ARTIST: Dead Sea Apes

RELEASE: Sixth Side Of The Pentagon

RELEASE DATE:  3rd April 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Sky Lantern Records & Cardinal Fuzz Records

Manchester based experimental psych aficionado’s ‘Dead Sea Apes’ have returned with a brand new album entitled ‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon’. The band have been carving out their own rather special niche in a scene that strives on it’s core principles of expansive and consciousness-altering guitar, bass and drum based compositions. ‘Dead Sea Apes’ have never easily fitted into a ‘psychedelic scene’ as such like so many of their contemporaries but have instead taken a different path to sonic enlightenment by experimenting with dub, electronic sequencing and mind altering reverberations that both thrill and hypnotise all at once. ‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon’ is available to pre-order right now from (US) or (UK) on standard weight black vinyl edition, 250 copies with full color printed inner sleeves & on CD.

Cavernous reverb peppered with echoing percussive delays swirl menacingly around the rise and fall of a repetitive bass line as ‘The Map Is Not The Territory’ kicks open the door to an atmospheric world of mesmerising (almost incantational) psychedelic dub. This track heaves effortlessly through moments of unrepentant experimentation as growling guitars ride soaring instrumental drones and deliriously off kilter drum patterns as its lead lines whip and harass the senses with wild sonic abandon. Up next, ‘Sixth Side Version I’ provides an atmospheric interlude before ‘Low Resolution’ staggers into earshot riding a resonating drone and slow moving bass line. Synth lines fizz as the tension builds and the track meanders through layers of reverberating lead guitar lines collectively battered by angry synchronised electronics. ‘Dead Sea Apes’ inject the twenty second long ‘Sixth Side Version II’ next, fitting another piece into the sonic jigsaw before unleashing the brilliant ‘Pale Anxiety’, my favourite track on the entire release. Slow moving drones swirl and loop around a snaking bass line as a repetitive percussive assault keeps a steady metronomic beat. The occasional delayed vocal line slips into earshot riding a turbulent processional wave of noisy reverb laden electronics, jittering effected guitar lines and the odd chopped brass sample that tumbles and dances through layers of echoing hypnotics.

‘Nerve Centre’ explodes into a cacophony of guitar stabs, intense ethereal vocal samples as wailing lead guitar lines and those off tempo drum patterns that collectively add billowing atmosphere. This track hangs suspended in the sonic ether, held fast in a whirlwind of undulating reverb and mind bending production. ‘Sixth Side Version III’ enters audible range and squeezes shuddering lo-fi instrumentation into a melting pot of spellbinding echoing delays whilst ‘Lo Res’ ambles into the ether tethered to a meandering bass line and it’s accompanying sequenced electronic theatrics. Glorious guitar progressions act like bedrock thus fixating this listener to their hypnotising sway whilst swirling bleeps and whirrs meld with immense production to bring us on a gratifying sonic adventure of immense proportions. The album twinkles and jitters in a golden hued haze before the opening salvos of ‘Tentacles (The Machine Rolls on)’ shatter the illusion and unfurl their sonic tendrils to intertwine brilliantly with a shuddering drum pattern, undulating bass progression and venomous lines of spoken word. Angry sequenced production gradually bubble up to the surface to circumnavigate the entire piece, draping it in resonating reverb laced snare hits and the constant gyrating throb of bass.

The album drags ‘Sixth Side Version IV’ out into the open to show us it’s final death throws before plying us with it’s closing soundscape. ‘Rectifier’ jangles and sways on a wave of fizzing synth, hypnotic bass and the repetitive pitter patter of steady metronomic percussion. Heady lead lines stream and glide in close proximity to those senses pummelling effected delays and the occasional stab of rhythm guitar as ‘Dead Sea Apes’ exhume every single morsel of hallucinogenic dub they can muster and fire it out into the sonic ether. A fitting end to a bloody marvellous album.




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