ARTIST: Andrew Younker

RELEASE: Microchasm 

RELEASE DATE: 2nd February 2017


While many of us were in a turkey coma over the festive season, Andrew Younker appears to have experienced a bout of intense productivity. He’s created an impressive 6 track EP that builds on the woozy sonic foundations of ‘Brainchild’ (released November 2016). Andrew’s voice and approach somehow make me think of Sufjan Stevens, it’s probably more my perception than reality, but sometimes that’s how it goes. The aesthetic is familiar, with washes of beautiful noise given direction mainly through the insistent bass. There’s a strong electro feel, but plenty of organic noises too. ‘Microchasm’ is available to buy/download right now from

The resolute rhythm of Electric Chair sets the pace for the EP, the bassline pushing the song along pleasingly, while the guitars swirl about somewhere up above. Totaled Ambulance’s post punk feel with its reverby snare sound and, of course, that bass bowling along in its icy beauty, nods to the 80s. Multi-layered melodies shine through Eyes Turn Blue. The gritty but glorious guitars glow with restrained power, as does Andrew’s voice. There’s a change of feel with Down The Stairs which in contrast to the immaculate construction of earlier tracks seems freer, with an almost psychedelic guitar line.

A monotone robotic voice sings plaintively in Sophisticated, which soon merges in into Pretend Therapist. Again the 80’s influences are clear, but Younker’s tastes are impeccable, every sound carefully selected and placed perfectly. Microchasm is an interesting step in Younker’s musical development, exuding a cultivated chilliness. Can’t wait to hear where he goes next.




In her time, Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr has attended raves and rock clubs. She enjoys pedals, pizza and spy dramas. Sarah also plays guitar in Edinburgh-based noisemakers Wozniak and is co-founder of Morningside Young Team who put on gigs and put out records for discerning audiences who enjoy fuzz and confusion.