ARTIST: Citrus Clouds

RELEASE: Ultra Sound

RELEASE DATE: 22nd September 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Custom Made Music

Phoenix based desert-gaze trio ‘Citrus Clouds’ have announced the highly anticipated follow up to their debut full length album ‘Imagination’ which was released back in November 2016 via Custom Made Music. This new release entitled ‘Ultra Sound’ has it’s official unveiling on the 22nd September 2017 and it consists of seven brand new tracks that swirl effortlessly in a sonic style that only ‘Citrus Clouds’ can create. The band are made up of Eric Pineda, Stacie Huttleston & Anthony Jarero and collectively they create stunning soundscapes that swim effortlessly through swathes of reverberating shoegaze and addictive, dreamy vocal lines that are impressively underpinned by steadying percussion and sublime instrumentation. ‘Ultra Sound’ is available to pre-order right now via

The repetitive tap of percussion announces the EP’s opening track entitled ‘Ocean Eyes’ and it not long before we’re awash in that Citrus Clouds trademark luscious wall of melody. Hazy guitars underpinned by the subtle throb of bass frequencies collectively swirl around that impressive vocal performance. There’s a brilliant ethereal vocal highlight that touches each line throughout the chorus parts and that instantly catapults this track into a fantastic dream-pop state and it marks another level in ‘Citrus Clouds’ continuously evolving sound. Up next, ‘You Loved Me First’ fizzes into life held fast in an addictive shoegaze orientated cloud. Beautifully melodic duel vocal tracks meander through warbling guitar stabs and humming bass lines as that steady percussive swagger holds perfect time. Catchy chord structures and hook laden instrumental sequences mark this track out as a favourite of mine and let’s not forget that impressive lead break and its soaring reverberations. Simply stunning!

‘Life Happens’ trembles on a quivering bass signature before opening up into a swirling maelstrom of mind numbing reverberations held fast to a punchy percussive swagger and overlaid by majestic vocalisations. A repetitive lead guitar line races in and out of the collective instrumentation casting magical sonic spells throughout the ether whilst ‘Happy’ (reminiscent at times to early 90’s era ‘Lemonheads’) explodes into a cacophony of hazy sound waves and lazily undulates through laid back vocalisations, catchy chorus lines and sticky instrumentation that seems to linger long after the track ends. Up next is another favourite! ‘Is This Real?’ echoes in a 4AD kind of way. It’s opening salvos sound like thunder before mellowing out into a melody driven slice of blissed out desert gaze. Jangling guitars ride a busy drum pattern deftly delivering that immense vocal take as it’s distinct chord changes are permeated by the throb of bass and deep echoes of reverb.

The EP’s penultimate piece entitled ‘Here Is Where We Are’ is drenched in luscious reverb and this helps immensely with it’s atmospheric opening bars, instilling a kind of fragility that is both addictive and melancholic all at once. As per the norm for Citrus Clouds this track unfurls it’s sonic tendrils and we’re absolutely drenched in a collective downpour of melody as lead guitars soar into the ether accompanied by those beautifully intense backing vocals, cascading bass and that steady percussive assault. The EP closes out with what is one of the best pieces of music that I think I’ve heard this year. ‘A Dream Of You’ is a meandering wave of jangling desert-gaze. Lazy percussion keeps metronomic time as warbling guitars and a bloody brilliant bass line protects that haunting vocal line. The chord sequences on this track are absolutely fantastic and catch you off guard as they seamlessly connect verse and chorus with a pull of whammy bar and that downward step of heavy bass and as for that stunning instrumental break …… well you’ll have to hear that for yourself ….. THIS IS MUSIC!

As EP’s go ‘Ultra Sound’ is one of the best I’ve heard this year. It’s so exciting to hear a bands development from their early releases until now with each release being a positive step forward. As far as I’m concerned this band have gone from strength to strength and they’ve worked hard to create a sound all to themselves in a scene that is so bloody diluted right now the hip scensters are fighting over genre tags!




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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