a0594426943_16ARTIST: Magic Shoppe

RELEASE: Interstellar Car Crash 

RELEASE DATE: February 5th 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Optical Sounds

Boston based hypnotic noise merchants ‘Magic Shoppe’ are no strangers to creating magnificent dissonant psych driven soundscapes. Their first release, the impressive ‘Reverb EP’ (2010) announced their sonic arrival in style and was quickly followed by their brilliant eight track opus ‘Reverberation’(2011). Then the ‘Triangulum Australe EP’ (2014) took us on a white knuckle thrill ride of mammoth proportions leading us all the way to this latest release, the fantastic 4 track ‘Interstellar Car Crash’ EP. There’s an intense hypnotic buzz surrounding ‘Magic Shoppe’ as their their brand of fuzzy reverb induced psychedelic mayhem rattles through its gears and takes the listener on a melodic journey of discovery. ‘Interstellar Car Crash’ is released via ‘Optical Sounds’ digitally & on a limited edition white 10′ Vinyl via MagicShoppe.bandcamp.com

The EP opens up with the magically translucent ‘Salventius’, a hard driven slice of garage psych brilliance that screams through its reverb drenched verse structures and explodes into a whirlwind of bending white noise throughout its chorus progressions. Vocally sublime, ‘Salventius’ is steadied on a foundation of pounding drums, throbbing bass & shimmering guitars. Track two, ‘City Alight (Yeah)’ spins in suspended sonic animation with its hypnotic shuffling drum pattern, stunning guitar arrangements and that addictive shimmering vocal take. The reverb drenched opening salvos of ‘Redhead’ tweaks the senses before exploding into a beautiful cacophony of golden edged psych induced sound that carelessly meanders through wave after wave of layered guitar, impressive bass & pounding drums! ‘Redhead’ loops & arc’s all over the musical spectrum with aplomb and it’s possibly my favourite track on this entire release, if I’m honest.

There’s a mesmerising golden hue surrounding the closing track on this stunning four track EP from Boston based psychedelic explorers ‘Magic Shoppe’ that screams for your attention from its very first note. The triumphant ‘Interstellar Car Crash’ has this uncanny knack of pulling you into it’s hypnotic core and introducing you to its soothing inner workings. It swirls and soars through it’s cloudless, dissonant soundscape with ease and carries you with it as it goes. Simply stunning!








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