aftenpragtstjerne-cover-finalARTIST: FUGLEFLUGTEN

RELEASE: Aftenpragtstjerne

RELEASE DATE: June 16th 2016


Danish based atmospheric post-gazing four piece ‘FugleFlugten’ self-released their debut five track EP entitled ‘Aftenpragtstjerne’ to the masses back in June. Their sound swirls within a heady mix of reverb induced post-punk, shimmering synth swells and subtle hints of hazily layered shoegaze. Singing in their native tongue, ‘Fugleflugten’ are made up of Rasmus Yde, Frederik Henriksen, Mathias Rosenkilde & Laurits Pilegaard and you can check out the full EP over at:

Murmuring synth swells coupled with droning guitar frequencies bounce and swirl freely as the opening instrumental bars of ‘Aftenpragtstjerne’ announce themselves to earshot. It quickly burns out only to be replaced by track two, the highly addictive ‘Syv Pelikaner’. This track drives a solid wedge of layered reverberating guitars, soaring synth swells, throbbing bass frequencies and pounding poly-rythmns into one massive cyclonic force that collectively seems to circumnavigate that hauntingly brilliant vocal track. Up next, the atmospheric ‘Det Er På Tide’ floats into the ether on a wave of shimmering guitars that act like a protective barrier surrounding that immense vocal line. Synth progressions swell as the drum track pounds a sonic furrow through proceedings and the track is allowed to breathe and soar with ease, looping and arcing through peaks and troughs of reverberating joy.

The EP’s penultimate piece is my favourite on this entire release. ‘Ensom Galakse’ traverses the outer fringes of expressive post-punk, coupled with brilliantly vivid swathes of atmospheric shoegaze thats all gracefully topped off with soaring synth swells and hazy reverb laden vocals. A stunning track thats worthy of your ears! There’s an intense post-punk swirl streaming through the EP’s closing track. ‘Fugleflugten’ pulses with intent as the bass frequencies growl and hold fast to those impressive drums. There’s a swirling maelstrom of guitars sitting just under the mix allowing for those shimmering vocal lines to soar into the sonic ether. A stunning droning finale to a brilliantly executed EP.

Recommended listening!




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