NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Movie Brain - Melting

Tennessee based jangling dream/gaze trio 'Movie Brain' have unleashed a beautiful new single entitled 'Melting' via their bandcamp page. The band are made up of Jonathan - Guitar/Vocals, Adam - Bass Guitar & Kevin - Drums and this latest single follows on from their stunning September 2016 four track EP release entitled 'Soma'.

'Melting' floats effortlessly into ear shot on a wave of beautifully translucent reverberation as its jangling guitars swirl blissfully into the ether cushioned by immense synth swells. The repetitive percussion announces hazy vocal tones as we sway and soar with every single note. Beautifully constructed and gracefully executed, 'Melting' is music to dream away the days to.


NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Tape Deck Mountain - I Will Break You Up

'I Will Break You Up' is the second immense single to be lifted from prolific Tennessee based experimental shoegaze trio Tape Deck Mountain's latest EP release of the same name and it follows on from the it's immense lead single 'Loopers of Bushwick'. The four track 'I Will Break You Up'  was released on cassette back on the 8th of October with only two tracks available digitally via bandcamp and the remaining ensemble available on the physical cassette release.  You can get your hands on it right now on various formats by heading over to

Check it out!


EP REVIEW | Movie Brain - Soma

a1120769628_16ARTIST: Movie Brain


RELEASE DATE: 25th September 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Alien Age Records

Tennessee based dream gaze trio 'Movie Brain' have unleashed a stunning collection of four tracks on an EP aptly named 'Soma' via Alien Age Records. The EP is full of effervescent sounds and hazy sonic compositions coupled with soaring instrumentation and blissful vocalisations. This latest release follows on from the bands full length, self-titled debut album, released back in July, that contained four new tracks and a handful of previously released handpicked 'Favourite Tracks' lifted from the bands first three releases. Movie Brain are made up of Jonathan - guitar/vocals, Adam - bass guitar & Kevin - drums and the 'Soma' EP is available to buy/download right now from

'Soma' opens with the blissful 'Honey', a glistening tremulous instrumental piece that gracefully hovers within a cloud of layered reverberation, all neatly saddled on a bedrock of busy percussive hits, glorious guitar progressions and throbbing bass frequencies. Up next, the beautifully arranged 'Azure' ambles into earshot on a thread of  melodious lead guitar before we're hit by a wall of golden hued noise in the form of tempered percussion, snaking guitars and the deep hum of the addictive bass lines. The vocals soar blissfully, held fast within a dreamy reverb induced bubble as the instrumentation weaves a magical trail of of sonic discovery. Utterly delectable and possibly my favourite track on the entire release.

'Wasting Away', the EP's penultimate track, is a beautiful slice of glorious dream pop, infused with jangling guitars and lazy percussion, the medley driven vocal lines, drenched in stunning reverb, swirl as they work through their pre-designated repetitions with aplomb deftly leading the track to its finale. The EP's self-titled closing track enters into earshot on a wave of plodding sonic swells, pounding drums and a woozy vocal. 'Soma' purrs as it undulates and moves hypnotically through its verse parts until the chord change interrupts the almost metronomic like drum pattern, instantaneously bringing the listener back to reality and introducing them to the tracks final throw of the dice, an exploding cacophony of magically golden reverb induced frequencies. An absolutely stunning finale to a blissful EP!

Recommended listening!




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NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Tape Deck Mountain - Loopers Of Bushwick

Tennessee based fuzzy shoegaze trio 'Tape Deck Mountain' have unleashed the first single, entitled 'Loopers Of Bushwick', from their forthcoming four track EP 'I Will Break You Up'. The EP is penned in for released on October 8th 2016 and it follows on from 2013's impressive full length LP 'Sway'. The band are made up of Travis Trevisan - guitars/vocals, Andy Gregg - drums & David Sullivan - bass and the EP is available pre-order on various formats right now from

'Loopers Of Bushwick' is steeped in a delicious slacker shoegaze vibe with lazily executed vocal progressions coupled with throbbing baselines, hazy guitars, steadying percussion and layers of gloriously addictive swirling reverberation. Recommended listening for sure!