a0885003867_16ARTIST: I Am Your Captain


RELEASE DATE: 31st May 2016


‘Glower’ is the brand new eight track debut album from the brilliant UK based ‘I Am Your Captain’,  the solo project of Air Formation bass player – Ben Pierce. This latest offering is yet another sublime cinematic journey through layers of reverb drenched shoegaze & it typifies the brilliant sounds crafted by this band on their previous releases! The haunting vocals, yearning (almost subliminal) drum patterns, addictive bass lines & droning atmospheric guitars are what instantly attracted us to this immensely intense band. ‘Glower’ is available to buy/download right now from: iamyourcaptain.bandcamp.com

The album opens up with ‘I Will Hold You To That’ and we’re instantly thrown head long into an experimental world of noisy drones, repetitive percussive hits and explosive chorus attacks. Pierce’s reverberating vocal progressions swirl intently within the sonic ether as the track pulses and ripples throughout numerous shimmering frequencies that all seem to be held steadfast within a state of suspended sonic animation. A stunning opener! The melodic opening chords of ‘Salt’ pummel the senses before the track unfolds into a blistering three minutes plus of sequenced drums, layered reverb drenched guitars and that hazy but addictive vocal line before ‘Intrusive Thoughts’ enters the fray and swoons on a catchy guitar line courtesy of Matt Bartram (Air Formation / You Walk Through Walls). This track is steeped in glorious reverb and the vocal lines are subdued buy highly addictive. Coupled with those throbbing bass frequencies they collectively plough a sonic furrow through walls of blissfully fuzzy reverberation.

The atmospheric ‘Never Sleep Again’ is a short instrumental interlude that builds from the off as it loops and arcs through a maelstrom of fuzzy noise before the droning blissed out tones of ‘Sever’ float into the ether on a wave of melodic vocal progressions. Up next, is the experimental sounding ‘Where It All Collides’ and here we’re treated to just enough atmospherics to hold that repetitive sequenced drum pattern for long enough to allow the whirlwind of droning guitars and throbbing bass lines, tipped with melodic lead guitar highlights, expertly circumnavigate the subtle vocal progressions that seem to hang suspended in the air like a thick blanket of fog. Utterly delectable and thoroughly enjoyable ‘Where It All Collides’ is probably my favourite track on this entire release.

Rumbling bass frequencies, pounding drums and shimmering guitars announce the arrival of the albums penultimate track! ‘Best Left Alone’ radiates sonic brilliance and is reminiscent of early ‘Super Furry Animals’ with its melodic chorus lift and fuzzy instrumentation. The albums closing piece is is a tremulous wall of reverberating joy. Layer after layer of fuzzy guitar carefully protects that fragile vocal performance as the track meanders through the peaks and troughs of its verse and chorus parts until we reach that stunning sustained finale. ‘Almost’ is a thoroughly enjoyable ending to a magnificent debut album.

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