Cobra Family Picnic - Magnetic Anomaly - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Cobra Family Picnic 

RELEASE: Magnetic Anomaly 

RELEASE DATE: 22nd May 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern Records

Tuscan based psych aficionados ‘Cobra Family Picnic’ released a stunning album entitled ‘Magnetic Anomaly’ back on the 22nd May 2017 via Cardinal Fuzz Records (UK) & Sky Lantern Records (USA). The band create a fuzzy, blissed-out haze that skips through lysergic rhythmically focused space-rock, kraut-rock, experimental neo-psych and kosmische with relative ease and have over the last three years shared stages with critically acclaimed bands such as Moon Duo, White Manna, The Myrrors and Mugstar. Members of the band recorded here include names from a host of other local Tucson psych ensembles, such as The Desert Beats, The Night Collectors, and Wight Lhite. ‘Magnetic Anomaly’ is available to buy on lovely vinyl from Cardinal Fuzz, Sky Lantern Records or via

Sampled vocalisations precariously count down to lift off as ‘Draags’ winds up a twisted drone, skittish feedback laden guitars and the surge of instrumentation like some deranged psych induced jazz recital in the back room of an Albert Hofmann experiment. Off kilter percussion keeps a rhythmic almost processional beat as undulating keyboard thrills tickle and harass the hum of bass frequencies and the whip of angry lead lines whilst swirling vocal samples intertwine brilliantly with seething noise and entrancing production. This is a fascinating jump off point to a deeply experimental collection of minimalistic tracks that literally pierce the listeners inner psyche, taking them on a journey of sonic discovery in the trance-inducing process. ‘IPT 001’ is a sojourn, a side step if you will into the eye of a spinning instrumental drone badgered by fizzing vocal samples and turbulent electronic theatrics while deeply transfixing atmospherics swirl and whirr through layers of mind altering reverberations.

‘Elysium’ shakes into audible range stuck fast to shimmering waves of tambourine and snaking feedback. Tumbling drum patterns envelope a throbbing bass line as the pull of wah-wah pedal melds with spiralling electronics licking and caressing a yearning vocal take. Shamanic instrumentation undulates and pulses psychedelically charged waves out into the ether as the track builds and builds into a raging sonic behemoth making ‘Elysium’ my favourite track on the entire release. Revolving drones intertwined with sporadic but haunting vocalisations announce the arrival of ‘IPT 011’ and we’re thrown headlong into an experimental world of intensely atmospheric synth swells, resonating fret board theatrics and deep lying reverberations melded with dissonant electronics and glistening field noise whilst ‘Frost’ breaks the serenity and streams into earshot on a thunderous drum pattern accompanied by shaking tambourine and a swirling instrumental drone. Tremulous guitars ride the collective sonic surge as the arrival of sublime vocalisations and screaming lead lines twist the mood from one of metronomic incantation into ascending space rock before we fall out the back end into a blistering melting pot of lysergic repose.

Melodiously fuzzy bass frequencies keep steady time as ‘Gilgamesh’ meanders into earshot pulling with it the shimmer of tambourine and those mechanical drums. Mind altering guitar signatures circumnavigate reverberating vocal lines, whipping and harassing each word to within an inch of its life as those sullen organ lines bubble up from below adding delicious atmosphere. ‘IPT 111’ hovers in a haze of atmosphere as sporadic drones fizz and whirr through horrifying vocal samples and swirling instrumental waves. Potent percussive hits meld with dancing electronics that pull the listener into it’s deeply experimental finale whilst the albums penultimate piece groans into existence tumbling within a swirling sonic behemoth. ‘Moody Mountain’ pummels the senses with fuzzy archaic melody and incandescent frequencies that build and build into raging instrumental drone until the arrival of a slow rolling beat and eventually brings some clarity to proceedings, pulling with it an impenetrable bass line, atmospheric vocalisations and a raging wall of guitars. For those of us lucky enough to purchase this album on vinyl there’s an additional bonus track entitled ‘Contact’ to grace your earholes with once you partake in using the digital download code provided. This track is a nine minute white knuckle ride through pulsating kraut like percussion, addictive bass lines, echoed vocal lines and raging guitars that will quite literally blow your mind. A fantastic ending to a marvellous album.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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