ALBUM REVIEW | Well Being - Well Being

ARTIST: Well Being

RELEASE: Well Being

RELEASE DATE: 25th November 2016


Bright but dark, heavy but soft and alternative but approachable, the debut album of Toronto’s 'Well Being' turns the face of post-punk to look into an indie mirror to create some sort of wild and heavy piece of psych-rock. Each song shimmers in its own right, but the albums background is where the real reward lies; beautiful textured pieces of instrumentation and subtle but neat FX push the sound forward for the listener in a way that highlights everything smart about conventional (mostly) guitar lead music. However, the album scores clever points with the clean and crisp production, sounding at equals (or perhaps even better) than ‘pro’ bands. This point locks in with the aforementioned comment about Well Being’s power of musical textures. 'Well Being' is by no means a leap forward in the world of music; there is little genre or avant-garde experimentation, there’s no wildly obtuse production techniques, it’s just well-written and very well produced music by a band who clearly know what they are doing.

Well Being opens with ‘Fear, Love and Everything in Between’ and it showcases the albums clean and crisp production; the vocals hover easily over a slow and steady drum beat that floats away on a post-punk guitar line before rolling straight into the emotive psych-pop the band revisits and revisits over the course of the release. The outro morphs the song again, with the beautiful and intelligent guitar picking away in the background adding weight to the already heavy sound. ‘The Kuleshov Effect’ follows with a more conventional/indie sound and an utterly brilliant sounding chorus. As far as instrumentation goes, the sounds and textures presented on the song are definitely a highlight. This is followed by the rock-influenced ‘Hands Tied’, with its post-punk sounding guitar and passages of song built around a more psych-rock aesthetic. ‘Waterboarding’ may be the albums best track. Its claustrophobic, indie tongue in cheek guitar mix with the clean and precise vocals, proclaiming lyrics that sound like somebody trying to coax another into using heavy drugs… Or maybe getting water boarded. That was a joke. ‘Habitual’ follows this blueprint to a slower tempo. The drums tap along slowly while the guitars play a psych influenced post-punk riff; the vocals hover over in a squeaky clean fashion and the whole song ties itself together with the bands previously explored sound. ‘Jean Seberg’ is the point on the album when you turn around and say ‘hey, wait… Haven’t I heard this before?’ The point where the bands ultra clean sound begins to wear thin. And just to clarify, ‘Jean Seberg’ is a good and well written song… It’s just that it seems to be re-using an already re-used formula.

Thankfully, the engaging and energetic ‘I Walk Through Clouds’ follows on and adds another element to the band’s sound. ‘I Walk Through Clouds’ sees Well Being step into an alternative rock space that features an almost pop punk sound throughout the entire song. The outro screams ‘I don’t need you anymore, I don’t need you anymore’ make sure that the listener feels as if they are listening to a rock and guitar driven song. ‘Don’t Complicate It’ could have, or should have, been a B-side, or C-side for that matter. Enough said. ‘Girls of Kilimanjaro’ is a brilliant, deep track that almost saves the band in a way. It’s instrumental and dazzling lead in carves the way for an indie rock guitar based song that bounces around in the listeners face. The bands instruments sound dirtier, or perhaps less focused on sounding clean, giving a neat breeze of authenticity to the song and its placement within the context of the album.

While perhaps the band and those associated with the album would love to have it slated as a piece of post-punk or indie music, the honest and obvious truth is that this lands closer to a conventional rock album more than any of those genres. Even the moniker of ‘psych-pop’ doesn’t seem appropriate… Some of the album even sounds like crisp and clean ‘modern’ pop punk. And this in itself is enough for some listeners to walk away in a haze of disinterest and cringe. But the truth is that it’s a very well written album. The majority of songs show a maturity and sort of simple complexity in them, and the musical textures prove to be a rewarding experience in themselves. Sure, the production is very clean… But it’s done so as to avoid sounding artificial and that fact in itself should be applauded. Some won’t like it, some won’t even look at it; but I proclaim to listen closely and enjoy the bands neat song writing skills, showed through production, playing and sound.




Cam Phillips is a writer and above all, a music lover, who seeks to gain experience through writing and listening. He is also an avid film viewer and art and literature junkie who enjoys creative writing. His most recent published work was featured on the Australian heavy music blog, I Probably Hate Your Band.

