The Oscillation - Evil In The Tree - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | The Oscillation - Evil In The Tree

Sublime London based experimental psych aficionados 'The Oscillation' have returned with a mesmerising new 7' single entitled 'Evil In The Tree' released back on the 11th August 2017  via the ever reliable UK based independent label 'Wrong Way Records'. This two track 7' single is available right now both digitally and on lovely vinyl (limited to 300) via

'Evil In The Tree' pulses into existence on a magnificent sonic wave filled with metronomic percussion, mind numbing bass frequencies, chittering electronics and droning swirls of synth. Snarling vocalisations swirl menacingly in a dark turbulent haze as screaming lead guitar and haunting organ swells hold court allowing Demian Castellanos to imprint his addictive brand of audio chaos on the baying public. Track two; 'Paranormal Non-Activity' is a slightly calmer affair that dips in and out of dark, ambient hued reverberations whilst swirling through turbulent instrumental drones and tumbling swathes of angry electronics until eventually building into a monstrous incantational soundscape.



NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | The Oscillation & 10,000 Russos - Split Single No.9 (Fuzz Club Records)

Continuing on with their highly successful collection of split single releases see's the brilliant Fuzz Club Records return with their latest two track sonic assault on the cranium. Their forthcoming 'Split Single No.9' is officially released on November 24th and features 14 minutes plus of immense psychedelic explorations courtesy of brilliant London based 'The Oscillation' & Portugal's own experimental psych aficionados '10,000 Russos'.

Side A on this impressive release belongs to 'The Oscillation' who offer up a swirling sonic behemoth in the form of 'Almost See', a throbbing atmospheric bass driven beast that swerves menacingly between dark industrial percussive hallucinations, brackish tripped out noise and almost inaudible vocalisations whilst being continuously massaged by fuzzed out guitars, theatrical piano thrills and those senses pummelling synth swells.  Side B see's the magnificent '10,000 Russos' bring a highly charged psych incantation to bare as the repetitious motorik percussive pattern of 'Ashkenasi' drives headlong into the musical ether, dragging with it a raging maelstrom of reverberating frequencies, throbbing bass lines, electronic frequential noise and raging cyclonic guitars to collectively create a sonic whirlwind that seems to envelope that addictively ritualistic vocal mantra courtesy of João Pimenta!

'Split Single No.9' is officially released on November 24th and is available to pre-order right now on
transparent blue vinyl from