a1052987650_16ARTIST: Jack Reid & The Black Whip


RELEASE DATE: 7th May 2016


Manchester based alternative psych-gazers ‘Jack Reid & The Black Whip’ released their latest three track EP entitled ‘Attica!’ back on the 7th May 2016. With a sound that traverses the very outer fringes of post-punk and gives a nod to wholesome ambient induced soundings whilst swerving through krautrock, electronica, rock n’ roll and driving alternative psych-gaze ‘Jack Reid & The Black Whip’ bring something interestingly different to the modern day musical table. ‘Attica!’ follows on from 2014’s ‘Congress Vampires’ and is available to buy/download right now from: www.jackreidandtheblackwhip.bandcamp.com

The opening salvo’s of this three track EP swirl within a melee of screeching guitar squall, deep regressive reverb and that impressive repetitive guitar line. The vocal production on ‘Do You Love Life, Sweetheart?’ is fantastic and it add’s serious bloody weight to proceedings and I cant help but hear some subtly brilliant ‘Echo And The Bunnymen’ styled connotations streaming through their inner core (We’re big fans of ‘The Bunnymen’ here at Primal Music!). The track loops and arc’s throughout the sonic spectrum as a maelstrom of layered & fuzzy reverberating joy pummels this listeners audible senses all the way to the tracks finality! An absolutely stunning opening track. Bravo! The title track is an stunning psychedelic journey through swathes of golden hued synth swells and beautiful atmospheric piano stabs that seem to hang in suspended animation as a massive cyclonic whirlwind of huge reverb laden drones plough a sonic furrow through the musical ether. ‘Attica’ is blissful track and definitely worthy of a listen through headphones!

The EP’s closing piece entitled ‘Down By My Wings’ floats into earshot on a reverberating melodic guitar line that circumnavigates another impressive vocal performance. Glitchy fret noise glides throughout, as the track begins to build thus announcing its heavy percussive hits and a change of melody as it bursts into a charging chorus progression with aplomb. Coming in at fifteen minutes plus ‘Down By My Wings’ demands your attention as it meanders through its sonic gears and on into its immense explosive frequency bending finale! A fitting end to a rather interesting three track EP.

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