ARTIST: Todavía

RELEASE: Shyness

RELEASE DATE: 28th April 2017


Los Angeles based dream pop aficionado Todavía aka self-releasing multi instrumentalist Rhyan Riesgo has unleashed a highly anticipated brand new eight track album entitled ‘Shyness’ via the bands bandcamp page. Todavía’s sound is distinctly dreamy, with hushed synth swells, sequenced percussion, swirling guitars and shimmering reverberation that all circumnavigates that almost ethereal vocal tone. ‘Shyness’ was released back on April 28th 2017 and is available to buy/download right now from 

Beautifully serine waves of blissful sound ether the ether on shimmering synth swells and a subtle undercurrent of pulsing sequenced percussion as ‘Say I’ winds up through it’s sonic gears. The arrival of the sublime vocalisations of ‘Rhyan Riesgo’ instantly lift this track as hazy lead guitar lines intertwine with layers of intense reverberations. Up next, ‘Control’ swirls into audible range on a bedrock of fizzing percussion, plinking sequenced atmospherics and a magnificent guitar progression. Resonating frequencies bounce and whirr as it’s vocalisations soar skywards, accompanied by a cushioning envelope of undulating synth, tumbling effortlessly as they billow and arc throughout the entire piece at will.

‘Our Luck’ swirls into the ether on shimmering waves of tremulous guitar and soaring ethereally tinged synth swells. Impressive sequenced percussion adds a metronomic pace to the piece as we’re introduced to the stunning vocalisations of Rhyan Riesgo, then we’re scooped up and gracefully taken on a blissful ride through layer after layer of impressive dream pop laden sound waves. Up next, ‘Forest’ breathes a more electronically charged leaning into the album as off kilter lo-fi samples grind and scratch back in the mix accompanied by twinkling guitars and the constant whoosh of hazy synths. The vocals float and ripple through layers of intense delay & reverb as the sequenced electronics stutter and wobble in amongst brilliantly executed lead guitar. A masterfully well produced track and possibly my favourite on the entire album. With subliminal hints of early ‘Cocteau Twins’, the pitter patter of sequenced hi-hats announce ‘Fallen’, a whispering breathe of fresh air. Tumbling guitar signatures subtlety fall in amongst floating synth swells as Rhyan deploys the best vocal take on the whole album and takes the listener on a melancholic journey of sonic discovery.

‘Fix Myself’ swoons effortlessly in a dreamy translucent haze filled with sequenced electronic percussion peppered by hushed synth swells, swirling guitars and shimmering reverberation that circumnavigates another impressive vocal performance whilst the albums penultimate piece entitled ‘Thursday’ drones into existence on massive swathes of deep synth before rippling magnificently on a collective turbulent wave of guitar, percussion and sequenced production theatrics all centred around that impressive vocal take. The album closes out with ten minutes plus of dreamy, oscillating brilliance. Floating vocalisations cling passionately to sticky guitars and billowing synth lines as cascading wind swept reverberations loop and arc through layers of effected instrumentation as the first of two tracks (one track listed and one not) enters earshot. First up ‘Espera’ is absolutely fascinating as it moves and undulates through different stages of dreamy sonic abandonment and then for those of you purchasing the album over on bandcamp you will be surprised to know that ‘Todavía’ has included a hidden track for your listening pleasure. It is absolutely stunning and a fitting end to a marvellous album.




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