NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Dream Rimmy - Landslide.

Perth based shoegaze six piece 'Dream Rimmey' have announced a brand new single entitled 'Landslide', available for all to hear via their soundcloud page right now. The band are made up of Ali Flintoff - guitars/vocals, Jack Gaby - guitars, George Foster - drums/vocals, Vin Buchanan-Simpson - synth/vocals, Ben Mcdonald - bass & Lee Napper - guitars and collectively they create a shimmering wall of noise, filled with swirling melodious frequencies and immense reverberating instrumentation all topped off with a sublime vocal attack.

'Landslide' swoons with impressive vocalisations, circumnavigated by swirling synth lines, steadying drum patterns and layered reverb drenched guitars who's lead licks purr as they wind their way around the entire piece and soar impressively into the ether with blissful aplomb.




Newcastle based dream-gazing debutants 'Dose' have unleashed their brand new track entitled 'Bloom' to the masses via bandcamp. Formed in 2015, the band are made up of Sean Turland, Ewan Barr, Matthew Collerton, Ellie Mullarkey & Sam Campbell and collectively they create a maelstrom of immense resonating noise thats filled with hints of shoegaze, ambient dream-pop and driving post-punk.

'Bloom' jangles as it floats into earshot on a massive wave of layered reverberating guitars, purposefully meandering in a beautifully intense ambient state until eventually we're hit by a wall of driving percussion, throbbing baselines and soaring guitars. Vocally sublime, 'Bloom' has an impressive driving post-punk edge that is deftly underpinned by hazily intense shoegaze vibes and stunningly brilliant dream-pop highs. We're definitely keeping a well trained eye on these guys going forward.

Recommended listening!




'You Own Your Bones' is the first track to be lifted from the forthcoming album by Ontario based experimental heavy psych/drone aficionados 'WTCHS'. The album entitled, 'She Walks, She Creeps', is penned in for release on October 28th 2016 via Sonic Unyon Records. The album is available to pre-order from

'You Own Your Bones' is a repetitious beast that swirls brilliantly within a dark & oppressive haze. It lays itself out for all to hear as it deftly meanders through mantra like vocals, circumnavigated by thunderous drums, throbbing bass frequencies screeching guitar squall and droning reverberations before the magnificent introduction of soaring brass section builds into a maelstrom of immense noise. But thats not all, the track gives way to a glorious spell of droning instrumental serenity as it swirls into the ether and on into the tracks finale. Utterly addictive and recommended by us lot here at Primal Music.

... acceptance, acceptance of yourself and others amongst the chaos of the universe.
you answer to no one but yourself ...


NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Vivienne Eastwood - Messy


New York based alt-gazers 'Vivienne Eastwood' have unleashed a staggering new single entitled 'Messy', lifted off their forthcoming EP, penned in for release on October 6th 2016. This new single & forthcoming EP follows on from the only single released to date by the band, the fantastic 'Rose Pedals', a track that gets regular airplay over on our sister radio station Primal Radio! So you can guess that we're really excited about this latest single and the forthcoming EP. 'Vivienne Eastwood' are a fuzzy reverberating slice of quality, melody driven brilliance who create stunning, layered soundscapes that simply fly!

'Messy' is a floating sonic monolith, full of beautifully translucent effervescent tones and golden hued frequencies that envelope the senses and and aid floatation through the mechanisms of sound. Vocally sublime, it soars through its hazy progressions with ease, drenched in reverb and pulsing fuzzy melodies.

Recommended listening!



NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Automatic Fiction - Shifted (Live)

Bordeaux based dreamy Indie trio 'Automatic Fiction' have released a glorious live video to accompany the latest track entitled 'Shifted' to be lifted from their sensational debut EP release 'Spring Inclination'. The band are made up of Lise Data, Tom Data and Dany Ladrat and the EP was unleashed to the world back in March 2016 and is available to buy/download from

The video for 'Shifted' was recorded live at Théâtre Les Carmes and included the help of Etienne Prigent, Isabelle Denepoux, Light & Sound, Jolaine Fulgence and Logui R'hd.