EP REVIEW | Liebermann - Evergreen

ARTIST: Liebermann

RELEASE: Evergreen

RELEASE DATE: 30th December 2016


Noisy Moscow based alt-pop/shoegaze quartet 'Liebermann' originally formed back in 2015. Steeped effortlessly in a noisy reverberating stew, the bands sound is brilliantly highlighted by it's soaring, almost ethereal vocalisations mixed instrumentally with a melancholic look back to the melodious early 90's. The band are made up of Zhanna Axenova - vocals, Yuriy Yakovlev - guitar, Michael Medvedev - bass & Denis Malyshev - drums and you can buy/download the bands debut EP 'Evergreen' right now from

The EP opens up with the title track! 'Evergreen' squeals into earshot on a wave of high pitched feedback and sullen guitar stabs before opening up into a wall of melody driven instrumentation. The addition of skittish drum patterns and throbbing bass frequencies introduce us to the heavenly vocalisations of Zhanna Axenova and the entire track soars into the ether. Up next, 'Midnight Sun' drives a harsh wedge onto proceedings with it's high hat heavy drum pattern, swirling bass lines and another impressively melodic guitar progression. The track explodes into it's chorus patterns with stunning aplomb, looping and arcing all over the sonic canvas, showcasing the song writing prowess that 'Liebermann' have in their arsenal.

The EP's penultimate track slows things down a touch. From it's opening chord structures 'Constrnt' lends itself more to a C86 sound but that theory is soon shattered as 'Liebermann' use Axenova's vocal prowess to blistering effect, swirling deftly into a cacophony of layered fuzzy guitars, melodious bass and pounding drums. The closing track on the EP is a slice of brilliant dreamy shoegaze. 'Rat Prince (Pumpkin Face)' shimmers on a cloud of ethereal vocalisations coupled with woozy guitars that swoon and move effortlessly on a bedrock of humming bass frequencies and exploding drums. Probably my favourite track on the entire release 'Rat Prince (Pumpkin Face)' is worthy of your ears and it closes out a rather interesting EP.




Del Chaney has spent the last four years dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk, post rock & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing writer for The Sound Of Confusion. His other arm - Primal Radio - has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

ALBUM REVIEW | Miss Mobile Home - Glimmer Down

a2017233375_16ARTIST: Miss Mobile Home

RELEASE: Glimmer Down

RELEASE DATE: June 24th 2016


New York based dreamgazing duo ‘Miss Mobile Home’ have unleashed their highly anticipated full length follow up to 2014’s immense ‘Phototaxis EP’. ‘Glimmer Down’ see’s the band continue to deliver shimmering reverb laced soundscapes coupled with stunningly dreamy vocal progressions that collectively manifest a modern edge to a well worn & highly respected musical genre. The band are made up Chris Stoddard – Guitars, Drums, Synth, Writing & Mixing and Samantha Ritter – Vocals & Synth. ‘Glimmer Down’ had it’s full release on the 24th June 2016 and it is available to buy/download right now from:

A swirling maelstrom of repetitive droning noise ushers in ‘Fine Machine’, the album’s opening track and its not long until we’re introduced to a beautifully ethereal vocal courtesy of Ritter, blissfully wrapped within entrancing metronomic percussion and some brilliantly hypnotic guitar lines. Up next, ‘California (Run On)’, begins with a layered wall of reverberating guitar, closely followed by minimal percussive hits intrinsically permeated by wave after wave of beautifully translucent swirling vocal progressions. A stunning track that weaves and arc’s all over the sonic ether. ‘Sleepwalker’ charges into ear shot on rumbling bass frequencies intertwined with a solid foundation of thundering percussion. It soars into its chorus progressions with aplomb and carries the listener with it, daydreaming into the shimmering ether. ‘Hazel Witch’ begins with a subtle psych-gaze twist as those psychedelically induced guitar progressions swirl intently within a dark creeping reverb induced haze. The vocal track wades into the mix pulsing ripples of dreamy frequencies into the melting pot as the track explodes into its chorus parts. Another stunning track thats worthy of your ears.

Up next, ‘Castles’ slows proceedings down considerably as we step off the edge of the world and float on wave after wave of beautifully executed & highly melodic vocals, steeped in spacious reverb and intensely circumnavigated by those stunningly addictive guitar parts. ‘Castles’ is a dream-pop masterpiece! The rumbling opening chords of the albums penultimate track entitled ‘Still’ shatters the ethereal serenity of the aforementioned soundscape and we’re quickly introduced to cascading guitar thrills and another stunning vocal performance. The albums closing piece is utterly addictive. ‘Ronnie’ blasts into earshot on a melodic guitar line, pounding drums and soaring organ swells that seem to hover just under audible range as its haunting vocals balance tentatively on a sonic tight-wire. It streams into a stunning organ break before erupting into a blissful cascading synth line. ‘Ronnie’ is intensely hypnotic, addictively ethereal and its a fitting finale to a stunning release.




