ARTIST: The Daysleepers

RELEASE: Creation

RELEASE DATE: 7th September 2018


After a ten year hiatus away from the underground shoegaze scene, Buffalo natives ‘The Daysleepers’ released their highly anticipated long player entitled ‘Creation’ to worldwide applause, ironing out all of the stateside shoegaze arrogance and righting the previous underlying wrongs that the scene had previously created in the process. Well …. not quite! With a wave of appreciation from some of the self-proclaimed modern day shoegaze commentators, ‘Creation’ has been mentioned as one of the best albums of 2018 and we have to concur with our learned peers and their aforementioned findings. Not only have this band unleashed a solid, non pretentious album filled with standalone anthems; they’ve also managed to use all of their previously attained sonic knowhow to meld shoegaze, dream-pop, space-rock and a subtle little layer of modern psych into their collective sound to launch them firmly into the underground ether with rapturous applause. The band are made up of Jeff Kandefer – vocals/guitars/bass VI/programming/keyboards, Mario Gimbrone – drums, Scott Beckstein – bass & Elizabeth Kandefer – vocal and ‘Creation’ is available to buy/download right now via

With swirling waves of blissful guitar drenched in oodles of reverb ‘This Dark Universe’ unfurls its woozy tendrils and reaches out with open arms. Slow moving percussion riding deep booming bass frequencies skirts undulating layers of haunting synth as those impressive vocals arrive, lifting the track just enough to make room for those massive pools of reverb. As opening salvos go this is very very impressive . Up next, ‘Creation’ arrives with it’s big bruising percussive hits and that massive wall of resonating noise. Cascading bass progressions slide in and out of soaring lines of lead guitar as those catchy hooks fall into minuscule breaks and we rise headlong into the stars on waves of dreamy instrumentation. The vocals are pulled back into the mix here, exaggerating the size and scope of the track and heightening the overall sensory experience. ‘Creation’ is a magnificent triumph, a monster of a track and a definite album highlight for me. There’s a hint of post-punk emanating from  ‘Arclights’ that is very refreshing indeed. Swirling synths hold the entire backbone of this track together as pounding drums and that charging wall of bass glide effortlessly along allowing the guitars to inject melodious refractions into the mix. The vocals here ooze a kind of dream-pop hue and and those catchy lines of lead guitar are reminiscent of  ‘The Cure’ in their late 80’s pomp. ‘Arclights’ for me is possibly the best track on this entire release.

‘Foreverpeople’ rises on waves of reverb laden synth and jangling guitars before those catchy drums and another fantastic bass line unveils a beautifully entrancing slice of modern dream-pop. Vocally brilliant, this track conjures up sunny summer melancholic vibes whilst up next, ‘The Memory Maker’ ambles into audible range tumbling on shimmering lines of repetitive guitar and swells of delicious synth before the duel vocal prowess of Jeff and Elizabeth Kandefer merge to form a haunting wall of heavenly noise that melds with slow moving percussion, twinkling lines of lead and layers of solidifying reverb. Stunning instrumental breaks add wise scoped atmosphere here as the vocals grow in intensity, spinning wildly through layers of brilliant instrumentation right up until the tracks finale. ‘Sundiver’ is absolutely huge. It explodes into the ether on a driving wall of instrumentation used primarily to ferry another mesmerising vocal performance courtesy of Jeff Kandefer. Humming lines of bass stay close to that edifying percussive assault as soaring lines of guitar spin golden sonic webs, tying everything together nicely. It’s a fantastically structured track and another album highlight. Up next, ‘Tropics’ begins with a thunderous drum track before eventually dragging shimmering lines of guitar and another charging bass progression into the mix and we dive headlong into a massive pool of blistering melody. Beautifully structured, this track rises and falls in just the right places, is filled with catchy hooks and has a subtle psychedelic aura.

‘Flood In Heaven’, the albums penultimate piece, stutters on arrival before slow moving percussion, layers of simmering synth and entrancing guitars catch hold and we push off through a sea of shining reverb. Cascading lines of lead guitar flood the senses as the vocals arrive and that pounding kick drum carries a fantastic bass salvo. It moves receptively through its verse parts before soaring skywards through the chorus, injecting intense melody with each individual chord sequence until eventually we fall away into clouds of reverb. Huge in scope, ‘Flood In Heaven’ is absolutely mesmerising and a definite album highlight for me. ‘Creation’ closes out with ‘The Monolith’, an atmospheric beast sharpened with a kind of post-punk edge. Repetitive percussion layered in lo-fi splendour carries the track as twinkling guitars pitter patter through out the mix and the bounce of the bass line keeps things very interesting. Vocally, it floats majestically keeping a steady course through those layers of reverb and gliding synth keeping it fairly simple until we reach the soaring chorus break and on into the track finale. It’s a brilliant ending to an absolutely wonderful album and my hope is that ‘Creation’ appears on a multitude of end of year lists as it deserves all of the plaudits.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

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