Artist: A Sudden Burst of Colour

Release: Waves Will Rise On Silent Water

Release Date: 19/02/15

Record Company: Good Grief Records

Scotland has a serious love affair with the atmospheric post-rock genre of music. Maybe it’s down to location? Or maybe it’s down to the expansive visual beauty of the Scottish landscape? Recently I’ve been coming across some amazing post-rock outfit’s coming out of Scotland via numerous different outlets & almost every band that I’ve heard of has released absolutely stunning musical soundscapes of immense proportions. We have reviewed post-rock band’s before for this blog, most recently Edinburgh based ‘We Came From The North‘ & Glasgow based ‘Inuit‘, the latter subsequently winning our ‘Best Album Of 2014’ accolade with their amazing release  – ‘Don’t Forget You’re Here Forever’. 


Motherwell four piece ‘A Sudden Burst Of Colour’ are recent arrival’s to Glasgow’s premier noise based independent record label – ‘Good Grief Records’, but they fit into the label’s continuing ethos of finding & releasing Independent, experimental & progressive music to the best of their ability. ‘A Sudden Burst Of Colour’ are – Callum Brand, Luke Duncan, Liam Shaw & Calum Farquharson & they create a beautiful maelstrom of instrumental rock music with ambient & atmospheric influences. Their latest release, the 4 track EP – ‘Waves Will Rise On Silent Water (19th February 2015 )’, is their first release on ‘Good Grief Records’, but it will no doubt cement them into the annal’s of Scotland’s atmospheric post-rock greats. This is a amazing collection of tracks.

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The EP open’s up with the stunning ‘Riptide’, an emotive reverb drenched powerhouse of a track full of atmospheric explosions & creeping guitar lines leading the charge from the off. Trust me when I say that it’s immense ending will grab you by the hair and throw  you around your room! Yes, it’s infectious, but that forces you to keep your concentration fixed on the intricate instrumental work going on throughout the track. Next up on ‘Waves Will Rise On Silent Water’,  is ‘Yume’, a more laid-back track but beautifully ambient in it’s approach. The guitar lines on this track are masterful & equally as addictive as the opening track but leaning more toward’s the atmospheric tendencies of this band. Track three get’s the blood pumping with it’s driving intro. In my opinion ‘Life Spent Drifting’ was written for daydreaming!  It’s probably my favourite track on this immense release & it show’s exactly how good ‘A Sudden Burst of Colour’ really are. It has everything going on! Peaks & troughs bring you on a 5 minute 12 second journey through blissfully atmospheric guitars and pulsating drums & again, in my opinion, this track is the corner stone of the entire EP. I really have to congratulate ‘A Sudden Burst of Colour’ for introducing the world to ‘Life Spent Drifting’. It’s a beautiful track. The closing track on ‘Waves Will Rise On Silent Water’ is ‘Ocean Floor’ & it does exactly what I want this genre of music to do – bring me on journey & evoke snapshots of memories from the past, long hidden. Listening to this track on headphones is a must. The attention to detail & the musicianship are absolutely breathtaking. It’s a fitting closing track to a brilliantly emotive EP.

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Del Chaney – The Primal Music Blog – February 2015 – Dublin, Ireland.


Del Chaney has spent the last two years not only fronting popular Irish Electronic duo ‘Analogue Wave’, but also dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the Unsigned or Small Independent Label based Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Noise-Rock & Post-Rock genre’s of music from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog – The Primal Music Blog. His other arm, ‘The Primal Radio Show’, has gained considerable respect from band’s and promoter’s alike since it’s conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting a genre of music that he’s passionate about. He also currently write’s for Canadian based online music webzine www.ReplicantEars.com. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.


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