ARTIST: No Mightier Creatures

RELEASE: No Mightier Creatures

RELEASE DATE: 10th February 2017


‘No Mightier Creatures’ is the debut seven track self-titled release from Peru based  alt-psych/garage aficionado’s ‘No Mightier Creatures’. The band consists of Renato – vocals/guitars/words, Dolmo – guitars, Felix – bass & Arturo – drums and what they collectively create is a mesmerising politically charged cacophony of swirling psych rock thats underscored with hints of alt-blues indentations melded with surging swathes of driving garage psych. ‘No Mightier Creatures’ is available to download as ‘Pay As You Like’ over on bandcamp but I recommend that you pay these guys a few dollars to help them get this album out on vinyl

The album open up with an angry melodious growl as ‘Yet We Divide’ enters earshot and sets off a repetitious sonic chain reaction as guitars swirl and sway held fast to a metronomic percussive beat. Vocals arrive and ride the turbulent beast to finality. Highly infectious and surprisingly addictive ‘Yet We Divide’ is a brilliant opening salvo. Up next, ‘Multiply’ jangles through waves of reverberation as ‘No Mightier Creatures’ unleash some sullen rockabilly psych on us, swerving through pulsating drum patterns and hypnotically charged lead lines that gyrate around those impressive vocal lines. ‘Springfield’ heaves around a central spine of driving instrumentation, throbbing bass progressions, repetitive drum patterns and sporadic noisy guitars thats collectively led by those politically charged spoken word vocalisations. We shatter the repetitiveness of the previous tracks with tumbling bass frequencies and chugging guitars as my favourite piece on the entire release enters the sonic arena. ‘No Light’ is an anti-establishment call to arms nestled in the welcoming arms of driving instrumentation and pulsating production.

Musically, ‘Corporate Dream’ acts as a sort of sonic conduit for the spoken word of the bands lead vocalist Renato who spits relevant rhetoric for today’s self appreciating society whilst the albums penultimate track growls and wails as it swerves into the ether. ‘To Cross’ meanders deftly through dark menacing bass patterns and an explosive percussive attack. Its raging guitars wage a sonic war of attrition, whipping up a frenzy of pulsating sound waves in the process that lick and harass another impressive vocal performance. ‘To Cross’ pushes wave after wave of psych induced passionate spoken word out into the world accompanied by a raging torrent of frequential noise. Thoroughly enjoyable and another highlight on this brilliant release. The albums closing piece opens in a beautiful haze of tremulous guitars and cascading bass lines. ‘Take It Easy’ is accompanied by sparse percussion and haunting vocalisations. It builds and builds nonchalantly into a brilliantly melancholic tidal wave that crashes multiple sound waves onto an empty windswept beach. A fitting ending to a marvellous album.




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