a0194158289_16ARTIST: The Intelligence Service

RELEASE: Maladies EP

RELEASE DATE: 02/01/16

RECORD COMPANY: Wiener Records

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada ‘The Intelligence Service’ collectively creates stunning psych induced garage rock, peppered with droning guitars & melodic organ swells that are tinged with subtle shoegazing flourishes. The band are made up of Alex. P – Vocals & Guitars, Heather Campbell – Vocals, Organ & Analog Synth, Sam Daoust – Bass & Backing Vocals & Dror Zur – Drums and their latest four track EP entitled ‘Maladies’ is getting the cassette treatment via independent label ‘Weiner Records (A Burger Records Subsidiary)’.

The EP opens up with the monolithic ‘Distraction (Here Comes Dror)’ & with a running time of fourteen minutes plus its recommended that you strap yourselves in and make yourselves comfortable. This track is insatiable! Opening with a swirling droning synth that reverberates on its own sonic axis before being joined by shuffling percussion, melodic organ swells, throbbing bass lines & a warm fuzzy guitar progression. It builds & builds into a cacophony of stunning noise that swirls around some impressive spoken word as it meanders through musical peaks and troughs increasing in intensity around it’s raging sonic maelstrom. An absolutely stunning fourteen minutes of sublime sonic sounds. Up next, ‘Driving To My Sun’ does exactly as it says on the tin! Hypnotic organ swells compliment the driving guitars and that steadying drum pattern as duel vocal lines help lift the chorus changes out of a monotonous vocal trench that had been ploughed during the verses. Another solid track from as band who are starting to grow on me.

Track three is explosive! ‘School Me’ pulses on it’s foundation of throbbing melodic bass frequencies, addictive drum hits and driving fuzzed up repetitive guitars. The duel boy/girl vocal attack adds impressive atmosphere. The closing track ‘Can’t Believe’ leans more into garage rock territory than the previous three tracks whilst keeping a tentative finger firmly within a psych rock mould by subtly layering melodic organ swells underneath that pounding instrumentation.

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