ARTIST: Echodrone

RELEASE: Past, Preset and Future

RELEASE DATE: January 23rd 2018


It’s been quite some time since we’ve had any music from brilliant San Francisco based experimental shoegazers ‘Echodrone’. Their impressive 2015 released long player ‘Five’ caught the ear of the venerable ‘Saint Marie Records’ and marked a significant change sonically for the band. It was released at a time when the resurgent underground scene was booming and shoegaze was a buzz word on the lips of passionate scenesters. It was also met with rave reviews upon release and is still spoken about today as being a landmark album from that year. Now the band have returned with a brand new thirteen track opus entitled ‘Past, Preset and Future’. Self -released, this massive compendium of tracks swirls and dances through a multitude of music genres such as shoegaze, dream pop, post-punk, electronica, post-rock and indie-rock with relative ease and is sure to stir up the hearts and minds of the underground faithful once more. The album gets it’s full release on January 23rd 2018 and will be available to buy/download from that date via all of the bands usual outlets.

A swirling tremulous drone pulls jangling instrumental progressions filled with shimmering guitars and wide scoped reverberations out into the ether as ‘Threaded Barrel’ unfurls it’s glistening tendrils and reaches out to pull the listener inside. Giddy percussion rides the wave of blissed out sound waves as hazy vocalisations meander in and out of deep laid bass frequencies. Catchy lead lines stick to the sonic concoction like glue as we’re pulled into a marvellous chorus surge and swept away on a wave of beautiful noise. ‘Threaded Barrel’ bounces and moves like clock work and is a massive statement of intent. Up next, ‘Failure’ glides into audible range trapped in a melancholic dream-pop hue underpinned with stunning instrumentation and an immense vocal performance. Chorus parts soar skywards on layers of streaming guitars and pounding drum patterns as the throb of bass envelopes walls of outstanding production. The albums title track  ‘Past, Present And Future’ begins with a busy sequenced synth progression that clutches noisy guitars, swirling electronics and a metronomic percussive beat. Electro styled bass lines spiral through the melee instilling a post-punk kind of edge to proceedings thus allowing us to take breath and prepare ourselves for the monstrous instrumental build ahead and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s sublime, absolutely spellbinding and definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album.

‘Open Your Mind’ swirls into action tumbling through instrumental drones, building slowly and announcing another marvellous vocal track. It’s guitar parts bubble through layers of synth swells, humming bass lines and solid production before exploding into a cacophony of intense noise all wrapped around a stunning chorus progression whilst the opening bars of ‘Dystopian Story’ has ambient intentions with it’s swirling electronics and twinkling production. It opens up into captivating guitar progressions that swoop and circumnavigate hazy vocalisations as catchy melody filled chord changes and hook laden atmospherics add ethereal like connotations to the entire piece. It is absolutely beautiful from start to finish and I recommend that you pop on some headphones to experience it in full. Up next, ‘Save Me’ begins with punchy post-punk hued guitars before you get sucked into that beautiful vocal and fall head long into pools of heady reverb. Electronic theatrics bubble and dance just below the mix as steady drum patterns keep the tempo just nice allowing cascading synth lines and the addictive throb of bass to wash over you.

‘Below From Above’ has that 80’s post-punk sound reminiscent of ‘The Cure’ or ‘Siouxsie Sue’ but with a modern dream-pop twist. Twinkling electronics meander deep within the mix catching the ear in between vocal breaths as driving guitars, surging synths and reverberating bass notes create a heady sonic brew that is highly addictive and keeps the listener focused on the track whilst ‘Rock Waltz’ uses backwards instrumentation and slow moving production to great effect. The entire track reminds me of early ‘Deus’ and I can’t quite put my finger on wether that’s down to the vocal track, the use of vocal sampling or the overall layering of instruments? Either way it’s a stunning piece of music. ‘Land Of Nothingness’ jangles on a wave of bass frequencies and lo-fi vocalisations. Hi-hat heavy percussion keeps things simple as we weave and bob through shimmering guitars and heady experimental production values building brilliantly through each interconnecting sonic part before unfolding into a blissed out chorus progression with relative ease.

Swirling guitars announce ‘Home’ and we’re again pulled into a mesmerising vocal performance reminiscent at times to seminal USA based dream-gazing outfit ‘Whimsical’. Soaring chorus progressions take your breath away as they glide skywards on streaming jets of beautiful melody, layered guitars, luscious synth and senses tingling percussion whilst ‘Low’ keeps things almost ethereal. Guitars drone effervescently, drenched in reverb and twirling through percussive shakers before pulling trembling guitar progressions into the mix enveloping another fragile vocal line perfectly. It’s another stand out track for me on an album filled with great songs. ‘Abstract Thoughts’, the albums penultimate piece, is a slow moving atmospheric affair with sparse percussion, jangling bass lines, surging synth swells and another beautiful melancholic vocal collectively pinned to twinkling guitar progressions drenched in stunning reverberation whilst the album closes out with ‘Snow Drift’. Ghostly vocalisations ride steady drum patterns and meandering guitar progressions as the pull of deep cascading bass frequencies wrap themselves gracefully around swirling lines of synth. This track explodes into a marvellous cacophony of reverb and noise as the chorus progressions launch themselves skywards into a glistening sonic ether closing out what is another immense compendium of tracks by a band who have been sorely missed from the underground music scene.






Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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