ALBUM REVIEW - Alien Lizard - Pure Kafka - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Alien Lizard 

RELEASE: Pure Kafka

RELEASE DATE: 23rd February 2018


Gdansk-based psychedelic explorers ‘Alien Lizard’ create no-nonsense psychedelic incantations filled to the brim with squally lysergic tinged reverberations, fizzing electronics and droning instrumentation all teetering brilliantly on top of shaking percussion and deep penetrative bass progressions. Their immense debut album entitled ‘Pure Kafka’ was officially released back on February 23rd 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via 

Menacing vocal samples courtesy of the legendary Charles Bukowski underpinned with swirling reverberations announces the arrival of ‘Swan’, the albums opening track. It’s sonic tendrils instantly reach out and pull a bedrock of repetitive percussion, the throb of deep bass frequencies and jangling strums of guitar into the mix allowing them to merge and dance as one huge pulsating organism until we’re greeted by those haunting vocalisations. ‘Alien Lizard’ lead their listeners patiently through deeply addictive verse passages that undulate hypnotically through melodious layers of music before throwing them headlong into those beautifully hellish sonic breaks filled with turbulent instrumentation and mind blowing production. As opening tracks go this is bloody mesmerising. Up next, the eastern tinged neo-psych sounds of ‘Pure Kafka’ waft their way into the musical ether. Twinkling tambourine melds with the rumble of drums as synth swells swirl effortlessly within cascading bass frequencies and those soaring guitar progressions envelope another impressive vocal performance. This track bounces along brilliantly, and it shimmers in amongst the resonating lo-fi hued production and the attractive pull of reverb.

‘A Brave New Ad’ is a repetitious beast with slow moving percussion that crawls across a lysergic tinged sonic wasteland filled with sequenced electronics, glitchy feedback and those ever constant reverberating vocalisations. This track is like an atmospheric dream sequence lifted from some weird 1970’s sci-fi movie soundtrack that’s been overdubbed by Aldous Huxley. A twisted ‘War of the Worlds’ drenched in acid blotched hallucinogenic’s. Mesmerising stuff. Up next, ‘Parallel Parks’ swirls into earshot trapped in a cloud of jangling acoustic vibes propped up by swirling clouds of synth and sporadic percussion. Brilliantly executed vocal lines simmer and float atop layers of reverberation giving off an almost 60’s psych-pop hue as we bob and weave in and out of very modern sounding atmospheric electronics. This track works really well. It’s gloriously stripped back and a welcome refrain from the previous (although brilliant) ‘Art-Psych’ leaning compositions. ‘Heaven Takes The Moon’ delightfully simmers in a heady sonic brew of melodically hypnotic instrumentation, steeped generously in glorious reverberation. Wispy vocalisations meander and move in and out of cascading bass progressions and the repetitive pull of tambourine as subtle swells of synth merge effortlessly with swirling drones and beautifully effervescent sound-waves to create something magical.

‘Forest Hunter’ is steeped in 60’s psychedelia. It’s pounding drum track marches repetitiously in metronomic time as a repetitive bass progression meanders and intertwines with the pull of guitar and that smoky vocal line. Sullen swells of synth bubble up from below the mix leading us into that hallucinogenic break before we’re pulled back out and guided back into the track as it quickly builds into a resonating sonic behemoth and tumbles into it’s finale whilst up next, ‘Welcome To Duat’ rattles on a sequenced breakbeat as it’s soaring feedback laden guitars rage just under the mix and that hypnotic bass line circumnavigates the entire piece like wild animal on the hunt. Again we’re lured into another magical lysergic-tinged break, filled to the brim with sparse percussion and electronic themed 70’s sci-fi soundtrack chic and then it’s on into that brilliant ear shattering, krautrock leaning middle section before expertly finishing up comfortably, somewhere in between neo-psych and eastern esoteric psych. ‘Welcome To Duat’ is a total sonic trip.

The albums penultimate piece buzzes into orbit sounding more like an Australian wind instrument than a vocal sample. ‘Another Camel For Camus’ is steeped in hypnotic neo-psychedelia. It’s meandering bass line is infectious and mixed with rolling percussion and the pull of wah-wah fuelled guitar is deeply spiritual ……. up to a point! It’s then that all hell breaks loose and we’re fired skywards into heady atmospheric prog-leaning fog. The drum track rocks slowly on it’s axis, building in tempo with each repetitive swirl as swells of menacing guitar pulse through layer after layer of reverb and the constant thrum of bass resonates throughout. This track builds momentum and levels of noise every couple of seconds as the addition of synth and distortion is almost to much to bear. And just when you think that it’s time to skip to the next track we’re brought back down to earth with a bang and cushioned in a blanket of shimmering sound-waves. ‘Another Camel For Camus’ is a white knuckle sonic thrill ride of epic proportions and a definite highlight for me on this entire release.

The album closes out with ‘Goodbye to the Holy Mountain’. Cymbals crash and instrumental drones bellow as we undulate hypnotically into slow moving percussion and haunting lines of hushed vocal, interspersed with heady reverberations, subtle swells of synth and luscious bass frequencies. Lead lines of guitar whip and cajole the piece to within an inch of it’s life as we gently sway in time with the percussive swagger of the piece and we’re led into it’s gloriously infectious finale. It’s a mind blowing ending to a thoroughly enjoyable album.




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