Del Chaney has spent the last four years not only fronting popular experimental Irish based electronic duo Analogue Wave but also dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk, post rock & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing writer for The Sound Of Confusion. His other arm - Primal Radio - has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

EP REVIEW: Lunar Twin - Lunar Twin


Artist: Lunar Twin

Release Name: Lunar Twin EP

Record Company: Unsigned

Released: 10/11/14

Music today is filled with many contradiction's. Everyone want's to start a band or a project just to create music that'll sound a lot like this genre or that genre, but with their own twist & their own unique edge, armed with the heartwarming intention of putting themselves out there to get noticed & to stand out from their peer's. More often than not they fail miserably and end up becoming a carbon copy of their influence's only to crash and burn, not only on the modern day musical highway's that swirl around the globe, but also in the eye's of their ever watching & ever knowing peer's. In my opinion this is down to a few major failing's. Firstly, a failing to understand their musical surrounding's, coupled with not knowing their limit's as a working band, and secondly, failing whilst trying desperately to stay relevant & true to a musical belief that they hold dear! They board themselves up in home studio's overthinking a concept and then walk around with a monkey on their back trying their damnedest to sound different! Now, fast forward, let's move on 6 month's to the impending implosion! This is where a slow musical death ensues or to put it bluntly, death by overthinking! Music should not be difficult. It should come from the heart and mean something at the same time. It shouldn't be about genre's, style's or trend's! And it shouldn't be forced. These things are not rocket science? Are they? 

Lunar Twin are a Los Angeles based electronic dreamwave duo specialising in twisting numerous different musical genre's into something rather special. Their knowledge and understanding of their influence's keep's them ahead of their peer's, therefore avoiding the pitfall's of this  modern day musical landscape, whilst sounding completely different to anything else out there today. What they have achieved is a very difficult thing to do & I know this myself, because it's something that we have tried to do with my own band, Analogue Wave. In some way's 'Lunar Twin' remind me a lot of Analogue Wave. You can't pigeon hole them into one particular genre. Their influence's vary, from New Wave (Joy Division & Gary Numan) to Hip Hop (Nas,Wu Tang Clan), through classic psychedelica (13th Floor Elevators) to modern downtempo stuff (Massive Attack, Portishead, Thievery Corporation, Soulsavers); and from classic and modern songwriter's like Billie Holliday, Leonard Cohen, Rodriguez and Santogold. They blend their musical and lyrical influence's together to make a modern psychedelic and cinematic sound.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2141485895 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 tracklist=false artwork=small]


The 'Lunar Twin EP' open's up with beautiful 'Sirens'. The sound of wave's crashing on a beach, intertwined with hazy reverb drenched guitar's announce Bryce Boudreau's addictive vocal's & that 80's influenced synth line that seem's to hold the track steady to it's downtempo origin's. It's a great introduction track for anyone new to the sound of  'Lunar Twin'. It's filled with pulse's of New Wave, Dream Pop & Psychedelica with an almost Bluesy vocal line. Check it out below:

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2141485895 size=small bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 track=658023677]


'Champagne', the EP's second track, is hauntingly beautiful, reminiscent of late Pink Floyd in part's, intertwining with that ever present 80's synth sound. You can hear the Hip Hop & Gothic influences here too with subtle Dream-Pop flourishes swirling around another stunning vocal. I really like the use of addictive sample's running just under the vocal track. They keep your attention focused on the track and they also accompany the ocean references in the lyric's, which really hit home with the way the track ebb's & flow's. Check it out:

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2141485895 size=small bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 track=3928818155]


'Metroplex' bring's the bands's 80's influences to the fore with sequenced drum's, synth line's & pulsing vocal's! The Gary Numan'esque synth style mixed with Kraftwerk's drive compliment Byrce Boudreau's vocal's with ease. They flow gracefully over the entire track. You can hear the production techniques clearly. You can also really understand the inner working's of 'Lunar Twin' when listening to it. The band seem's to be at home with this particular genre of music. It's not forced or contrived in any way. It's great track & one that I'd say any remixer worth his/her salt would love to get their hands on. Check it out below:

