a3929727412_16ARTIST: Bokonon

RELEASE: Prism Cinema

RELEASE DATE: April 15th 2016


L.A. based psychedelic explorers ‘Bokonon’ unveil their impressive eleven track debut album entitled ‘Prism Cinema’ to the masses on April 15th 2016. With a sound that surfs along the very tips of modern day psychedelia whilst doffing a well worn cap to Shoegaze, Krautrock and swirling 60’s Psych Pop ‘Bokonon’ inject stunning melody into every single track on this immense release and have that canny little knack of pulling you into their sonic world and showing you around it’s fuzzy inner workings. The band are made up of Monique Luna – Synths, Elvis Galvez – Guitars & Vocals, Tianna Nicole – Drums & Ray Montes – Bass & Vocals.

The album opens on a whirlwind of golden colour as ‘Stay Awake With Me’ unleashes its shuffling percussive hits, addictive synth patterns, shimmering guitar lines and wavy studio effects that seem to circumnavigate those impressive vocal lines with ease thus leaving this listener with an over riding feeling of total sonic immersion! A truly marvellous opening track and a great jump off point into melodic world of ‘Bokonon’. Up next, ‘By My Side’ meanders into the sonic arena on magically hypnotic bass frequencies, reverberating guitar stabs and that impressive vocal. It explodes into a cacophony of colourful sounds throughout its chorus progressions and soars within a maelstrom of impressive drum patterns and layered sonic waves. Track three, ‘Thru The Trees’ is melodically metronomic from its very first droning notes as that beautiful vocal swirls into the sonic ether. It oozes space and has the freedom to build with impressive synth swells acting as a steadying centrifuge as all around it streams through layers of immense reverb. ‘Harmonia’ has synth pop like beginnings until its calming vocals take over and drag it into a beautifully structured slice of psych-pop whilst ‘Interstellar’ drones on its axis and swirls into earshot as pounding drums herald the arrival of an experimental psychedelic monolith! The bass line drives a sonic furrow through the musical landscape with aplomb and as the track progresses I’m reminded of the instrumental psychedelic explorations of Boston based ‘Ghost Box Orchestra’. Simply stunning!

‘Vanilla Kiss’ explodes with visceral intent as it works through its sonic gears. As the vocals arrive there are hints of early ‘Tame Impala’ swirling around in the track’s make up but its the stunning psych induced tones of ‘Somewhere Sacred’ that peak this listeners attention. It crawls like a stalking sonic beast as it builds on layers of stunning synth swells and infectious guitar progressions. The vocals sit atop of those brilliantly executed drums as we wait for it to unfold its wings and soar into a mosaic coloured sky. A truly wonderful track and possibly my favourite on this entire release. ‘Behemoth’ begins on a bed of throbbing bass frequencies as distorted guitar swells shatter the serenity of the previous track. This is full on 60’s tinged psych rock interspersed with impressive krautrock explosions as organ swells and screaming guitars play hide and seek with the bass and drums. ‘Orbits’ swerves into earshot as droning synths usher in shimmering guitar progressions and earthbound drum patterns. The psychedelically charged vocal lines swirl within the sonic whirlwind and are allowed to loop and arc throughout the entire track.

The albums penultimate piece entitled ‘Untamed’ oozes melody as the instrumentation makes way for another stunning vocal performance. With near perfect production ‘Untamed’ uses its verses to carry the vocal as its chorus parts explode into stunning golden frequencies. The albums closing track floats on magical synth swells, reminiscent of early ‘Electric Light Orchestra’ as we’re treated to blissful vocal lines and hypnotic instrumentation. A fitting end to a truly magnificent album.

Recommended Listening!


‘Prism Cinema’ is available to buy/download on various formats right now from: bokononband.bandcamp.com





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