ARTIST: Buried Feather

RELEASE: Mind Of The Swarm

RELEASE DATE: 10th February 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Cobra Snake Necktie / Kozmik Artifactz

With a sound that draws regular comparisons to Dead Meadow & Spacemen 3, Melbourne based experimental psych aficionados ‘Buried Feather’ have a lot to live up to. Since exploding onto the underground scene back in 2012 the band have unleashed two mesmerising singles and a debut full length filled to the brim with modern experimental psych flourishes and driving kraut rock tendencies all underscored by magnificently addictive mantra like instrumentation. ‘Buried Feather’ are now set to unleash their full length sophomore follow up to their 2013 self-titled 8 track monolith. ‘Mind Of The Swarm’ gets it’s full official release on February 10th 2017 via Melbourne based indie label Cobra Snake Necktie Records as well as the German based stoner rock imprint label Kozmik Artifactz. It will be released digitally and on limited edition 180g vinyl.

The album explodes into earshot swirling deftly on a wave of growling guitars, powerful percussion and those hypnotically charged organ lines that collectively circumnavigate around the woozy vocalisations. ‘I Would Miss You’ trembles on repetitious bass frequencies as it effortlessly meanders through sonic peaks and troughs, all the while surging on entrancing psychedelic vibrations and waves of fuzzy reverberation. Up next, the albums lead single buzzes into earshot on a revolving wave of colourful droning frequencies. ‘Dust’ spirals repetitively, held fast in a sonic whirlwind filled with throbbing bass lines, whirring organ swells and screaming wah wah filled lead lines as it’s metronomic drum pattern conjures up hallucinogenic incantations with great aplomb. Probably my favourite track on this entire release, ‘Dust’ is a thing of sonic beauty.

‘The Stranger’ undulates into the ether on repetitive guitars and pulsating drum patterns as menacingly hypnotic vocal lines intertwine with churning instrumentation and top notch production to produce a flood of psych induced compressions and rarefactions whilst up next, the burgeoning tones of ‘Mind Of The Swarm’ fills the senses with a slow repetitive chord progression, underscored by menacingly good reverberating drones and rhythmic organ fills. The vocals swoon on waves of delayed reverb, leading the listener on a trance like procession through walls of throbbing bass frequencies and punishing lead guitar. The opening bars of ‘Sunshine’ lean favourably into garage/psych territory with it’s pounding drums and effected fret board theatrics until the instrumentation gathers pace and injects a hit of swirling hypnotics. The track builds into a raging cacophony of noise as before filtering out into a droning synth laden whirr. Up next, ‘Endless C’ is slice of sunshine in a revolving cauldron of infectious sound waves. It’s deliberate swagger entices the listener in and you quickly float away on it’s addictive chord sequences, warbling vocalisations, motorik drum patterns and those mind numbing organ swells.

‘Regular Creep’ is a heavy sonic beast. The repetitious thump of percussion echoes with almost military precision as the angry growl of guitars melds fluidly with unrepentant drum cadence. It’s snaking organ lines meander in and out of another impressive vocal take as we’re led from static verses through to noisy chorus runs, explosive breaks and on into the tracks turbulent finale. The albums penultimate piece however, has futuristically themed experimental stylings as it’s hazy synth lines ride tempestuous sequenced drum patterns, deftly enveloping that addictive vocal line. ‘Screen Dreamer’ glides on noisy guitars, electronic atmospherics and the continuous hum of bass frequencies, building as it undulates into a grand exit filled with unwavering production skills. The albums closing piece shudders into life on a bedrock of off kilter drum patterns, tumbling bass lines and the rise & fall of massive swathes of fuzzy instrumentation. ‘Well Wishes’ tumbles through the ether held fast in a swirling maelstrom of heavenly noise. A fitting ending to a brilliant sophomore release.




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