ALBUM REVIEW - Dead Sea Apes & Adam Stone - Warheads - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Dead Sea Apes & Adam Stone

RELEASE: Warheads

RELEASE DATE: 26th September 2018


‘Warheads’ is the blistering full length collaborative release between writer/artist Adam Stone and Manchester-based noise manipulators ‘Dead Sea Apes’. Picking at the claustrophobic underbelly of modern life, ‘Warheads’ melds the dystopian commentary of Stone with the experimental sonic might of ‘Dead Sea Apes’ to bring us on a hallucinogenic voyage that swerves valiantly through angry psychpunk, menacingly broody modern psych and mind altering experimental perceptions, holding absolutely nothing back. ‘Warheads’ had it’s official release back on the 26th September via the ever reliable Cardinal Fuzz Records and is available to buy/download right now on various formats from and respectively.

Lysergic fuelled guitars fizz and tingle as they balance precariously on layers of reverb allowing ‘Inside Of Me’ to slowly evolve before punishing drums clatter into view pulling heavy bass frequencies and the snarl of charging vocalisations with them, melding collectively into one turbulent ball of atmospheric energy. Lead guitars begin their merry dance, spinning sonic webs of stinging malice as they follow the vocal lines closely, allowing no quarter as the band unleash a pick n’ mix style of various sounds and Adam Stone enlightens us all on the impending demise of modern life as we know it. There are links here to various musical stylings with the apparent ‘Dead Kennedy’s’ or ‘Mark E. Smith & The Fall’ connection evident from the off but if you listen very closely to the instrumental accompaniment you’ll hear classic ‘Dead Sea Apes’ experimentation bubbling just below the mix. Up next, ‘Reduced To Zero’ floats into audible range strapped to slow moving percussive pattern, swirling instrumental drones and jangling guitars all trapped in a kind of dystopian wild west hue. The mesmerising spoken word of Stone, drenched in reverb, cuts a fine wedge through proceedings, pontificating brilliantly and injecting an unsettling atmospheric psychpunk edge deftly underpinned with the dry wit of John Cooper Clarke.

‘Retreat To Your Bunker’ is absolutely sublime! Droning instrumentation mixed with electronic bleeps, sequenced samples, synths and atmospheric fret noise accompany a busy percussive pattern and meandering bounce of heavy bass frequencies as the vocals arrive swirling within a cinematic cloud of 70’s sci-fi atmospherics. This is fantastic listening and possibly my favourite track on the entire release whilst ‘Doing What You Want’ is a charging heavy psychpunk behemoth. Repetitive guitars ride chariot like drum patterns as Stone’s vocalisations draw influences from punk to post-punk and heavy psych with sermon like abandonment. Up next, ‘Broken In Two’ pulses into life with a sequenced line of menacing synth as squally drones ebb just below the mix and that metronomic percussive pattern adds intense atmosphere. Subtle feedback adds to the melee as the vocals arrive bringing schizoid spoken word broken up at times by building swells of guitar and drawn out instrumental breaks filled with repetitive lines of synth and catchy chord changes. ‘Broken In Two’ meanders brilliantly through dark passages of stunning instrumentation used primarily to carry the blistering social commentary of Adam Stone.

‘Yes No’, the albums penultimate piece, is a hypnotic spaced out psych jam falling somewhere between modern heavy psych and mid nineties alternative rock. Heavy drum patterns carry throbbing lines of bass and growling guitars into a battle of fizzing sonic attrition as the screaming vocal incantations throttle the baying acolytes into absolute submission. It’s a fascinating listen and a recommendation from us lot here at Primal Music. The album closes out with the rousing ‘Power To The People’. Sequenced atmospherics meld with squally drones and layers of reverb as they circumnavigate lines of poetic spoken word and pulse through clouds of heady atmosphere. This track builds brilliantly from the off, injecting layers of hypnotic instrumentation in stages and closes out another marvellous excursion into the sonic mind of ‘Dead Sea Apes’.




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