a1492745680_16ARTIST: SPC ECO

RELEASE: Favourite Colour EP

RELEASE DATE: 12/08/16

RECORD COMPANY: Saint Marie Records

SPC ECO just dropped a brand new album ‘Anomalies’ on August 12th, then on the same day, they also released this excellent new EP. There is no song overlap, but the songs do seem like they’re part of an ongoing theme or series. Dean Garcia and his daughter Rose Berlin are surfing some gorgeous dark wave here, filigreed with gossamer vocal strands and icy cold synths. Ominous bass bubbles up from a deep well and Rose’s light, airy vocals float to the surface.

This is especially true of the opening track, ‘Out Of Your Control’. And wow, the second track ‘Favourite Colour‘ is even more stunning, with its slow burn and ultra trippy vocal layers. It is a complete mind gasm, spinning its web and ensnaring the listener, holding tight and never letting go! It is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in this genre this year, and one I hope the band continues to explore. ‘In Doubt’ is a moody miniature soundtrack for a noirish spy flick or murder mystery, red fingers of blood spreading from a dead body, a moment stopped in time even as civilization rushes by at breakneck speed. My head is bobbing and weaving as I type up this review, and this EP continues to be a great listen as I work my way through it. ‘Trouble‘ is dark and mesmerizing, a mesh of dreamy trip hop and glacial beats that drags you along in its wake.

Whisper‘ is a witch’s cauldron overflowing with noxious sounds, edgy and hallucinogenic while it builds slowly in intensity, unfurling like a deadly nightbloom until it lulls you into submission. Truly, I do like hearing the band explore its darker side with this smoldering short collection of mostly extended jams. Highly recommended for all fans who enjoy their dark wave with a lot of dense layers and glimmers of light threaded throughout a sonic tapestry.

Pick up a copy of this EP over at spceco.bandcamp.com  And check out the band’s many other releases while you’re at it.






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