ALBUM REVIEW - Dead Vibrations - Dead Vibrations - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Dead Vibrations

RELEASE: Dead Vibrations

RELEASE DATE: January 26th 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records 

Swedish noise manipulators ‘Dead Vibrations’ create a delicious mix of psychedelically tinged shoegaze and dark atmospherics layered brilliantly with swathes of gloomy reverberation, screaming feedback, angry vocalisations all topped off with brooding fuzzed-out guitars. Carefully honing their sound over the past few years through touring and appearing at some of Europe’s best psych fests, ‘Dead Vibrations’ have made considerable sonic strides. Since exploding onto Stockholm’s underground psych scene back in 2015 the band have released their debut 12” EP ‘Reflections’ and this year’s 7” single ‘Swirl/Sleeping In Silver Garden’. The band are made up of Christian Jansson – guitar/vocals, Elmer Hallsby – bass, Josefin Ahlqvist Lyzwiski – drums & Olov Sjogren – guitar and they have joined forces with London based independent record label ‘Fuzz Club Records’ to unleash their immense self-titled debut album with the release date penned in for January 26th 2018. The album is available to buy via on lovely deluxe vinyl (limited to 100 copies on 180g coloured vinyl, hand numbered and gatefold sleeve) and on standard vinyl (limited to 400 copies on 180 vinyl).

Angry instrumental drones swirl and loop through clouds of dark and oppressive reverberations as ‘On A Sunday Morning’ unwraps it’s fuzzy sonic tendrils and pulls repetitive percussion and the throb of deep bass frequencies out into the ether. Melodious guitar progressions envelope soaring vocalisations, strapped to noise laden passages of screaming feedback that pummel the senses as the track builds brilliantly and lurches to a turbulent finale. It’s a blistering opening salvo indeed. Up next, ‘Chemical Hug’ belches out subtle feedback, sporadic notes and sullen fret noise as it winds itself up and steadily sways into audible range. Somber vocal lines ride a huge surge of instrumental fury permeated by layers of dark swirling atmospherics that loop and arc atop of a steady drum pattern. Catchy chorus changes carve out a deafening pause before we lurch back into a raging cacophony of fizzing noise as ‘Chemical Hug’ presents it’s grungy final throws to the masses.

Whirring drones blend with overdriven guitars drenched in swathes of reverb with the arrival of ‘Dive With You’. It’s addictive lead lines quiver and sway as ghostly vocal lines pulse a surreal kind of melody through the collective sonic fog. Rolling drum patterns hold court here as throbbing bass frequencies hover in close proximity, building ever so slowly as repetition creeps into proceedings and continue right up until tracks end. Up next, ‘Marbles’ explodes into a magnificent array of sonic colour with pounding almost motorik like percussion keeping a steady backbeat and used primarily as a vehicle to collectively ferry those immense vocals, rumbling bass lines and huge layers of atmospheric guitar on into that magnificent instrumental break and then on into that angry finale. ‘Marbles’ is a triumph, worthy of your ears and quite possibly my favourite track on the entire release. Up next, the open salvos of ‘Void’ are angry and atmospheric with swirling reverberations and deep dark sonic trenches filled with alluring instrumentals and a pounding percussive assault but permeating that cacophony of wonderful noise are melody strewn vocalisations that surf on top of the melee and at times carry this track skywards. It’s masterful in it’s approach and another highlight for me.

The albums penultimate piece entitled ‘In Habits’ materialises from Void’s dissipating death throws. Dark and malevolent, this track has a definite shoegaze personality with ghostly vocalisations riding hypnotic beats, soaring lead lines and the deep penetrating rumble of sullen bass frequencies. Mesmerising instrumental breaks pull the listener in before exploding into a blistering melting pot of sounds lead primarily by luscious guitar and growling production. ‘In Habits’ ends in a sonic haze before the incantational sounds of ‘Bitter Better Way’ creep into audible range and wash this listener with a heady concoction of swaying percussion, quivering guitars and cascading bass frequencies. Immense vocals meld effortlessly with dark swirling sounds, breathing life into proceedings as they cut through the noise thus allowing this track to erupt into a massive sonic behemoth. It’s a brilliant ending to a mesmerising debut album.




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