ALBUM REVIEW - Fawns Of Love - Permanent - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Fawns Of Love

RELEASE: Permanent

RELEASE DATE: January 18th 2019

RECORD COMPANY: Test pattern Records 

California-based husband and wife team of Jenny & Joseph Andreotti aka ‘Fawns Of Love’ have made huge strides in the development of their collective sound over the past eighteen months. Since the release of their debut album ‘Who Cares About Tomorrow’ back in 2017 they have matured their sonic techniques, concentrating on melody, intricate instrumentation and instilling a serene calmness into their overall sound that is both breathtaking & atmospheric all at once. Their addictive twist on the traditional ethereal dream-pop sound should be applauded for being both forward thinking and experimental in it’s approach. Injecting raw slices of shoegaze, walls of shimmering reverb and moments of immersive post-punk into a distinctly 80’s sounding sonic platform is a joy to hear. The band have returned with a blistering full length release entitled ‘Permanent’ through Sacramento-based ‘Test Pattern Records’. It’s penned in for official release on January 18th 2019, was mixed and mastered by Josiah Mazzaschi (whose credits include The Jesus & Mary Chain & Built to Spill) and is available to pre-order right now on various formats including lovely vinyl via

The soft pulse of electronic percussion announces the arrival of ‘Someday’, the albums opening track and it’s not long before we’re scooped up and whisked off our feet, tumbling gracefully in a flurry of intricate guitar lines and clouds of hazy reverberation. Swells of synth bubble and sway from below the mix, merging with the orbiting instrumentation and adding serene atmospherics to proceedings as Jenny Andreotti’s gentle vocal tones glide effortlessly on waves of shimmering electronics. ‘Someday’ is absolutely sublime, a wonderful opener and one of the many track highlights on this impressive album. Up next, ‘December’ dances into the ether trapped in a sequence of pounding drum hits, trembling lines of guitar and swells of beautifully entrancing synth. Ethereal vocal lines come into view, swimming in a sea of reverb that seems to catch her tone perfectly, gently melding it with those glistening swirls of reverb to collectively envelope the entire mix. Reminiscent at times to 80’s sounding New Order colliding with the ethereal qualities of the Cocteau Twins, ‘December’ is deliciously majestic.

‘Horoscope’ oozes a kind of sentimental coolness that is very hard to shake off. It sways into audible range on layers of synth and a totally addictive drum pattern. Rhythmic electronic incantations twitch and run alongside those rambling lines of guitar, carefully circumnavigating a pristine vocal take as we glide and move with every single note. Graceful in it’s attack and beautifully serene, ‘Horoscope’ is another little sonic gem. ‘Permanent’ arrives trapped in a cloud of intense melody as it’s swirling instrumental drones mix with huge swells of synth and the rush of reverb leaves you breathless. Guitar lines intertwine with the ricochet of percussion as the vocal cuts a deep furrow straight through the mix with relative ease whilst ‘Mournful Eyes’ sees the band continuing to experiment with their sonic craft, injecting sequenced electronics and repetitive percussive loops with melodic guitars, simmering swells of synth and swooning vocalisations to collectively create something altogether magical.

‘Divine’ echoes into existence on a wave of swirling instrumentation as ghostly vocalisations materialise out of those huge waves of reverberation. The pitter patter of electronic percussion holds a steady rhythmic pattern here as floating electronics and cascading bass frequencies dance and flow just below the mix and that constant pull of guitar is ever-present. Wonderfully  ethereal, ‘Divine’ is a sublime track and should of been a lead single. The albums penultimate piece entitled ‘Anarchy & Kisses’ unfurls it’s sonic tendrils and tumbles brilliantly into a cloud of hazy instrumentation as Fawns Of Love inject their now trademark sting of shimmering melody. Repetitive guitars arrive to pierce through the woozy layers of production as Jenny’s ethereal vocalisations float into view, now wrapped in a warm blanket of reverberation, and proceed to glide with grace on top of the swirling sonic melee. Another fantastic track, ‘Anarchy & Kisses’ is simply beautiful. The album closes out with ‘Wasted Days’, a blissful sonic charge of intense melody and instrumental perfection. Swirling guitars, beautifully streamlined vocals, hazy synths and a repetitive rattle of electronic percussion collectively bring this magnificent album to a shimmering close.




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