NEW VIDEO - Fawns Of Love - Someday - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO | Fawns Of Love - Someday

Bakersfield -based husband and wife team 'Fawns Of Love' have unleashed a brand new video to accompany their recently released single 'Someday', the first on their newly acquired record label 'Test Pattern Records'. With a hint of 80's chic, some shoegaze highlights and lashings of synth led dream-pop, Joseph & Jenny Andreotti have been unleashing some stunning music over the past few years to burgeoning world-wide applause from both fans and peers alike. 'Someday' is lifted from their upcoming full length album entitled 'Permanent', penned in for release in early 2019, and if you want to get your hands on the single just head over to .

For now though, just soon away the minutes to this fantastic new video!



NEW SINGLE - Sun Mahshene - Takes Of Fiction - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO | Sun Mahshene - Tales Of Fiction

Immense psychgaze collective 'Sun Mahshene' have unleashed a brand new video to accompany the first single 'Tales Of Fiction' to be lifted from their forthcoming and highly anticipated debut album entitled 'Contradictions & Tales of Fiction' due for full release this October. Just incase you've been hiding under a rock these past few years, 'Sun Mahshene' are a Dublin-based collective of musicians led by the extremely talented Nathan Henderson and his band of sonic explorers who bend and manipulate frequencies to create a mesmerising cocktail of shoegaze blended brilliantly with alternative sounds & hazy psychedelic rock.

'Tales Of Fiction' follows on from their sublime 2016 released EP 'Drones That Don't Kill'  and it was released via Deathcapades Music Ltd back on the 28th July 2018. The video for the track was directed by Gerard Walsh with makeup by Ellinor Wikman and it starred Ieva Grigaite & Desmond Eastwood. You can check out the new single and the bands back catalogue right now via



NEW VIDEO - Racketman - Brunswick Boaties - Featured Image - (700x700)

PREMIERE | New Video | Racket Man - Brunswick Boaties

Capturing some well needed end of summer vibes comes the brand new single and it's fantastic accompanying video entitled 'Brunswick Boaties' from brilliant Cleveland-based jangling dream-poppers 'Racket Man'. This Ohio trio create blissed out sonic soundscapes drenched in gloriously golden reverberations all manifested through catchy melodies, ambient hued stylings and addictive hook-laden guitar structures. The band are made up of Tom Marx, Chris Seaman & Tyler Elwing with this latest single 'Brunswick Boaties' coming hot on the heels of their April 2018 released four track EP 'Gold DVDs'.

We have the pleasure of bringing you the premiere of 'Brunswick Boaties' today and if you like what you hear, you can check out the bands back catalogue right now via



NEW VIDEO - Lo! Peninsula - Another Divine Joike - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO | Lo! Peninsula - Another Divine Joke

India-based noise manipulators 'Lo! Peninsula' have unleashed a sublime new video to accompany the latest single to be lifted from their very impressive debut six track 'Aka Lo! Peninsula'. The track is called 'Another Divine Joke' and it expertly defines exactly what this bands sound is all about. Driving psychedelically infused soundscapes that skip brilliantly through energetic swathes of shoegaze deftly instilled with dreamy melodies that gently usher the listener along with them as they loop and arc throughout the sonic ether. The EP is a sonic triumph and we simply love this new video.

The band are made up of Nitin Shamurailatpam  - vocals/guitars, Avinash Thokchom - bass & Jyotin Elangbam - drums and their debut EP 'Aka Lo! Peninsula' was officially released back on August 18th 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via



NEW VIDEO - A Ritual Sea - Seasons (Like You) - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO | A Ritual Sea - Seasons (Like You)

Dublin/Paris-based dream-gazers 'A Ritual Sea' have unleashed a beautiful slice of summer in the guise of their new single 'Seasons (Like You)', the latest track to be lifted from their forthcoming and highly anticipated debut album penned in for release in early 2019. 'A Ritual Sea' released their marvellous debut single 'Serpentine' in late 2016, going on to share the stage with the likes of Jane Weaver and The Underground Youth, amongst others throughout 2017. The quartet have already been highlighted as ones to watch this year by some of our more enlightened peers here in Ireland and we reckon their collective sound is deeply infectious. It'll be very interesting to hear what comes next from them.

The accompanying video is delicious with a distinctly cinematic edge and was filmed in Lioux, France. It's the perfect accompaniment to those shimmering dream-pop sounds. The band will launch their new single on Thursday the 9th of August in Drop Dead Twice on Frances Street, Dublin 8 alongside Hostess (ex CAP PAS PCAP) and Father. 



NEW SINGLE - Thud - ADO - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO | Thud - Ado

Self styled 'space-gazers' and Hong Kong natives 'Thud' have just unleashed a brand new video to accompany their latest single entitled 'Ado', produced by the band themselves in Hong Kong and mixed in Leeds over in the UK by the ever prolific Matthew Johnson at Suburban Home Studio (Hookworms, Eagulls, The Spook School). 'Thud' are made up of Andy & Sky on guitars, Wang - bass, Wai - drums and Kim on vocals/synth. 'Ado' is released via long term collaborators 'Songs For Children' and a new UK-based indie label 'Ghost Crew Records'. The video was directed by Neo Yeung and the single 'Ado' b/w 'Still Still' is available right now digitally HERE and is released later in the year on 7" vinyl.