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2141485895 size=small bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 track=1076016436]


The closing track on the 'Lunar Twin EP' is probably my favourite. 'Cruel water' creeps along like a stalking animal. It's a modern day masterpiece with it's effected guitar's, Hip Hop styled drumbeat (keeping the pace just nice), addictive sample's & synth's swirling underneath, all cradling Bryce's 'in your face' vocal like a newborn baby! It's a little piece of creeping dirtiness on an otherwise nice EP. Don't take my word for it, check it out below:

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2141485895 size=small bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 track=1324276198]


'Lunar Twin' are Christopher Murphy (production/music) and Bryce Boudreau (vocals/co-production). They met in July 2011, at the Denver Underground Music Festival when Bryce joined as a guest of Chris’ previous gothic synth band Nightsweats. They formed Lunar Twin in October 2013, and derived the band’s name from a theory about earth having possibly had a twin moon. They released the stunning 4 track 'Lunar Twin EP' to the masses on the 10th November 2014. As you can tell from the band’s name, the members have an interest in space- and time theories. They draw inspiration from Einstein’s Twin Paradox and Theory of Relativity. What it means for man(kind)’s place in the universe is reflected in their lyrics. Other sources for their lyrical themes are nature (the ocean, wilderness, landscapes) and culture (both ancient and modern, e.g. mega cities).

What is remarkable is that the two band members record the music and vocal separately, on locations far apart (Hawaii and Salt Lake City). 'Lunar Twin' are currently working on new material for an upcoming LP.



For more information and updates, check their social media:



Del Chaney - The Primal Music Blog - February 2015 - Dublin, Ireland 


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EP REVIEW: Bloodhounds On My Trail - Escape EP


Over the past few years the Australian shoegazing scene has produced an amazing wealth of talent, spanning every corner of it's awe inspiring continent. From Sydney to Adelaide, Perth to Brisbane, we all know that 'the scene that celebrates itself ' is alive and well in Australia. But there is one city that stands out from all others! It seems to me that every single Australian based shoegaze band that I have come across these days hail's from this city alone! To me, Melbourne has produced some of the best post-punk, noise-rock & shoegaze infused artists over the past 24 months than any other city that I can think of. Bands such as Contrast, VHS Dream, Hideous Towns, Flyying Colours, Lunaire, Glaciers & Luna Ghost have created some amazingly beautiful blissed out tracks that I have played religiously on my online radio show 'The Primal Radio Show' for Radioactive//Underground.

But there is one Melbourne based band, that to me, epitomises a 60's fuzzy psychedelic sound & not only connects 80's atmospheric post-punk to early 90's gaze but who also adds a modern edge to their sound to create an addictive, reverb soaked, maelstrom of layered effects and beautiful melodies that would grace any soundtrack to a modern day musical audience. That band are  - 'Bloodhounds On My Trail'.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3015720387 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]


Reading the bands intro up on their Bandcamp page instantly sold me to their musical ideas -  'A love of shoegaze bands of the late 1980's to early 90's provided the catalyst for the formation of the band. Since then, members Johnny Green (guitar, vocals), Chris Donaldson (guitar), Jonny O’Hara (bass) and Nik Donaldson (drums) have sought to fuse the rhythmic underpinnings of bands like the Velvet Underground and the Stooges with the dream haze of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive'. 

Released on the 14th October 2014, Engineered by Matt Hosking & Mixed by Rob Long at Birdland Studios & Los Bomberos, Escape is another of those EP's that has come straight out of left field and completely captivated me from the very first listen! I am instantly a fan of this band's sound. I spent my teenage years listening to some of the sounds that influence Bloodhounds On My Trail, such as Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Ride, Jesus & Mary Chain, Stooges, MC5 & The Velvet Underground. I can hear every single one of those influential bands on this EP and that, for me, is a special thing! It's a really special thing in todays new wave of shoegaze!

