RELEASE: The Third Is A Mountain Which Holds A Dagger

RELEASE DATE: 13th February 2017


Swedish based experimental psych/folk aficionado ‘E GONE’ aka Daniel Westerlund has unleashed a surprise seven track album entitled ‘The Third Is A Mountain Which Holds A Dagger’. ‘E GONE’ melds together various musical stylings including electronica, psych, post rock, oriental, dub, raga, ambient and psych folk to create a stunning cacophony of mesmerising soundscapes. This latest album follows on from the recently re-released ‘Advice To Hill Walkers’ and is available to buy/download right now from

The album opens up with ‘No Audience, No Metronome’, a deeply serine instrumental piece centred around a wonderful progression held in a blissful cloud of sampled rain fall and reverberating fret noise. Up next, my favourite track on the entire album swirls into earshot on beautifully translucent acoustic waves peppered with swathes of driving banjo progressions and a brilliantly executed vocal track. ‘A Decoy For the Hunt’ draws you in on strings of atmospheric vibrations, metronomic percussion and intense cinematic flair. A sublime track and one that you listen to via headphones. You will thank me for it in the end. ‘E GONE’ is the master of atmospheric intent and as ‘The Tellurian Omega’ undulates on repetitive instrumental drones and the twang of stringed instruments I can’t help feel slightly uneasy as the track winds its way through dark cloudy reverberations and the atmospheric plink of repetitious bells. Shimmering frequencies ride a turbulent drone as a peaceful hue descends on this listener and we’re led into the opening bars of ‘Rogue Diplomat’, an eastern esoteric themed thrill ride through busy percussion and swirling instrumentation that evokes visions of those 1970’s middle eastern based spy movies. A thoroughly enjoyable piece steeped with brilliantly psychedelic vibrations.

Up next, ‘E GONE’ melds a stunning banjo progression with intense synth swells as ‘Habit Hides You’ works through its sonic repetitions before the albums penultimate track spins into earshot. A massive wall of vocals erupts into the ether accompanied by the twang of banjo and underscored with sullen synth swells. ‘I Have Been Given Much’ is deeply melancholic and filled with heart felt connotations and the ever present hue of sonic experimentation that I’ve come to enjoy whilst listening to E GONE’s impressive soundscapes. The albums closing piece however is seven minutes plus of swirling instrumentation riding a subtle instrumental drone and interspersed at times by soaring lead guitar theatrics and massive walls of intense atmosphere. ‘Give’ is a magnificent ending to a wonderfully unique collection of songs.




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