ARTIST: Vansire

RELEASE: The Rolling , Driftless North

RELEASE DATE: 27th January 2017


‘Vansire’ are a Minnesota based lo-fi/dream pop duo who create sonic compositions that flow effortlessly through clouds of jangling reverberation that is underscored at times by periods of cinematic like atmosphere coupled with streaks of subtle psychedelic flair. ‘The Rolling, Driftless North’ is the bands first full outing since the release of their debut album ‘Reflections And Reveries’ back in August 2016 and it was written and recorded over a month-long period between the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 by Josh Augustin and Sam Winemiller with Isaac Winemiller (Sam’s younger brother) occasionally filling in on bass. It’s available right now to buy/download from

The EP opens up swimming in a sea of cinematic atmosphere as it’s intro ‘Reflection No. 2 – A Treatise On Being’ enters into earshot. It’s not long before a jangling guitar progression and an instantly recognisable vocal courtesy of Josh Augustin arrives draped deliciously in a cloud of glorious reverb. ‘Vansire’ show their psychedelic tendencies here too as a warbling repetitive synth drone takes over and leads us brilliantly into the serine tones of track two – ‘Eleven Weeks’. Rocking gently on a bed of percussion, beautifully intense guitars and underscored by the constant hum of organ and synth swells, ‘Eleven Weeks’ swirls gracefully around melancholically induced vocalisations and sequenced electronic theatrics. Deftly executed and blissfuly serine ‘Eleven Weeks’ evokes warm fires in winter and lazy, snowy days.

Up next, ‘Pale Blue’ injects tempo into proceedings as it’s charging lead lines align themselves brilliantly to a driving percussive swagger and subtle bass frequencies. The addition of sublime vocals and swathes of impressive reverberation coupled with the occasional synth swell bolsters the overall sound from a lo-fi bedroom composition to that of a full on modern day dream pop standard. The EP’s penultimate tack entitled ‘Driftless’ floats into earshot spinning repetitively in a cloud of tremulous guitars, cascading bass frequencies and sparse percussion as the almost ethereal like vocalisations of Josh Augustin pulse through wave after wave of stunning sonic production. This track is probably my favourite on the entire release if I’m honest as I love the way it breaks down half way through into simple instrumental progressions that are deftly enveloped by the all encompassing vocalisations. Simply breathtaking.

The EP’s closing piece is beautifully written. ‘Four Portraits’ hangs on a jangling guitar line, a slow ambling percussion track and another excellent vocal as it meanders through sonic peaks and troughs, occasionally joined by a simple guitar strum, a haunting organ swell or the plink/plonk of a keyboard stab. This track keeps you transfixed on it’s waves of metronomic reverb before completely throwing you off course during the break, twisting things up until it sounds like two separate tracks only to eventually return to its chosen trajectory just to lead you into it’s serine finale. A fitting end to a rather interesting EP.




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