ARTIST: Jesuits

RELEASE: Cloudhead

RELEASE DATE: 1st March 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Gravy Train Recordings

Noisy Bristol based trio ‘Jesuits’ have just released a brand new six track EP entitled ‘Cloudhead’ via the UK based independent record label ‘Gravy Train Recordings’. The band are made up of Arthur Jay – Vox/Guitar, Lily Cook – Bass & Miles Hastings – Drums and their sound is peppered with wide ranging influences such as post-punk, shoegaze, psych & no-wave. ‘Cloudhead’ is available to buy/download right now from

In a turbulent cloud of repetitious feedback whipped by swirls of reverberation the delicious opening salvos of ‘Hardware Store’ swirl into the ether. This menacing reproach is quickly swept away by whirring winds of melody driven instrumentation, those instantly addictive vocalisations and the constant thrum of metronomic percussion. This track vibrates and throbs through layer after layer of stunning production, is peppered with noisy moments of screaming feedback and blissfully lurches from chord change to chord change without breaking sweat. A magnificent opening track indeed. Up next, Jesuits inject some swagger into proceedings as ‘Masturbation Clerk’ drives headlong into a raging whirlwind of explosive drum patterns, throbbing bass frequencies and noisy guitars that collectively circumnavigate those impressively melodious vocal lines. Lead lines whip and lick the entire piece to within an inch of its life before we’re led into the tracks final death throws.

‘Pescatori’ builds from the off, morphing monstrously into a gyrating repetitious behemoth filled with pulsating instrumentation and unrepentant reverberation whilst the EP’s title track ‘Cloudhead’ does exactly as it says on the tin and it’s droning (one minute thirty seven second) assault on the senses is well received. The EP’s penultimate piece is a seething ball of sonic energy. ‘Radio Bunnies’ bounces into the sonic ether pinned fast to a steadying drum pattern and cascading guitar progressions. It’s vocal lines are sublime and they ride a wave of overdriven noise that spirals deliciously through swathes of screaming lead guitar licks that are underscored by throbbing bass lines and layered production theatrics. The EP’s closes out surging through a tempestuous stream of explosive instrumentation that is reminiscent at times to early Creation Records era ‘Swervedriver’. ‘Hexx’ is deliriously malicious, it takes no fucking prisoners and is probably my favourite track on this entire release. It’s a marvellous end to a brilliantly executed EP.

Highly Recommended!




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