ARTIST: Whimsical

RELEASE: Sleep To Dream

RELEASE DATE: 24th February 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Saint Marie Records

Indiana based dreamy shoegaze duo ‘Whimsical’ have returned with a stunning brand new eleven track full length studio album entitled ‘Sleep To Dream’. The band are made up of Krissy Vanderwoude – Vocals & Neil Burkdoll – Instrumentation and the new album gets it’s official release on February 24th 2017 via the shoegaze/dream pop powerhouse that is ‘Saint Marie Records’. You can pre-order it right now on various formats via

‘Sleep To Dream’ floats into earshot swirling effortlessly in a deep haze of reverberating fret noise and repetitive percussion. It’s opening track entitled ‘Love Me’ explodes into beautiful shards of sonic colour that are held fast in a turbulent whirlwind of cascading guitar lines & impressive instrumentation, deftly circumnavigated by those instantly recognisable vocalisations courtesy of Krissy Vanderwoude. A blistering opening salvo that skips brilliantly through insanely good passages of dream pop underscored with impressive flurries of alt-shoegaze. The delectable ‘Lost And Found’ fizzes into life rocking pensively on a steady drum pattern, harried by the constant hum of bass frequencies and jangling guitars courtesy of Neil Burkdoll. It’s beautifully hypnotic vocal lines create a type of sonic serenity that flows through every single note. It glides along through its entrancing verse progressions with relative ease before busying itself on the chorus parts as subtle hints of post-punk & jangle-pop hide in amongst the layers of reverb & brilliantly executed production. Up next, ‘Whimsical’ unleash the albums lead track. The pacy ‘Surreal’ catches this listener off guard as I’ve been quietly floating on a cloud of dreamy frequencies up until it’s arrival. ‘Surreal’ drives with intent and it meanders through sonic peaks and troughs as it unleashes another incredible vocal attack that rides a punchy drum pattern, a brilliantly executed bass progression, is circumnavigated by swirling effect laden guitars and soars skywards from it’s very first note. A mesmerising lead track that is sure to impress both new and old fans alike.

Psychedelic swirls trapped in eddying reverberation announce the arrival of ‘Flutter Echo’ and they soon blossom into a beautifully ethereal dream-like soundscape filled with cascading lead guitar lines intertwined at times by explosive percussive passages and post-punk inspired bass lines whilst ‘Beginning Of The End’ languishes atop a tidal wave of reverberation that washes over the entire piece, coursing through Krissy’s vocals in the process and exiting noisily through it’s impressive instrumental patterns. Up next, ‘I Thought Of You’ growls into existence on a flurry if noisy guitars, echoing lead lines and busy percussion all spinning vigorously around it’s melodious vocal lines. It is simply beautiful and it soars through effortless waves of blissful dream like hues whilst the next track entitled ‘Glow’ showcases the brilliant guitar work of Neil Burkdoll with its intricate lead lines and mesmerising production. ‘Sleep To Dream’ evokes Whimsical’s influential Slowdive leanings with it’s ethereal vocalisations that are allowed to soar into the ether whilst the bedrock of instrumentation is held fast on a slow metronomic drum pattern. Simply wonderful.

The albums penultimate track jangles into existence before increasing it’s gears and exploding into what is now a customary wave of shoegaze induced dream pop. ‘Anchor’ is a blissed out thrill ride through dazzling guitar theatrics, massive chord changes and the ever constant angelic vocalisations of Krissy Vanderwoude. Beautifully intense and massively addictive, ‘Anchor’ is possibly my favourite track on the entire release. It’s just stunning. The album closes out on another big sounding track. ‘Part Of Me’ is immense! It swerves on an undulating guitar signature and an off tempo drum pattern as it pulses beautifully effected sonic frequencies out into the ether and it is deliciously topped off with what is in my opinion the best vocal performance of the whole album. A fitting end to a magical release.




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