a1989048331_16ARTIST: Ghost Box Orchestra

RELEASE: High Plaine

RELEASE DATE: May 17th 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Evil Hoodoo Records

I’ve been a big admirer of the sounds created by Boston natives ‘Ghost Box Orchestra’ for quite some time . Their collective musical stylings enthralled me from very early on as I repeatedly overplayed their cinematic post-rock hued 2010 debut ‘The Only Light On’, then fell head long into the magnificent dark vortex of 2013’s ‘Vanished’ only to tumble out the other end and crash straight through the reverberating ‘Sound of (Eternal Now)EP‘ back in October 2015. For me, it’s been a brilliant musical rollercoaster ride of epic proportions and now I’m happy to report that the band have unleashed a brand new full length masterpiece! ‘High Plaine’ was officially released back on the seventeenth of May 2016 via ‘Evil Hoodoo Records’ over in the UK and it is nothing short of immense!

A swirling keyboard drone heralds the arrival of ‘Flutter’, as its tremulous guitars and eerily hypnotic organ progression circumnavigates pounding poly-rhythms & surging swells of reverberating sonic brilliance. ‘Flutter’ builds from its opening notes as the cyclonic musical cacophony urges those Impressive vocal lines to take centre stage happily in the knowledge that they are protected from any outside interference by a raging wall of noise. Let’s not be fooled here people; this is a stunning opening track full of explosive psychedelic promise and worthy of your ears. Up next are howling (but impressive) vocal progressions intriguingly underscored with melodiously repetitive guitar structures and explosive percussive patterns. ‘High Plaine’ opens up into a monstrous musical animal as it weaves its way through swathes of shimmering instrumentation.

The senses are tweaked at the arrival of my favourite track on this entire release! ‘Socrates Burned’ is a monolithic sonic beast that pulses through walls of stunning reverb as those pounding but regimented drum patterns act like bedrock, bearing the full weight of those soaring guitars and its huge swirling synth swells coupled with growling bass frequencies and a piercing vocal attack. There’s a quick reprise of sorts as the remnants of ‘Socrates Burned’ fades into obscurity but its quickly replaced by the calming and refreshing opening bars of ‘Wave Goodbye’. This track is deeply melodic as it meanders through peaks and troughs of glorious golden instrumentation. Cascading keyboard thrills hang suspended just above audible range as ghostly vocalisations litter the reverberating landscape. It’s brilliant guitars shimmer as they stir within a heady brew of steading drum progressions, beautiful synth swirls and impressive throbbing bass lines. Up next is the shuffling ‘Dead & Gone’ with its mesmerising reverb retched vocal chants that seem to hover blissfully on sonic winds like a hunting eagle as all around it the ether rages a sonic war of attrition. Simply stunning! Droning guitars and meandering vocal lines usher in the opening bars of ‘Days Are Forever’ before we’re lifted high above the musical landscape on melodically brilliant wavy guitar lines and pounding drums as the chorus progression explodes into a brilliant cacophony of wonderful noise.

Things are really moving at pace now as ‘Ghost Box Orchestra’ offer up the albums penultimate track! ‘Within The Sound’ is a storming call to arms. It’s pounding drums and rumbling bass frequencies should have a post code all to themselves as they plough a sonic furrow through the entire musical landscape. Add into the mix the raging wall of noise created by the attacking guitars & that soaring vocal line and we have a full on assault on the senses. The albums closing track fades blissfully into ear shot on a swirling mass of droning guitars. ‘Causality Devotional’ floats on angelic frequencies as it works through its sonic gears. It builds brilliantly as it layers each one of its instrumental components at various points along the tracks navigational path. The vocals soar into ear shot on waves of shimmering reverberating frequencies that loop and arc all over the sonic spectrum with blistering aplomb. ‘Causality Devotional’ then builds into a raging maelstrom of noise as it tumbles into its droning finality. This is a stunning track to close out an absolutely stunning album.

Bravo Ghost Box Orchestra!


‘High Plaine’ is available to buy/download right now from: ghostboxorchestra.bandcamp.com






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