The EP kicks off with the stunning 'Old Fools'. This is the doorway into a world where dreams are collected and played back via the medium of shoegazing! The intro to this song alone will send shivers down your spine and leave you floating in ethereal space. It is 5 minutes 36 seconds of beautiful, blissed out sounds that hit you in waves with their thundering drums and thriving bass lines! The guitar's alone on this track remind me of a Cheetah stalking it's prey! They swirl around the tracks moving parts with menace and pounce with speed when the immense vocal arrangements fall away & let the guitars dictate the space! This track will force the breath from your lungs it is that intense! But please, don't take my word for it. Go and check it out for yourself -

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3015720387 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=820304492]


'Dreamless', the second track on Bloodhounds On My Trail's impressive debut EP, takes your hand and guides you through a blissful soundscape of shoegaze. It open's up into another stunning track and I'm starting to think that this band alone will cross divides and open the genre of shoegazing and its many sub-cultures up to a wider audience. This is yet another beautiful track with a wall of sound that evokes an ethereal almost dreamlike feeling. I love it when a band can unlock feelings from it's listeners or when the music that a band creates can tap into a feeling & force you to remember good times! Bloodhounds On My Trail have a knack of teasing out memories, but in a good way!

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3015720387 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=4228110280]


Track 3, 'Jolly', is a shoegaze traditionalist's wet dream!  This track could have been plucked from 1989/1990. It's the closest track that I have heard resembling anything from that era in this modern day shoegazing world. It is stunningly beautiful. This is shoegazing on a cinematic scale. Swirling guitars blended with that amazing bass sound, those steady drums & Johnny Green's infectious vocals make this track a 'Stand Out' track for me and one that every single fan of the shoegaze genre of music should have on repeat. This should be the 'go to' track for future shoegaze fans. To have mastered a sound so infectious on a debut EP deserves major props to Bloodhounds On My Trail. I doubt even the inner sanctum of shoegaze aficionados would disagree with me when I say - " This is shoegaze! "

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3015720387 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=3124250885]


A soothing intro heralds the angelic arrival of the closing track on the already impressive 4 track EP. 'Silence, It's Golden' is yet another shining example of pure unhinged shoegaze! The wall of layered guitars  & effected vocals hits you like a steam train. The chorus on this track is absolutely stunning with its addictive chord change, pounding drums and immense vocal all sitting on top of a steady beat. This is a fitting end, to what I believe, is a game changer for fans of the shoegaze genre. This is one hell of a release!  Check it out below -

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=3015720387 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 track=1944583511]


This listener is captivated by the sounds that Bloodhounds On My Trail achieve on this EP. The song structures and musicianship are second to none! The 'Escape EP' catapults you into a dream where gravity holds no sway! You float with ease on a sonic wall of reverb infused guitars, pulsating bass lines & amazing vocal tones. It's an immensely beautiful, sleek body of work with clean lines and wonderful arrangements. This EP is an out of body experience that I will continue to tap into again & again & again.


Del Chaney - The Primal Music Blog - January 2015 - Dublin, Ireland 


You can follow Bloodhounds On My Trail On:





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EP REVIEW: I Am Your Captain - 'As My Heart Rate Slowly Drops'



It's not very often that i find a Shoegazing masterpiece hiding in the rough and ready world of Twitterville, but when i do i tend to get really, really excited! Brighton's own, Ben Pierce, AKA 'I Am Your Captain', has released what is, in my opinion, a modern day Shoegazing gem! The 'Air Formation' bass player announced the epic 'As My Heart Rate Slowly Drops' to the masses on May 1st this year and i can safely say without question that I adore it. This EP is like a snapshot in time! And a slice of Shoegazing goodness that soothe's the soul and mind.

The EP opens up with the brilliant 'Sharp Intake Of Breath'. A sonically sound, well balanced track which harks back to early 90's stalwarts such as MBV and The Telescopes. There's a subtle hint of American Shoegazers, Swirlies in there too for good measure too. Overall, it's a brilliant Shoegazing track.

Track 2, 'As My Heart Rate Slowly Drops' is by far my favourite track on the EP. Its a brilliantly structured, well written, dreamy wall of sound with a menacing undertone! Layers of guitars help nurture Ben Pierces haunting vocal as it cuts through the wall of sound with aplomb! As a fan of Shoegaze in all its many guises, this is a gazing gem!

Track 3, 'A Frightful Longing' is a slow burning sonic delight. Musically reminiscent of Mazzy Star or very early ( Verve EP ) Verve, this track tames the soul and takes this listener to a quiet, calm and fuzzy place where I can think about what I'm hearing! It's a very welcome change to the modern day Shoegaze/Noise Rock philosophy of layering walls of sound for 4/5 tracks and never slowing down! Again, i recommend that you sit down and put on headphones to listen to it. A truly stunning track!

The last track on this epic EP is 'Don't Slip Away'. A beautiful track from start to finish and a great ending to a brilliant EP. This track is immersive! It takes you by the hand and walks you through its many layers of sound and leaves you floating in a fuzzy space! Its a testament to Ben and his sonic vision.

