirling into the ether on a repetitious instrumental drone we jump off into the unknown just as ‘Halcyon’ powers up it’s atmospheric core and washes us in subtle fret noises, serine lead lines and reverberating swells of sonic delight. ‘Nemesis’ arrives just as we’re getting comfortable and we’re soon dragged with it as it’s motorik percussive swagger spews forth cascading organ lines, throbbing bass frequencies and the delicious whip of lead guitars. Otherworldly vocalisations arrive, riding a wave of screaming guitars and malicious synth swells as the sonic tension builds into a raging tremulous beast. Up next, ‘Holy Monitor’ unleash a full on psych behemoth in the form of the albums lead track, the mind altering, mescaline charged ‘Bed Of The Earth’. Hypnotic lead guitars gently caress whirring organ swells as steadying drums and a humming baselines carry another impressive vocal performance. ‘Bed Of The Earth’ meanders deftly through sonic peaks and troughs until eventually exploding into a mesmerising lead break filled with electronic trickery, explosive percussion and the constant swirl of the organ all collectively awash with swathes of reverb. It’s haunting vocals swirl and soar, peppered at times by delectable backing lines that seem to morph into one big throbbing behemoth tumbling gracefully through the ether like some new gravitational sonic phenomenon.

‘The Vine’ undulates and spirals as it floats into earshot circumnavigating itself in a peaceful haze of chandiramani percussion & shimmering tambourines before the hypnotic tendrils of it’s utterly addictive guitar progressions take over, whirring above melodious baselines, the cascading plink of brilliantly constructed organ progressions and hauntingly good vocalisations. Before we can float away in a melancholic bliss however, the opening bars of ‘Golden Light’ (appearing here again and originally released back on 2015’s ‘Golden Light’ EP) grace our ears and we’re soon awash with it’s eastern esoteric influences, menacing organ swells and stunning reverberations that loop and arc throughout, painting sonic pictures and instilling a blast of shimmering atmosphere. Up next, ‘Αφροδίτη’ gyrates into audible range trapped in a swirling synth drone before pounding drums and incessant organ stabs metronomically lead the charge accompanied by throbbing bass frequencies and constant barrage of lead guitars that leaps in and out of those blissful vocalisations with aplomb. Electronic theatric’s announce the arrival of ‘Bend The Tree’s’ (appearing here again and originally released on 2015’s ‘Aeolus’ EP) and it gracefully glides on a droning synth progression and a highly addictive guitar line. This track bathes in swathes of stunning reverb as its hushed vocalisations take centre stage continuously urging the instrumentation to keep up with the pace.

‘Icarus’ builds rapidly, trapped in a turbulent instrumental drone, haunted by atmospheric guitar squall, reverberating fret noises, subtle sonic swells and the constant thump of the incessant bass drum. This track glides and arc’s through a dark and malicious psych induced world filled with howling vocalisations that twist and morph into many different frequencies at will. Up next, the albums penultimate piece swings deliciously on a bedrock of driving kraut/motorik percussion and repetitious instrumentation. ‘Ice Giants’ conjures up hypnotic hallucinations of 70’s sci-fi b-movie aliens aligned with a modern day sonic twist. The albums closing piece (appearing here again and originally released on 2015’s ‘Golden Light’ EP) charges into ear shot on a bedrock of pounding drums, swirling guitars and soaring synth swells that are constantly building in tempestuous fashion and continuously circumnavigating that fragile vocal track. ‘Cacti’ builds from the off adding layer after layer of stunning instrumentation as it deftly skips along its chosen sonic path. A fitting ending to wonderfully creative album. Apart from the noticeable & previously released track inclusions, ‘Holy Monitor’ have put together a serious collection of impressive soundscapes that are sure to attract both new and old listeners alike. My favourite track on this album however has to be the highly addictive ‘Bed Of The Earth’ and it’s driving cacophony of delectable psychedelic sounds.




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