ALBUM REVIEW | E Gone - Advice To Hill Walkers

egone-afhw-cover_72ARTIST: E Gone

RELEASE: Advice To Hill Walkers

RELEASE DATE: September 30th 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Sunrise Ocean Bender/Deep Water Acres

'Advice to Hill Walkers' is the second immense full-length album by Swedish based experimental psych aficionado 'E Gone' aka Daniel Westerlund. 'E Gone' melds together various musical stylings including electronica, psych, post rock, oriental, dub, raga, ambient and folk to create a stunning cacophony of mesmerising soundscapes. 'Advice To Hill Walkers' appeared briefly on cassette back in 2015 via the brilliant Zeon Lights label but its instrumental soundscapes sent ripples throughout the sonic ether, instantly captivating & permeating deeply into the psyche of the few listeners who had the pleasure of hearing it. Now the album gets a fitting rebirth and an expanded CD reissue on September 30th via the brilliant Virginia based 'Sunrise Ocean Bender' & 'Deep Water Acres' respectively.

The albums opening track, ’Mark The Spot Where You Leave The Injured’ fizzes into existence on a giddying droning swirl and a captivating intricate chord progression. A sparse percussive whirl adds atmosphere as the track builds into a menacing droning monolith, weaving stunning hallucinogenic visions draped in swathes of beautifully golden resonating frequencies. The eastern flavoured ‘Your Goal Is To Know Everything And Say Nothing’ arrives and instantly tickles the senses as its hypnotic instrumentation snakes and whirls through the sonic ether with relative ease, all the while captivating this listener with its tempestuous musical peaks and troughs. Up next, ‘Follow Moonmilk Rivers’ explodes into ear shot on a wave of glorious instrumentation, filling the mind with wondrous throbbing bass frequencies, tribal percussive attacks, swirling sitar progressions and entrancing musical patterns that collectively hypnotise as they pulse a chittering cloud of reverberation out into the burgeoning sound sphere. ‘Follow Moonmilk Rivers’ is a beautifully constructed piece of music that completely mesmerises as it meanders through its pre-designated course with stunning aplomb.

Menacing synth swells coupled with a hypnotic guitar line announces the arrival of ‘Build Your Camp Out Of Alpine Moss’. A thunderous drum pattern & a dark organ progression enters the fray as the atmosphere swirls and steadily builds, adding an air of film soundtrack experimentation to proceedings. This for me, is spaghetti western style experimental psychedelia, brilliantly thought out and expertly constructed for our modern age, presented to us to digest and try to make sense of. In lay-mans terms: This is music!

Up next, ‘Dwell In Tents By Day, Hike At Random By Night’ offers up an off kilter guitar progression coupled with sequenced bleeps and a cacophony of cascading musical tones. There’s a subtle psych/dub/raga feel to this track that will have you hooked so fast that you will eventually totally succumb to its addictive swagger and find yourself swaying to its immensely hypnotic metronomic swing. The album swerves into a more polished dub/electronica feel as ‘Fast Before Stalker Season’ cranks up and shutters into existence on a bedrock of sequenced percussive hits and programmed synth lines before ‘You Don’t Know It Yet But We Are Losing You’ rustles up more esoteric flair and injects some brilliant eastern edged vibes into proceedings.

The sampled pitter patter of falling rain and a rumbling of thunder graces the ears before ‘Find New Methods For Compass Use’ introduces a swirling ambient drone that completely cuts through the soundscape, gathering momentum as it builds in intensity, all the while helping to focus the mind and calm the senses. Menacing percussive swells and shaking tambourines usher in ‘Bring Ice Axe And Rope’ before dark & oppressive synth swells bubble up from the outer reaches, purposefully deployed to scare and enthral all at once. The track shuffles and dances, loops and arcs through layers of immense instrumentation that includes banjo, guitars, synths and sequenced progressions of varying degrees that build and swirl to stunning effect making ‘Bring Ice Axe And Rope’ my favourite track on this entire release. Swirling banjo progressions coupled with glorious sitar and hauntingly good synth lines brings the albums lead single, the brilliantly named  ‘Record The Humming Of Melodious Caves’ into earshot before skittish ‘tabla’ hits and the rumbling ‘dugga’ bass drum noises swirl into action. This is another addictive piece of music guaranteed to have you swaying with its snaking & motorik percussive movements.

The albums penultimate track entitled ‘Continue Ascent While Blindfolded’ reverberates on a jangling guitar strum before organ stabs, light clavichord progressions underscored with sampled whirls & bleeps reminiscent to that of a dastardly ‘horror film’ merry-go-round scarily crawls into play! My recommendation is to listen to this track via headphones to experience what I mean ..... thoroughly dark & enjoyable! The albums closing piece is a ten minute plus thrill ride through electronica, oriental, folk, ambient, tribal and eastern musical themes that swirl and pulse swathes of beautifully hypnotic frequencies into the sonic atmosphere. ‘Reach The Summit, Egg’ is a mesmerising finale to another wonderful collection of tracks created from the mind of Daniel Westerlund, a man who has mastered a plethora of musical stylings to produce something not only quite eclectic & different but immensely compelling too. Bravo!


