Cathode ray Eyes - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Cathode Ray Eyes

RELEASE: How We Lost The 21st Century

RELEASE DATE: 12th June 2017


Nottingham based ‘Cathode Ray Eyes’ is the solo moniker of Ryan DelGaudio, who usually plies his trade with one of the most influential modern day psych outfits out there – ‘The Cult Of Dom Keller’. He has temporarily stepped away from promoting their latest sonic onslaught to unleash his ten track sophomore solo release; the brilliantly named ‘How We Lost The 21st Century’. His debut album ‘Eyes in the Melancholy Palm’ was released by Cardinal Fuzz back in 2015. With an dark & experimental sound, ‘Cathode Ray Eyes’ explores disturbing acid etched psych melded with trembling post punk, warbling gothic tones and atmospheric electronics. ‘How We Lost The 21st Century’ was released on June 12th and you can check it out via

A menacing synth line creeps into earshot as ‘Take A Bow, Cthulhu’ rocks unsteadily on a bed of repetitive sequenced percussion pulling haunting vocalisations and humming bass frequencies into the mix accompanied by chittering sonic frequencies and fizzing lead lines. Up next, ‘People/Evil’ floats effortlessly on clouds of reverb and the off-putting pluck of strings as scarily infectious gothic vocal lines drenched in layers of production effects drag this track into movie soundtrack territory. The hypnotically warped opening salvos of ‘They Cut The Heart From Out Of The Sky So Burn Down This Government’ sound like they’ve been forced through the inner workings of a Wurlitzer and then used as a crazy circus clowns entrance tune. It’s disturbingly haunting yet melodious vocal lines float in close proximity to the aforementioned instrumental madness creating sonic yin and yang moments that are brilliantly addictive. ‘We Sleep Till We Rust’ is a charging psych behemoth. Experimental overtones surge through its inner workings swirling hypnotic frequencies out into the ether as a punishing vocal line cuts a deep wedge into the sonic firmament and gets under your skin albeit in a good way. Instrumentally immense, ‘We Sleep Till We Rust’ is probably my favourite track on the entire album.

‘Say Goodbye (Soul)’ swirls into audible range trapped in cyclonic drone coupled with resonating electronically tinged vocal lines and growling guitar progressions whilst ‘Dance! Dance! Die!’ drones into existence before unfurling a magnificently entrancing psychedelic soundscape drenched in eastern esoteric flair. ‘Take The Darkness Again’ injects a 60’s psych-pop vibe into proceedings with its sweeping organ swells and plinking synth lines. Vocally astute, this track explodes into a growling sonic beast reminiscent at times to one of my favourite ever bands – ‘Spacemen 3’. ‘We’re Not Born to Serve’ is drenched in cinematic flair as its electronically charged instrumentation shakes and shudders on an impressive bedrock of sequenced percussion and hypnotic vocalisations whilst ‘Digging A Grave For The World’, the albums penultimate piece, is deeply experimental. Sparse percussion accompanied by charging synth lines and gothic vocalisations meld with electronic theatrics to collectively create the most forward thinking track on the whole album. ‘We Lost the 21st Century’ closes out with ‘Goodbye 21st Century’, a massive six minutes plus soundscape, inertly cinematic, draped in intense atmosphere and filled with stunning instrumentation that is hands down as good as anything that the legendary ‘Vangelis’ could conjure up. A stunning finale to a rather impressive experimental album.




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