ARTIST: Dead Gurus

RELEASE: Acid Bench

RELEASE DATE: 17th February 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Wrong Way Records

Dark and foreboding, menacing and hypnotic, Minnesota based psych aficionados ‘Dead Gurus’ are no strangers to this modern underground psych scene. The band are made up of Jason Edmonds (Magic Castles), Bennett Johnson, Collin Gorman Weiland (Daughters of the Sun and Dreamweapon) & Ryan Garbes (Wet Hair) and what they collectively create is a no holds barred, deeply entrancing thrill ride through the darker side of the psychedelic spectrum. Their latest seven track opus entitled ‘Acid Bench’ is unleashed on February 17th 2017 via the exciting UK based independent record label ‘Wrong Way Records’ with pre-orders now available both digitally and on limited edition white with black haze vinyl via

‘Acid Bench’ opens in a feral haze of tape hiss, feedback and raging guitar squall as ‘Vibrations’ kick starts it’s inner engine and winds up its hypnotically charged instrumentation into a blazing cyclonic whirlwind of intense noise. Repetitious drones coupled with squealing lead guitar lines lick and whip the entire piece to within an inch of its life as those stomping drum patterns act as a metronomic kind of timekeeper. It’s monotone vocalisations add intense atmosphere as we’re dragged on a fuzz laden voyage of psychedelic discovery. Up next, ‘Mistress X’ pulses on a wave of reverberating guitars, throbbing bass frequencies and pounding drums as it’s highly addictive vocal lines weave an enticing sonic web, luring it’s listeners into a turbulent inner core before unleashing a torrent of fuzz, phasing guitars and a full on sonic storm of wailing noise. ‘Serpent Fire’ is an undulating sonic behemoth filled with throbbing bass lines, unrelenting guitars & a repetitious percussive attack whilst ‘Celestial Fuzz’ cleanses the soul with it’s melody driven opening bars before unleashing a full on mind bending torrent of menacing psych rock that swirls around it’s mantra like vocalisations with blistering aplomb. ‘Celestial Fuzz’ is a cyclonic beast that twists and turns through many different sonic permutations. It’s a bruising white knuckle ride that heaves and pulses intermittent reverberations out into the ether on waves of hypnotically charged incantations that will leave you wanting more. Definitely my favourite track on this entire release, ‘Celestial Fuzz’ is a modern day psych rock triumph and a serious recommendation from me.

Up next, ‘Song For Saraswati’ swirls into audible range on blissful waves of peaceful instrumentation, draped in swathes of eastern esoteric flair, mysticism and droning vocalisations. These opening bars however lead us all into a false sense of security as ‘Dead Gurus’ unleash a churning sea of frequential noise, filled with unrelenting repetitious instrumentation and mantra like vocalisations that collectively form a heady invocation of mind altering, mescaline fuelled brilliance. Do yourselves a favour and pop on some headphones, sit back and let ‘Song For Saraswati’ seep into your inner psyche. You will thank me for the tip afterwards. The albums penultimate piece is dark and cyclical. ‘Starlight Sisters’ takes no prisoners, there’s absolutely nowhere to hide from this turbulent brute. Steeped in heavy bass patterns and raging guitars it swings menacingly on a bedrock of metronomic percussion building in intensity as it meanders through the ether cutting a deep furrow through proceedings just to allow those entrancing vocal lines to sit comfortably somewhere whilst all around them wields a sonic war of attrition. ‘Dead Gurus’ keep the longest track on the entire album to close out with. Coming in at a whopping eight minutes plus ‘Black Silk’ uses punishing instrumentation to circumnavigate those intense vocal lines. Explosive percussion and repetitious bass frequencies tie the piece to terra firma as all around them pulses and undulates into a wild sonic beast that surges wave after wave of punishing vibrations out into the ether. ‘Black Silk’ is powerfully addictive and it closes out what will surly be one of the best releases of 2017 come years end!




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