'Ado' is a slice of summer sun drenched in luscious reverb with the ability to soar into the ether at will with layers of guitar, swells of synth and pounding percussion all enveloping a stunning vocal line. Simply magnificent.



New Video - The Cabin Fever - The Brown Bunny - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO | The Cabin Fever - The Brown Bunny

L.A natives and good friends 'The Cabin Fever' have unleashed a tantalising new track entitled 'The Brown Bunny' and it's slightly voyeuristic accompanying video to the masses marking a new phase (it seems) in the bands development. Following on from January 2018's 'Exercise The Demon' EP this new track feels different although we're still trudging through deliciously melancholic and darkly imaginative soundscapes previously explored on the aforementioned EP, the musicianship on this single has tightened up and there's a surreal calmness surrounding the sound that we really like.

As usual, Joel Bedolla, Tripp Beam and Jon Joseph have supplied their collective instrumental talents to bring guru Sean Moriarty's sonic expressiveness to life and the video was shot "inside the famed Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles with the purpose of bringing the viewer, as a close observer, into the experience of recording and playing this song". Bill Mims took care of the audio engineering with D.P. & cinematographer Nate Klein capturing the visuals, and Kevin Strick tied it all together directing and editing the film.

'The Brown Bunny' is out now and you can still get your hands on  'Exercise The Demon' on various formats via



NEW VIDEO | Las Cobras - Al Más Allá

When South American-based boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebellato aka 'Las Cobras' popped up on our sonic radar last year they instantly became firm favourites of ours. Their heady concoction of swirling, hypnotically charged  krautrock, porto-punk, subtle shoegaze and hazy sun kissed rock n' roll helped us to immerse ourselves into their brand of Latin American psych and in turn firmly established them into the modern day fuzz fuelled psych firmament. Their debut album 'Temporal' had it's official release via the ever brilliant London-based 'Fuzz Club Records' way back in May 2017 and became an instant fan favourite, ended the year on a plethora of year end lists and catapulted them into one of modern psych's most exciting new bands.

To celebrate Fuzz Club Records repressing their debut album 'Temporal' for a second run, 'Las Cobras' have unveiled a beautiful new video for 'Al Más Allá' (translating from Spanish to 'the afterlife'). There's a tinge of garage psych streaming through the inner core of this track that is quite alluring but it's the pull of traditional percussion, jangling guitars and droning synth enveloping a magnificent vocal line drenched in glorious reverberation that peaks our attention. The video for 'Al Más Allá' is sublime and was created by the band themselves in Cabo Polonio, a tiny fishing village on the east coast of Uruguay that still has no electricity, confronting the passage of time and evolution. 'Temporal' is available to pre-order on lovely vinyl once more via and digitally over at


NEW VIDEO - FARIDA - Shoot - Featured Image - (700x700)


'Shoot' is the first official release by swedish-french psychedelic/drone/synth act FARIDA taken from their upcoming EP. FARIDA is Jenny Faridas solo project backed up by Pelle Backman (bass) and Paul Sigerhall (drums) from swedish krautrock outfit Audionom, guitarist Fabian Grytt and also included for the live set up are Lisa Pyk (synth) from Vulkano and Martin Malm (visuals) also from Audionom. 'Shoot' was officially released back on April 11th 2018 and is available to buy/download right now via

'Shoot' is an intense melding of swirling atmospheric instrumental drones, fizzing synths, squally feedback laden electronics and deep penetrating bass lines that gently sway on a slow moving monotonous drum track. Jenny Farida's vocalisations are deeply hypnotic as they loop and arc through heady layers of dark reverberation that conjures up hazy psychedelic incantations with each passing word.

The video was filmed by Jenny Farida Thåström, Pelle Backman and Zackarias Elwin, with editing and visuals by Teresa Elizabeth Lobos (Lagomorphosis).


NEW SINGLE RELEASES - Dose - Furniture - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW VIDEO | Dose - Furniture

Hailing from the north-east of England, experimental art-rock outfit 'Dose' have just unleashed a stunning new video to accompany their debut single 'Furniture', a hypnotically addictive slice of noise-rock underpinned with subtle flourishes of melodic shoegaze, slowcore and mesmerising passages of cinematic ambiance. Having decamped to Suburban Home Studio's​ and under the tutelage of MJ from the awesome 'Hookworms', this Newcastle based five piece have released something rather special indeed. The band are made up of Sean Turland, Ewan Barr, Matthew Collerton, Sam Campbell & Joe Donkin and they've shared the stage with some fantastic live acts such as Sunflower Bean​, ​Menace Beach​, ​Ulrika Spacek​ & Soviet Soviet as well as headline shows in Leeds and York supported by fellow noise-rock artists Drahla and Colour of Spring.

We've previously reviewed the single in full HERE

'Furniture' gets it's full release on April 27th 2018 via cult indie label A TURNTABLE FRIEND RECORDS as a two track 7" vinyl single backed with 'Opaque' and is available to pre-order right now on various formats via