ARTIST: Electric Floor


RELEASE DATE: 6th March 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Vipchoyo Sound Factory Records 

Cosenza based new wave/synth-gaze trio ‘Electric Floor’ have announced their highly anticipated new EP ‘Fader’ released via the ever prolific Italian based independent record label ‘Vipchoyo Sound Factory’. With a sound that echoes the experimental side of post-punk melded together with the darker side of new wave and underpinned by a modern electronic edge ‘Electric Floor’ have the ability to push the sonic envelope with their music. The band were formed in 2009 and are made up of Emanuele Chiarelli – vocals/guitar, Simone Costantino De Luca – programming/keys & Fabio Cosentino – bass. ‘Fader’ gets its full release on the 6th March 2017 and is available to pre-order on various formats right now from

The EP opens up with it’s lead single ‘Bluedive’. It charges into the sonic ether on a bedrock of driving bass frequencies and sequenced percussion as the bleep and whirr of synth squall echoes deep within a bubble of reverberation. It’s vocals are placed meticulously to the fore as all around them swirl in a kind of sonic gravitational pull, looping and arcing through waves of shimmering synth swells and subliminal guitar lines. ‘Bluedive’ is a feast of melodious frequencies that are guaranteed to thrill. Up next, ‘Sullen Dress’ shimmers and swirls in a haze of jittering synth draped with a modern dream pop twist. Beautiful guitar lines dance and shimmy along sequenced percussion deftly cushioning that impressive vocal line, underscored at times by duel backing vocals and soaring instrumentation. ‘Borderline’ pulses and fizzes along turbulent synth swells, the throbbing hum of bass frequencies and undulating sequenced percussion. It builds in momentum, swinging  into massive swathes of reverberation and dragging distinctly passionate piano stabs and another brilliantly executed vocal with it as it jumps off into the ether. Stunning production underscores some impressive instrumentation here as it weaves and bobs along its predestined melancholic course, skimmed at times by soaring guitar lines.

Up next, the EP unleashes it’s penultimate piece and probably my favourite track on the entire release. ‘M31’ surges into audible range on cascading baselines, sequenced bleeps and whirrs and steadying percussion. It’s vocal lines sweep in, catching this listeners attention before scooping him off his feet only to then soar into the ether accompanied by soaring waves of instrumental laced reverb and raging guitars. ‘Electric Floor’ have a unique ability to squeeze so many different genres into one complete sound and it is really evident on ‘M31’.There are hints new wave, dream pop, subtle layers shoegaze and driving post-punk coursing through this tracks inner core that make it the stand out track for me. The EP then closes out with ‘Nosedive’. It’s probably the most modern sounding electronic track on the EP if I’m honest but it does have some incredible bass lines running through its central spine and it finishes in spectacular fashion, as all of it’s separate components amalgamate into one driving sonic maelstrom. A decent ending to a rather interesting EP.




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