NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Datura Daydream - Sea Six


Toronto based cinematic psych/kraut inspired post-rock trio 'Datura Daydream' have unleashed the latest single and it's accompanying video 'Sea Six' to be lifted from their brilliant new album 'THE LICK IS IN THE LISP'. The band are made up of Kevin Robert Fong - vocal/guitar, David Larocque - bass & Turner Roscoe Wigginton - drums and their latest single is a heady sonic brew filled with a metronomic krautrock hued percussive attack, swirling psych induced guitars, hazy vocalisations and beautifully melodic throbbing bass frequencies. 'THE LICK IS IN THE LISP' is available to buy/download right now from


NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | The Underground Youth - Alice (Fuzz Club Records)

Fuzz Club Records mainstays and Berlin via Manchester based dark psych/post-punk outfit The Underground Youth have unleashed the first single entitled 'Alice' and it's gritty accompanying video from their highly anticipated eight studio album brilliantly titled 'What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?'. The album is penned in for a February 15th launch date with various formats officially going up for pre-order this week via They have also announced a European tour to celebrate it's release starting in January and you can check out their full tour schedule by heading over to

'Alice' surges with dark sullen energy as it's melodious fuzzy bass frequencies weave & bob in and out of those highly infectious lead guitar lines. Subdued metronomic percussion and hauntingly good synth swells add tons of atmosphere as Craig Dyer's vocalisations hold court, keeping you transfixed on his impressive gothic tone.


NEW SINGLE - Citrus Clouds - You Loved Me First - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Citrus Clouds - Make A Life

Phoenix based desert-gaze trio ‘Citrus Clouds’ have released an astonishing new video to accompany their track 'Make A Life', the latest to be cherry picked from their impressive debut album 'Imagination'. The video swirls and echoes through crystalline cinematic shots of hazy tree lines & vivid sun blasted skylines whilst concentrating intently on the video's two main actors. It was directed and edited by Tony Sziklay and stars Tom Elliot & Glory Hernandez.

‘Make A Life’ growls and shudders on a bed of explosive percussion as it unfurls its musical tendrils to unveil a beautifully melodious soundscape filled with sublime vocals, throbbing bass lines, snaking lead licks and wall of sound guitars.

'Imagination' was released on the 1st November 2016 via Custom Made Music and is available to buy/download right now from:


NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Tuath - Who Do You Want Me To Be


Our good friends 'Tuath' have joined forces with 'Nartystation Films' to unleash a veritable feast for the eyes in the guise of their latest accompaniment to their absolutely immense single 'Who Do You Want Me To Be'. Lifted from the bands latest EP entitled 'Existence Is Futile', 'Who Do You Want Me To Be' takes us on a mind bending visual journey reminiscent to those over the top, but highly infectious, 'Primus' videos of old (albeit with a considerably better sonic accompaniment).

‘Tuath’ mesmerised the musically saturated underground back in March 2015 with their intensely addictive & deeply experimental debut EP ‘An Taobh Tuath(Ail)’ closely followed by their immense spaced out single ‘Amhairc Thart Ort Fein’ in September of the same year. This year the band returned with a blistering four track EP entitled ‘Existence Is Futile' and have again cemented their status as one of the best experimental psych/prog outfits around today.

'Existence Is Futile' is available to buy/download from and you can also check out some fantastic outtakes from the track 'Who Do You Want Me To Be' right now via the band's soundcloud page:


NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | RevRevRev - A Ring Without An End


Italian based psych gaze aficionados 'RevRevRev' have unleashed a visual monolith in the form of their latest video to accompany the sonic monster that is 'A Ring Without An End'. Hailing from Modena, 'RevRevRev' have been wowing audiences around Europe and beyond with their no-nonscense, hard hitting brand of psychedelic shoegaze. The band are made up of Laura Iacuzio, Sebastian Lugli, Andrea Dall'Omo & Greta Benatti and this latest single is lifted from their magnificent album 'Des Fleurs Magiques Bourdonnaient' which had it's full release back in February 2016.

