ARTIST: Sooner




Brooklyn based alt-shoegaze quartet ‘Sooner’ have announced their debut self-titled EP to the masses over on their bandcamp page. Their sound hovers somewhere between hazy shoegaze & driving alt-rock with a splattering of beautifully intense dream pop courtesy of it’s stunning vocalisations. The band are made up of Federica Tassano – vocals, John Farris – guitar, Tom Wolfson – drums, Ehren Brenner – bass and although the EP isn’t available to buy/download just yet there are tracks available to listen to over at

Jangling guitars drenched in shimmering reverberation announce the opening salvos of ‘Evil To Me’, track one on this impressive release from Brooklyn based alt-shoegaze quartet ‘Sooner’. The arrival of cascading bass frequencies hugging lazy percussion add depth as beautifully melodic vocalisations courtesy of Federica Tassano float into the ether and cling effortlessly to the collective instrumentation. ‘Sooner’ inject soaring hooks into their chorus progressions that catch this listener off guard as they sweep me up before floating away into gloriously hazy sound waves. Up next, ‘Shadower’ begins in a haze of swooning guitars before exploding into a blissful conduit for another impressive vocal performance. This track meanders through it’s verse parts with ease before unleashing a stunning chorus progression that drives into the atmosphere held fast in a cyclical ball of golden instrumentation that deftly circumnavigates that beautifully intense vocal.

‘Juniper’ is beautiful in it’s simplicity with its stripped back acoustics allowing the vocals to take centre stage, underscored by subtle droning lead lines that meld effortlessly with the twang of acoustic guitar whilst ‘About The Blue’, the EP’s penultimate piece, has shimmering dream pop tendencies intertwined at times with fuzzy summery vibes and intermittent layered shoegaze highs. The EP closes out with ‘Dust’ and it begins with a blissed out jangling guitar progression riding a busy drum pattern that’s underpinned by reverberating swells of hazy production and throbbing bass frequencies. Lead guitar lines whip up a frenzy at times as the track changes tempo but its the collective instrumentation as a whole that acts like a sonic chariot purposefully created to carry those blissed out melodically charged vocal lines. A great ending to a rather interesting EP.




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