ARTIST: This Other Kingdom


RELEASE DATE: 21st April 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Wrong Way Records

Dublin based neo-psych/garage powerhouse ‘This Other Kingdom’ have announced their latest  full length release in the guise of their stunning ten track sophomore opus entitled ‘Rêveur’ penned in for release on April 21st 2017 via Wrong Way Records‘This Other Kingdom’ are made up of Del Kerton – vocals/keys, Declan Dunne – guitar/vocals & Git Sweeney – drums and they are no strangers to this modern day psych scene having previously supported some serious international heavy hitters like ‘Holy Wave, The Cult of Dom Keller, TAU, Radar Men from the Moon & Yuck’. ‘Rêveur’ is available to pre-order right now on translucent orange vinyl with purple splatter, CD and download via

On a wave of steadying percussion wrapped deliciously in throbbing bass lines and the constant strum of angry guitars ‘This Other Kingdom’ unleash the opening salvos of ‘Common Colours, Common Sounds’, track one on their brutish sophomore album. It undulates and heaves through layers of glorious reverb, oscillating brilliantly around that impressive vocal line as it weaves through sonic peaks and troughs with blistering aplomb. This is a stunning opening track. Up next, ‘Eye Do Eye’ shimmers as it enters into audible range held fast in an instantly addictive 60’s psych vibe sonically peppered at times by a harder swirl of driving garage psych. The instantly recognisable vocalisations of Del Kerton holds everything together here and keeps this listener focused as surging guitars & pulsating percussion meld effortlessly with throbbing bass frequencies and driving production.

‘Telescopic State Of Mind’ bounds into earshot tumbling through repetitious drum patterns and hypnotically charged lead lines as the constant hum of bass notes add atmosphere whilst ‘Comatosed’ impresses with it’s driving guitar signature and catchy organ hooks. ‘Chemikle’ shimmies into the ether on a cloud of golden hued eastern esoteric flair as it’s droning instrumentation and lumbering percussive attack lurch and wobble on wave after wave of tremulous reverberation. This track moves and undulates collectively as one huge monolithic chunk of sonic energy acting solely as a conduit for that impressive vocal line. Up next, ‘Rays For Days (When The Sun Did Shine)’ is a repetitious behemoth that leans heavily on the constant twang of mechanical guitar and shimmering (cymbal heavy) drum pattern whilst ‘Hellion’ is a driving sonic triumph and probably my favourite track on this entire release. It pulses menacingly on a stunning drum pattern as billowing instrumentation underscored by a stunning lead guitar line licks and harasses the vocal to within an inch of its life.

‘Réveur’ takes a welcoming mellow turn next as ‘Morning Skies’, it’s penultimate piece, enters the sonic arena slowly revolving in a haze of turbulent reverberation. Creeping percussion holds a steady beat here as Del Kerton’s haunting vocalisations keep a kind of fixed holding pattern in the eye of a billowing sonic storm. Up next, the cinematic ‘नई दिल्ली सात’ pulls some esoteric vibes back into play and melds them brilliantly with impressionistic neo-psychedelia to create a beautifully intense acid blotched instrumental sonic trip. The album closes with the atmospheric ‘Valley Of Nowhere’, a dark slab of modern tinged psych rock that builds and undulates on waves of fuzzed out guitars and explosive drum patterns that jostle and push it’s vocal boundaries until they howl and wail like a primordial animal on the hunt. A fitting ending to a rather interesting album.




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