ARTIST: Telstar Sound Drone

RELEASE: Magical Solutions To Everyday Struggles

RELEASE DATE: 18th March 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Bad Afro Records

Copenhagen-based droning psych-gazers Telstar Sound Drone are not here to create pop songs. They have no interest in writing chorus progressions or intermittent ‘Love Me Do’ soundscapes either. What they collectively create is a swirling maelstrom of golden psychedelic sound that wraps itself around your senses and takes you with it as it loops and arcs through sonic peaks and troughs with relative ease. They released their sophomore album ‘Magical Solutions to Everyday Struggles’ back on the 18th March 2016 via Bad Afro Records.

The album opens up with the pulsating ‘Drugs Help’ and we’re treated to a droning swirl of controlled mayhem. Hypnotic vocal progressions weave their way through the wall of sound as that shuffling drum pattern embeds itself deep within your psyche. This is the jump-off point as we dive into the world of Telstar Sound Drone. Track two, ‘Something I Can’t Place’, shatters the sound barriers and crawls into a dark, uncomfortable space, funnelling itself into into a continuous swirling drone that leads us into track three, the aptly-named ‘Dark Kashmir’. ‘Your Fingers Stir The Liquid Moon’ uses its electronically-charged drum sequence to mechanically distribute that swirling reverb-drenched vocal that’s swathed in those impressive synth swells, whilst track five, ‘Closer Again’, swims in some kind of psych-induced industrial soup, as we’re treated to another stunningly hypnotic vocal track held within a sonic ball of intensely vivid sound waves. Up next, ‘Strange Apples’ explodes onto the sonic ether, spewing forth with it that charging drum pattern and a swirling vocal track. The droning, layered guitars add a brilliant punch to proceedings. ‘Mad Seeds’ is reminiscent of California-based The Warlocks with its noisy, reverberating guitar lines and its impressive call to arms-like lyrical content, whilst the immensely hypnotic opening salvos of ‘Deep Spaces’ unleash a monolithic track that fills the entire sonic spectrum with aplomb.

The album’s closer, ‘Lean Down On White’, is simply stunning with its massive open spaces and reverb-induced sustained droning. The haunting vocal swims in delays and reverbs as it circumnavigates the the addictive guitar line. A brilliant ending to a brilliant album.

Recommended listening!




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