ARTIST: The Age Of Coloured Lizards

RELEASE: Another Day

RELEASE DATE: March 29th 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Sotron Records

Norwegian based psychedelic explorers ‘The Age Of Coloured Lizards’ have released their highly anticipated four track debut EP ‘Another Day’ via the lovely folks over at Sotron Records. With a sound that permeates a multiple of different layers in the music genre spectrum, taking in dreamy shoegaze, psych, noise rock & fuzzy alt-rock ‘The Age Of Coloured Lizards’ do not disappoint. ‘Another Day’ is available to buy/download right now from

The EP opens up held fast in a sparse but repetitive percussive arrangement and an angry guitar strum. Sublime vocalisations accompany the instrumentation as ‘Why’ swirls in a complacent kind of ‘JAMC’ hue that’s underscored at times with dreamy lines of interlacing lead guitar. Up next ‘In The Morning’ sways and moves through fuzzy layers of shimmering reverberation and melodious guitar progressions that cut a deft wedge through proceedings thus allowing that delectable vocal performance to shine through. It rises and falls through captivating guitar hooks and impressive production that collectively instil a brilliant melancholic feeling of lost loves & memories of misspent youth. Utterly addictive.

The EP’s lead single ‘Pale White Sun’ swirls into the ether on a deliciously hazy psych-pop vibe reminiscent of those early sonic pioneers ‘The Birds’. It’s evident from the outset that these guys are well versed in music production as they inject fuzz and reverberation into the mix circumnavigating those impressive vocalisations with ease as they tip toe along a steady bedrock of impressive production. The EP closes out in a kinda infectious 1990’s ‘Creation Records’ swagger. ‘Stars Are Falling’ has definite early ‘Teenage Fanclub’ leanings as it noisily rumbles through layers of melodious fuzz topped with lazy percussive patterns, pop like instrumental progressions and another impressive vocal performance. Its lead lines loop and arc through layers of infectious reverb, skipping along the tips of those fuzzy frequencies with ease and help to close out what is a rather impressive EP.

Highly Recommended!




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