ARTIST: 10 000 Russos

RELEASE: Distress Distress

RELEASE DATE: 7th April 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records

Porto based ’10 000 Russos’ create a twisted, droning, psychedelically charged & industrially dark vision of social dystopia through their music that is very hard to shake off. Their collective sound envelopes and encroaches the inner psyche, it never panders to it’s contemporaries and it leaves an enduring mark on every single listener that it touches making them one of the most exciting bands to have ever graced this modern day psych scene. The trio have just announced a brand new six track release entitled ‘Distress Distress’ penned in for release on April 7th via the ever reliable London based ‘Fuzz Club Records’. The album is available to pre-order right now on various formats from

Swirling into audible range comes a progressive motorik behemoth in the form of ‘Germinal’, track one on this impressive release. Tumbling repetitive percussion hover menacingly in the ether, held fast in a kind of sonic gravitational field as those rumbling bass frequencies and growling guitar progressions deftly circumnavigate it’s instantly addictive vocalisations. This track heaves and lurches brilliantly through layer after layer of reverberating instrumentation dragging the listener along as it meanders through sonic peaks and troughs with relative ease. It’s a bloody masterful opening salvo indeed. Up next, ‘Tutilitarian’ stomps into earshot on a metronomic beat that’s violently harassed by droning guitars and haunting vocal progressions. Throbbing bass lines undulate wildly, hypnotising this listener with it’s snake like charms as a raging sonic war is waged through the medium of screaming guitars, disturbing production, noisy drones and psychedelically induced electronic theatrics.

‘Europa Kaput’ enters the sonic arena strapped to a shuddering sequenced beat and a stomping bass line. 10,ooo Russos noisy futuristic tendencies are evident here and they lean heavily towards the experimental, casually dancing through a dystopian sonic landscape, laying waste to what has come before and creating a whole new dimension to the genre that is modern psych rock. Next, ‘ISM’ has humble beginnings as it’s fizzing electronics exquisitely lick a repetitive bass progression while haunting atmospherically effected fret noise pulls frequencies apart at will and turns them into subtle instrumental drones that are free to burn out whilst screaming into the ether. This track builds like a dark progressive techno track, gyrating menacingly around spoken word vocalisations and a driving percussive attack before culminating in a raging cacophony of turbulent reverb and noise.

The albums penultimate onslaught comes in the form of ‘Radio 1’, a tactile pulsing sonic palpitation that vibrates & oscillates around a quivering kraut like sequenced synth progression, brilliantly chained to the sharp metronomic striking of a repetitive percussive beat. It’s subtle vocalisations emerge in stages through a haze of reverb and overdriven guitar squall building with dark menace at every instrumental circumference and merging effortlessly with the tracks collective resonating sound waves. ‘Radio 1’ is my favourite track on this entire release and I urge you to pop on some headphones just to experience the entire immersive sonic journey in full splendour. The album closes out with the rather infectious ‘Distress’. Motorik percussion and growling bass frequencies ride a wave of ticking drum hits as atmospheric machine gun sonics build vivaciously into waves of resonating fret noise. Futuristically styled vocal lines add to the melee of delicious noise, pulsing with expectancy and urging the track on into it’s grand finale. A fitting end to what has to be one of the best releases of 2017 so far.




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