I've been listening a lot to this EP on headphones and I'm hearing new sounds with every single listen. Its a very rare thing to find a bunch of tracks that are so alike and yet so different. Each one takes you in a different direction emotionally and to me that's what gazing should be about! Do yourselves a favour and check out this EP for yourselves. If your a fan of Fuzzy, Lo-Fi , Shoegaze with meaning, like i am, you'll love it.

You can find out more about 'I Am Your Captain' by following them on Twitter & Facebook and you also listen to more music from the band up on Bandcamp. 



Del Chaney - Primal Radio - The Quiet Room - Dublin July 2014.


EP REVIEW: Segrasso - Headaches




Artist: Segrasso

Release: Headaches

Release Date: 09/02/14

Record Company: Unsigned

Somewhere in Dublin, there is a dark rehearsal room in a basement that once or twice a week witnesses a musical miracle! The miracle in question, is the miracle of Irish Shoegazing/Noise Rock through the medium of Segrasso! This Dublin 3 piece have not only recorded a masterful EP entitled 'Headaches', but have at last joined the wave of new homegrown acts that have brought about a balance in the unsigned, cyclical underground Irish music scene as we all know it!

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1819086448 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e32c14 tracklist=false artwork=small]


'Headaches' opens up with the brilliant 'Disused Shed', a track full of,  dare i say it?  60's connotations!!! There are hints of early Pink Floyd in there but with a distinct modern Shoegaze feel and there's a great little synth line that keeps your attention focused on the track and doesn't let you daydream or wander off in any way! It builds like a bloody steam train and then explodes, leaving you wanting to hear more!

This in turn leads nicely to 'Cell',  Track 2 on 'Headaches'. It is probably my favourite track on the EP. This is proper Shoegazing/Noise Rock! It starts off slow with a great vocal and smooth bass line, then builds menacingly, until your listening to a wall of sound and loving every single sonic second of it. This is the EP's centre piece in my opinion! And after hearing it repeatedly over the past few months, my faith in unsigned underground Irish Shoegaze/ Noise Rock is restored!

Fans of early ChapterHouse, Slowdive, Telescopes and Ride will instantly recognise, and love, 'Going To Hell' the third track on Segrasso's 'Headaches' EP. This is 7 minutes and 45 seconds of old school Shoegaze! Layered guitars and a great vocal sit on top of a solid bass and drum track and yet again I'm transported back in time to the early 90's! This is an excellent track, well written and brilliantly produced!

With a haunting vocal sitting on top of a great bass line, the forth track on the 'Headaches' EP, 'Thread', screams for attention! Add into that mix another fixating synth line and a steady drum beat and again we're building into something for the good. For me, the vocal build makes this track stand out and it helps 'Thread' scream into a raging tornado and again expresses how good Segrasso are at song writing and song structuring! You really need to experience this track via headphones to hear it in all its glory!

The EP ends on a mellow note! But a lull from the previous whirlwind is a good thing! 'Wheezer" is a brilliantly structured and well balanced track with a dreamy vocal and a solid acoustic guitar line all set into swirling synths sounds! It brings this epic EP to a fitting close and again it showcases Segrasso's songwriting and song structuring prowess!

Segrasso released the 'Headaches' EP on February 9th 2014 and I've had the pleasure of playing them regularly on my radio show 'The Quiet Room' over on Mixlr.Com/Primal-Radio ever since! I can't wait to hear what the band record and release next, but when they do, I'll definitely buy it!

 Lately, here on the little green island of Ireland, we've had a bit of a Shoegazing / Noise Rock / Dreampop  renaissance! It began in Cork with the brilliant Elastic Sleep and has filtered it's way to Dublin with bands like Galants, Otherkin and now Segrasso leading the charge! I think it's a good thing for the Irish music scene. It's a breath of fresh air in a stagnant pool of the same bands recycling the same old music genre's!

So, do yourselves a favour, make sure you check out Segrasso! Check out their 'Headaches' EP up on their BandCamp page, buy it, download it, support them and the other bands that I've mentioned and maybe then you can understand how excited I am at the prospect of coming across other Irish bands doing the same thing. This is a great time for Irish music and long may it continue.

You can follow Segrasso on twitter:


And you can buy and download their 'Headaches' EP and keep up to date with the band here:



Del Chaney - The Primal Music Blog - Dublin - May 2014.