The immense video for 'A Ring Without An End' is a little tribute by the band to 'Alejandro Jodorowsky' and in particular to his psych masterpiece 'El Topo' (Mexico/USA, 1970).

You can still get your hands on a copy of 'Des Fleurs Magiques Bourdonnaient' on various formats from:


NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Decorum - Near Gone


Brooklyn based experimental post-punk/dark-wave trio 'Decorum' have unleashed a masterful new video to accompany their latest single entitled 'Near Gone'. Summoning the ghost of MTV and those early 90's music video trends, 'Decorum' have used a home made green screen to superimpose themselves over a dilapidated church. The video was filmed in their closet of a practice space which measures 9ft by 9ft. It's this kind of DIY attitude that makes bands like 'Decorum' stand out from the crowd. After all, the foundations of post-punk were manufactured around the creative genius of forward thinking DIY musicians. Without their educated madness there would be no post-punk!



NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Thud - Prime Of Pride


Hong Kong based hazy shoegaze five piece 'Thud' have been in touch with us this week about their latest track entitled 'Prime Of Pride' and its stunning accompanying video. The band have been busy since the release of their debut tracks 'Lime' and 'Venture' and have signed a management deal with the Scottish based 'Songs for Children Records'. In the last year 'Thud' have also supported international acts - Yuck, Postiljonen, Braids, Caspian, The Bilinda Butchers, and have performed at East Asia Shoegaze Fest in Shanghai and Rocking the Region in Singapore. This latest single  'Prime Of Pride' is available to buy/download right now from


NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | The Baltic - Fortitude

Colorado based four piece 'The Baltic' released the immense 'Archipelago' EP to the masses back on the 20th June 2016 via Misra Records (under Sub Pop's umbrella) and it quickly became a firm favourite of ours here at Primal Music with our head honcho Del Chaney ranking it as one of his favourite EP's of 2016. Now the band have unleashed the wonderful 'Fortitude', a woozy shoegaze inspired standard filled to the brim with psychedelic indentations, driving percussion and powerfully expressive instrumentation. 'Fortitude' and its stunning accompanying video (which was filmed and directed by the band's drummer/singer, Graham Epstein) is the latest single to be lifted from the aforementioned EP, which is still available to buy/download right now from:

'Fortitude' screams into the ether on a wave of glorious frequency laden noise as 'The Baltic' bring their shoegaze tendencies to bare for all to hear. It's opening bars are layered with fuzzy reverberating guitars, throbbing baselines, shimmering tambourines and melodious vocals, reminiscent to those early UK based shoegaze stalwart's 'Ride'.

'The Baltic' also have two back to back shows coming up in NYC on Oct 29th and 30th. You can get all of the ticket details here:


NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Reunionunion - Photosynthesis

New York based experimental musical aficionados Adam Watkins & Patrick Savage aka Reunionunion have returned with the first single and its stunning accompanying video entitled 'Photosynthesis' lifted off their forthcoming highly anticipated sophomore album. The band wowed the underground music fraternity back in January 2016 with their debut self-titled release and their impressive melding of shoegaze, alt-rock, post-rock and dream-pop to create a impressive cacophony of glorious noise.

'Photosynthesis' is a peeled back slice of summer sun that sits on a repetitive sequenced percussive pattern and is circumnavigated by swirling guitar lines and subtle synth swells. The instrumentation hums as it glides alongside those impressive dreamy vocal lines, constantly building until we're guided to a sudden finale.

Impressive stuff!


NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Vivienne Eastwood - Snooze

Brooklyn based alt-gazers 'Vivienne Eastwood' have unleashed another new single and stunning accompanying video entitled 'Snooze', lifted off their latest immense EP 'Shook'. 'Vivienne Eastwood' are a fuzzy reverberating slice of quality melody driven brilliance who create stunning, layered soundscapes that simply fly!

The 'Shook' EP will be available to buy/download from: