ARTIST: Dreamweapon


RELEASE DATE: 16th February 2018


Taking their name from a live Spacemen 3 album entitled ‘Dreamweapon: An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music’ released back in 1990, Porto’s ‘Dreamweapon’ have the sonic know how to back up their collective sound. Like their contemporaries, ‘Dreamweapon’ use a tightly woven experimental edge as a dominating musical force to carefully create magnificent soundscapes deftly tumbling through electronically themed krautrock, oscillating proto-punk and modern psych with a collective end product that will simply blow your mind. Made up of 10,000 Russos bassist Andre Couto, João Campos Costa and Edgar Moreira, they emerged in 2009 and have since gone on to release one EP, a self-titled debut album and a splattering of singles. Now the band have emerged with their four track sophomore release entitled ‘SOL’ and have enlisted the brilliant ‘Fuzz Club Records’ to bring this album to the ears of the world. Officially released on the 16th February 2018, ‘SOL’ is available to pre-order on various formats right now via fuzz

Swirling menacingly in a darkly atmospheric and all consuming instrumental drone the opening salvos of ‘Mashinne’ instantaneously instil an overriding sense of foreboding as the slow meticulous tempo begins it’s repetitive march into the sonic unknown. Hazy reverberations fizz and move in and out of throbbing bass signatures and the twinkle of electronics as subtle lines of melodic guitar bounce and weave effervescent incantations that meld effortlessly with resonating frequencies to create a wall of hypnotic sound that is both captivating and scary all at once. Shadowy sound-waves float like ghosts in and out of the mix at various times creating light and shade and adding depth to the piece as we’re pulled through cascading synth lines, ghostly vocalisations and the sequenced pulse of surreal production techniques. ‘Mashinne’ is a fascinating opening salvo and a definite highlight on this release.

‘Blauekirshe’ opens up held fast in a kind of eastern esoteric haze as squally guitars scratch and pull through waves of reverb and shamanic shakers hover over droning swells of synth and rolling drum patterns. Bouncing bass lines keep hypnotic time as intense atmosphere undulates throughout injecting distant voices and surging dub like stabs of percussion. This track is lusciously addictive and at times spiritual in it’s approach. It’s reptilian movement demands attention whilst the constant pitter patter of resonating frequencies swirl and ebb effortlessly dipped in an acid blotched haze. Up next, ‘Qram’ enters audible range tumbling through calming waves filled with ringing bells and chiming alarms. At fourteen minutes plus, Qram’s peaceful beginnings are short lived as resonating instrumental drones build from deep below the mix accompanied by the surge of percussion and the rattle of reverberating cymbal noise. Spiralling instrumentation intertwined with sticky reverb pulls the throb of bass and uncompromising production values out into the ether as we tumble headlong into a mesmerising wall of shamanic krautrock. ‘Qram’ is immersive, hypnotically brilliant and another highlight on this release for me.

The album closes out with ‘Monte da Virgem’, a track that has also appeared on Fuzz Club’s latest compilation, the brilliant ‘Reverb Conspiracy Vol.5’. This track is a bass driven sonic monolith that surges through layers of driving percussion, pulsing guitars, surging instrumental drones and the heady pull of sequenced synths. Monte da Virgem’s repetitiveness is what makes it so bloody addictive. At times reminiscent of Throw Down Bones or Föllakzoid in it’s kraut like stylings, Monte da Virgem is a masterful ending to a totally immersive album.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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