ALBUM REVIEW - Crimen - Silent Animals - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Crimen

RELEASE: Silent Animals

RELEASE DATE: 29th June 2018


Rome-based psych/kraut trio ‘Crimen’ have been delicately enticing their fanbase with their long-overdue debut full length release for well over a decade. Steeped in modern psych with an infusion of hyperactive krautrock, ‘Crimen’ have developed a sound that at times dips it’s sonic tendrils into subtle shoegaze and lurching post-punk creating a fizzing lysergic brew that they have self-titled ‘Kraut-Punk’. Formed in the Centocelle district of Rome back in 2007 by Simone Greco – bass/vocals/sound engineering and Patrizio Strippoli – guitars/voice, it took another six years before the band enlisted Giuseppe Trezza – drums/electronics. After a collection of successful EP’s and two years hibernating to record ‘Silent Animals’, Crimen officially unleashed the album to the masses back on June 29th 2018, joining forces with the good folks over at ‘Fuzz Club Records’. ‘Silent Animals’ is available to buy/download right now on various formats via & respectively.

The dizzying throb of bass frequencies accompany the metronomic thud of kick drum as the opening track ‘Above The Trees (Rockets)’ manoeuvres itself into audible range. It builds maliciously before exploding into a raging sonic tempest filled with punishing percussion, cyclonic guitars and fascinating electronics all swirling angrily around that beacon like vocalisation. This track moves brilliantly, has deep permeating breaks that lead the listener into a false sense of security before soaring into the ether with relative ease. Up next, ‘Batida’ begins twisting inside a raging feedback storm before slow moving percussion and bouncing bass frequencies pull angry guitars and tormenting vocalisations into the mix and we’re dumped headlong into a sonic storm whilst ‘Flahzz’ arrives wobbling woozily on a chittering bass line as sparse percussion and oodles of reverb hover and dance brilliantly allowing mellow lines of vocal to cling to effortless layers of reverb at those jangling lines of guitar add intense atmosphere. We’re pulled into psychedelically entrancing breaks where we levitate above swirling layers of reverberation and dragged into bass heavy passages of sonic brilliance where tumbling drum patterns merge with angry guitars. ‘Flahzz’ is simply sublime and a definite album highlight for me.

The opening bars of ‘From My Bed’ are deeply atmospheric. Repetitive bass signatures merge with singular notes of guitar and the ever present pitter patter of sequenced percussion as the vocalisations arrive managing to stay just below the mix as different percussive changes twist and turn and sporadic electronic samples loop and arc at will. The track erupts, albeit slowly at first, as those heavy bass notes and jangling guitar progressions pull explosive drum patterns into audible range and injections of melody catch this listeners ear. The instrumentation pulses through layers of reverb, spiralling through different sonic refractions as we tumble into a magnificent feedback laden finale. ‘Six Weeks’ unfurls its’s fuzzy sonic tendrils strapped to a repetitive synth as those fuzzy electronics and the charging percussion take hold allowing a teeth shattering bass progression to drive headlong into the sonic ether. There’s a touch of garage psych coursing through this tracks veins but it melds brilliantly with neo-psych and subtle post-punk to create something altogether wonderful sounding. It’s a triumph and definitely my favourite track on the album. ‘Left Behind’ is a modern psych gem. Fizzing guitars and sullen electronics open proceedings as almost anthemic like stylings elevate the overall sound into something heavenly. Again, the bass progressions are immense and the pull everything together brilliantly as rolling percussion bubbles underfoot and distorted frequencies swirl around hard hitting vocalisations. Explosive cymbal’s crash, instilling an alternative kind of swagger in amongst those psychedelically attuned atmospherics but watch out for the ear shattering lead break that pierces the mind and shakes the life out of you and also that magnificent pause that comes at just the right time to instil a brilliant kind of sonic calmness.

The breathy beginnings of ‘Supermarket’, the albums penultimate piece, lead the listener in to a false sense of security as we’re led into something altogether different. There are essence’s of experimental funk, jazz, dub, kraut, psych and alternative soundings swirling around this track that are both infectious and addictive. Explosive percussion, melodically intricate lines of guitar and cascading bass progressions lead the listener through magnificent progressions of music until we’re eventually funnelled into that absolutely immense finale. The album closes out with ‘Hit Mania Death’, a charging repetitively led, dance floor filler. Sequenced lines of percussion lead the merry dance as it’s repetitive lines of bass and malicious synths carry angry vocalisations through massive walls of reverb-laden electronic theatrics. It’s a hard hitting finale to a wonderful debut album.




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