a1517157268_16ARTIST: Stupid Cosmonaut

RELEASE: Abstract Concepts

RELEASE DATE: 23rd May 2016


UK based sound manipulators ‘Sam Read and Steven McNamara’ AKA ‘Stupid Cosmonaut’ released their immensely experimental six track album entitled ‘Abstract Concepts’ on the 24th May 2016. Their sound permeates the outer reaches of ambient psych-rock whilst it’s inner core is full of dark, atmospheric synth swells, beautifully produced percussion and swathes of minimalistic drones that collectively create music to immerse your entire being into until you float away on sonic ripples of shimmering ambience. The album is available to buy/download right now from: stupidcosmonaut.bandcamp.com

I feel like I’ve unsuspectedly stepped into a swirling vortex of exquisitely deafening repetitive noise as my senses are pummelled by a stunning array of blistering frequencies courtesy of track one, the utterly addictive ‘Long Term Survival’. Sporadic sampled vocal intercessions cut through the fuzzy wall of noise as Stephen Hawking’s voice haunts the outer limits of my audible range like some kind of skulking sonic beast. This thundering ball of sonic energy gives way to the experimental ‘Obsolete’. It’s droning electronic pulses are fused together with dark oppressive synth swells to create intense atmosphere as its stringed instrumentation coupled with intriguing vocal samples add a subtle eastern themed flair to proceedings. ‘Obsolete’ tugs on your inner psyche as it meanders through its chosen musical course.

‘Tesla Is Not Dead’ shuffles into earshot on a wave of delightful reverberation and slight percussive hits. It builds from the off with its vocal samples carrying the entire track as its circumnavigated by off kilter but interestingly panned glitchy frequencies and soft synth swells. Brilliantly executed and full of impressive psychedelically charged instrumentation ‘Tesla Is Not Dead’ is a track best listened to via headphones. Up next is the brilliantly ambient title track ‘Abstract Concepts’. Sequenced percussion usher in the samples as its reverb induced synths swirl recklessly within the sonic ether before ‘Space Music’ arrives jangling on a beautiful cascading piano line and that intense vocal sample whilst all around it swirls within a hazy ambient maelstrom of experimental synthetic drones and reverberating sonic frequencies. This penultimate track is a thoroughly enjoyable slice of electronically charged ambient psych. The beautiful twang of a crunching electric guitar heralds the arrival of my favourite track on this entire release and the albums closer. Highly addictive and beautifully arranged ‘A Complete Theory Of Everything’ glides on wave after wave of stunning reverb as its chord changes usher in a hazy but peaceful three minutes of sonic contemplation and it is a fitting bookend to a rather interesting album.







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