'Advice To Hill Walkers' gets its full release on September 30th and is available to pre-order right now via Sunrise Ocean Bender & Deep Water Acres.



Del Chaney has spent the last four years not only fronting popular experimental Irish Electronic duo Analogue Wave but also dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk, post rock & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing writer for The Sound Of Confusion. His other arm - Primal Radio - has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has hepled him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

EP REVIEW | The Wands - Faces EP

a3002745435_16ARTIST: The Wands


RELEASE DATE: 5th September 2016


Copnhagen natives The Wands' newest release is a trip. The six track EP that follows up 2014's The Dawn is a love letter to 60s pyschedelia. The band revel in the sounds and structures of the first wave of one of modern music's weirder forms, full of rich analogue sounds.

Scene-setter Living the Dream swirls in like smog, that partially clears to reveal Faces, a loose and languid cocktail of 60s and eastern influences. Cosmic Sinners metallic glint comes from jagged guitar tones and gongs that transition ito a thrumming sway for Out of FeverBetween Heavens feels like a partner to Faces in some way, the pure 60s influences (and maybe even a hint if Merseybeat) so strong.  And in a swell of sci-fi sounds The Wands are gone again, not faraway, but defintely somewhere far-out.

Faces is out now on various formats via Fuzz Club Records.





In her time, Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr has attended raves and rock clubs. She enjoys pedals, pizza and spy dramas. Sarah also plays guitar in Edinburgh-based noisemakers Wozniak and is co-founder of Morningside Young Team who put on gigs and put out records for discerning audiences who enjoy fuzz and confusion.

EP REVIEW | New Horror - Fruitless Search

a2499263253_16ARTIST: New Horror

RELEASE: Fruitless Search

RELEASE DATE: 27th August 2016


Dirty, wild, echoing and beautiful… These are all words one would use to describe the EP Fruitless Search by lo-fi post-punk band New Horror. Their sound is one of untamed uniqueness, nestled somewhere near the punk-violence/garage sound of a band like 'Pigeon Religion' and the warped but dazzlingly emotive riffs of a band like 'Codeine' (but louder). Indeed, Fruitless Search will not be everybody’s cup of tea but, perhaps, this is an indication of the kind of alternative brilliance that can be heard on this EP. Slowcore, garage rock, noise, lo-fi, post-punk, dream rock and alternative rock are just SOME of the genres that get tossed around, from song to song and sound to sound. Funnily enough, most will mute the noise frequency of the band, complain about how distanced the vocals are or beg to know why the guitars are so *expletive word* loud; But honestly these songs and sounds are refreshing… In a technological age where everybody thinks their sound and image are their own, a band like this don’t even try to mount the task of being ‘original’, rather they stick to what they know, churn out rattling song after song after song and defy genres in the process.

The ghostly, dark and garage infused post-punk song ‘Like a Child’ opens the EP with the bands noise-riddled guitars and drumming reminiscent of classic 80’s style post-punk. The vocals echo heavily in the distance; they sit at such a volume that many can hardly hear them amidst the churning fuzz of the guitar. But before you jump to the conclusion that it’s just a pile of wild fuzz proclaimed to be ‘noise music’ the band showcase their song writing abilities to the absolute maximum when they include an emotive guitar riff over the top of the aforementioned noise. This allows the song to rise from pure noise rock into the realms of dense lo-fi post-punk, with touches of the French orientated Coldwave and other dream rock elements thrown in for good measure. Up next, 'In The Night' growls into earshot with driving guitars, throbbing bass and a repetitious drum pattern before ‘Everything Feels Like a Stab in the Heart’ ambles into frame featuring what sounds like an authentic eighties drum machine keeping the tempo high and fast, as the band show off a more alternative rock related sound. The song still yields post-punk elements underneath the wall of noise and guitars; rising higher than previous tracks, the vocals on ‘Everything Feels Like a Stab in the Heart’ sound more accessible, albeit still in a deeply alternative way.

