ARTIST: Stupid Cosmonaut


RELEASE DATE: March 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Drone Rock Records

UK based sound manipulators ‘Stupid Cosmonaut’ release the next chapter in their impressive sonic catalogue this coming March via Drone Rock Records in the form of their deliciously entrancing four track monolith ‘Algol’. Their sound permeates the outer reaches of ambient psych-rock whilst it’s inner core is full of dark, atmospheric synth swells, beautifully produced percussion and swathes of minimalistic drones that collectively create music to immerse your entire being into until you float away on sonic ripples of shimmering ambience. The band are made up of Steve McNamara – synths/bass, Sam Read – synths,/guitar, Andy Hunt – drums & Mark Hawnt – synths. The album is available to pre-order right now on lovely vinyl (colour Side A / Side B effect in black and grey/limited to 250 copies) via

‘Algol’ unfurls it’s sonic wings and swirls into earshot on a wave of hushed voices, haunting bass frequencies and repetitive fret board theatrics. ‘Solitary Stasis’ floats through the ether on clouds of sweeping synth swells and ambient reverberation coupled with intense atmosphere and the constant chattering of samples vocalisations that seem to come and go in and out of earshot at will. A stunning opening track indeed. Up next, ‘The Demon Star Pilot’ announces itself on indignant guitar tones and swirling synth swells. coming in at a whopping sixteen minutes plus I quickly realise that I have to strap myself in for the long haul. Senses pummelling frequencies underscored by dark swathes of unrelenting synth lines quiver and wail in a visible mass of atmospheric reverberation as we’re swept up and advanced into what I now firmly believe deep space actually feels like. Alone and frightened the arrival of a metronomic percussive thrill and something solid sonically to focus on is a welcome reprise. That’s not to say this isn’t enjoyable, I’m simply referring to the brilliance of ‘Stupid Cosmonaut’ and their use of dark atmospherics to stimulate the senses. ‘The Demon Star Pilot’ rumbles on through massive walls of shimmering synth and soaring lead guitar lines as the ever present cadence of drums, addictive bass thrills and droning instrumentation loops and arcs all over the entire track, helping the listener to experience the full on sonic arsenal that this band can unleash at will. Let’s not be fooled here, this track is absolutely immense! You need to listen to it via headphones to experience total sonic immersion.

The album moves on with frightening pace as the albums penultimate piece ‘Passing Between Dancing Giants’ enters into audible range spiralling menacingly in seething synth lines, echoing reverberation and the constant thump of repetitive drum progressions. ‘Passing Between Dancing Giants’ is so good it belongs on a sci-fi movie soundtrack. It is huge in scale and moves like a monstrous tidal wave through the ether pulsing instrumental drones, sound waves and frequential noise through swathes of dark reverberation, deploying expansive deluges of sound into every single facet of being. Its a triumphant piece and one that I will keep coming back to again and again. The album closes out in a flurry of psych induced guitar progressions, surging synthetic drones and turbulent glitchy sound waves. ‘Barus’ is absolutely immense! Swirling atmosphere builds rapidly from behind the dark oppressive instrumentation as hauntingly good production holds court dragging this behemoth into the ether, pulling with it sparse percussion and the dark throb of bass frequencies. Synth swells bob and weave a steady path, intertwining with the twang of guitars but dodging the explosive drum patterns as ‘Stupid Cosmonaut’ unleash the heaviest track on the entire release. Gone are the ambient stylings of previous tracks to be replaces by a monolithic modern day space rock anthem! ‘Barus’ is a fitting end to a bloody marvellous album!

Bravo ‘Stupid Cosmonaut’ ….. we’ve just pre-ordered this one on vinyl!




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