EP REVIEW - UNIFORMS - Equals - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Uniforms


RELEASE DATE: 24th January 2018


Noisy Spanish based quartet ‘Uniforms’ create an atmospheric mix of noisy layered shoegaze and alternative rock deftly underpinned with dreamy & melodic vocalisations and connotations of sullen noise-pop. The band are made up of Pan – drums/vocals, Laura – bass /vocals, Spingel – guitar/vocals & Annie – synth/lead vocals. Their debut four track EP entitled ‘Equals’ was self-released back on January 24th 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via uniformsband.bandcamp.com 

Swirling instrumental drones bellow and shimmer as the opening salvos of ‘Addicted’ meander into audible range. Angry guitars add beautiful atmosphere as it’s percussive assault pulses through layers of hazy reverberation. Jangling, layered guitar progressions accompany mesmersing vocal lines out of the sonic melee as we move through huge verse patterns and on into monumental chorus changes. The production values on this track are epic. They swirl and intertwine effortlessly with some influential sounds such as shoegaze, dream-pop and noise rock to create a wall of sonic bliss. Up next, the opening bars of ‘Pearls’ floats and swirls through shimmering clouds of instrumental atmosphere before exploding into a kaleidoscope of sonic colour as it roars skywards in a tumble g ball of collective instrumentation. There are hints of post-punk echoing on that trembling bass line as it’s fragile vocals arrive accompanied by occasional strums of guitar and that huge synth line. The chorus progressions on this track are absolutely huge and they envelope layered backing vocals beautifully. ‘Pearls’ is big, bold and brash and quite possibly my favourite track on the entire release.

‘Don’t Wake Up’, the EP’s penultimate piece, leans heavily into shoegaze as it’s opening walls of sound reverberate and surge on layers of angry guitar, resonating synth and repetitive percussion. Deep penetrating bass frequencies swirl through the clouds of noise as glorious vocal lines emerge, cutting deep trenches of clarity as they meander through the haze. This track is masterful and another definite highlight on this released for me. ‘Equals’ closes out with ‘Gris’. A repetitive line of electronic sequencing opens proceedings, followed quickly by lines of jangling guitars and subtle swells of synth. A very enticing drum track tweaks this listeners ear as the hum of bass guitar throbs just below the mix and those dreamy vocal lines arrive to wash a kind of ethereal glow over the entire piece. As I’ve come to realise throughout this whole EP, ‘Uniforms’ song structures are built to inject massive chorus changes into every track and ‘Gris’ is no different. It soars into the ether on resonating surges of noisy but melodic guitar, swirling synth and pounding percussion as beautifully intense vocal lines ride the sonic wave skywards. It’s a brilliant closing track and another highlight on this release for me. As EP’s go, ‘Equals’ has something very addictive coursing through it’s veins. It’s thoroughly enjoyable and I’m very eager to hear what comes next from this band.







Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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