While these two fantastically well-written songs sound as though the band have put their best foot forward first, this is all thrown out the window when ‘Through You’ begins to play. An absolutely brilliant, first class, downtrodden song of shoegaze proportions, the noisy but dreamy ‘Through You’ showcases an almost slowcore style of sound that the band present to the listener, wrapped in a second hand, dirty, style of wrapping paper. ‘Through You’ runs for six minutes and is built around the slow but intelligent drums that keep the tempo rolling and dreamy; over the top sit the bands noisy and humming guitars… But the added feature that ties the whole song together majestically is a dark and loud synth which sounds like the good-looking cousin of a train engine. Praise should also be given wholly to the fantastic bass riff that’s featured on ‘Through You’, which at times may be hard to hear, but is in fact the musical backbone of the song. Together the instruments manage to bring across a totally wild but completely exalted piece of music; fantastic.

‘White Walls’, a type of interlude, follows on and features a nice, toned down and less noise based sound. The song actually features acoustic guitar, strummed along to a dreamy bass tone and backed eerily with noise-filtered but distanced guitar and a bright soundscape. As the song picks and strums away, it leads into the bands ultimate beast; a ten minute epic called ‘Mirror’. ‘Mirror’ is a monstrous track of immensely beautiful sounds, all melded together and once again stationed around the reverb and hard sound of drums in the background that, beside the occasional fill, maintains the same pounding rhythm for the whole song. The song, in all its musical layering, is actually perhaps more upbeat than most others on the EP. What begins as the bands core (guitars, bass, drums, voice and a few other bits and pieces) playing along eventually exceeds into many sounds, instruments and soundscapes, flooding the listeners ears. ‘Mirror’ is hard to define and outline, but it stands as a brilliant piece of music recorded and presented by a group of song writing virtuosos. Much like all diverse and epic songs, I can’t really do ‘Mirror’ any justice with simple, bland and rhetorical words. You might have to just listen to it.

And there it is, Fruitless Search, an EP heavy and soft, deep but surfaced and loud but almost always beautiful. The production and mixing reflects the sounds that are evident on the release; scratchy and loud, but maintained and done so with a degree of professionalism that appears too simple to be successful. With this very thought in mind, the entire EP, the entire aesthetic of the group may be completely evident on the EPs cover; featuring a bland, awkward photograph of somebody simply standing there. This photo defies the songs that feature no real conceptual basis (in a good way) and the entire sound of the band; simple but deeply brilliant. As mentioned before the song writing is of a majestic and utterly talented quality, as are the performances and the additional sounds and synths that feature throughout.

Fruitless Search is kind of a reinforcement of the idea that there are still warriors out there producing almost completely original music; borrowed and influenced by others but always reshaped and restyled to be their own. And what, I quietly hear you ask, is that supposed to mean? All I’m saying is that many bands throw albums and EP's out, tell you how amazingly original they are and how they smell like critical acclaim when in actual fact they are bland, boring, un-educated and incorrectly referential to the music they supposedly play and are influenced by. Here, with Fruitless Search, the concept of originality in non-professional bands appears and reminds us all what can be achieved when you are actually talented. So I suppose you should probably listen to this EP… As I stated before though, this may not be for everybody, and not everybody may understand it or even try to understand it… And if you don’t, please feel free to *expletive word* off and listen to some self-proclaimed geniuses generic music. This EP is for those who appreciate song writing, context and quality of performance and sound.


Fruitless Search is available to buy/download right now on various formats from & respectively.




Cam Phillips is a writer and above all, a music lover, who seeks to gain experience through writing and listening. He is also an avid film viewer and art and literature junkie who enjoys creative writing. His most recent published work was featured on the Australian heavy music blog, I Probably Hate Your Band.

EP REVIEW | The Autumn Sighs - Branches

a3314965095_16ARTIST: The Autumn Sighs

RELEASE: Branches

RELEASE DATE: 21st August 2016


German based indie shoegaze trio 'The Autumn Sighs' have returned with a brand new five track release entitled 'Branches', the follow up to 2015's impressive 'Sprig' EP. Their sound meanders gracefully through melodious and dreamy swathes of blissful dream pop infused shoegaze coupled with soaring chorus progressions, thunderous drum patterns and addictively hazy instrumentation. The band are made up of Katha - guitars/vocals), Ulrik - guitars/effects/ebow & Denis - drums with bass guitar duties on all songs for this recording going to Florian Malicke. The EP is available to buy/download on various formats right now from

The EP opens up with 'The Autumn Sighs', a beautifully constructed slice of dreamy shoegaze. Glorious frequencies greet the listener as the guitars jangle and sway, held firmly within the metronomic swing of the hypnotic drum pattern. The vocals float in on a wave of beautifully enticing reverb, swirling blissfuly in unison with the instrumentation until the chorus progressions explode into a maelstrom of beautiful frequential noise. As opening tracks go, this is monumental. Up next, 'Thirsty' takes its foot off of the noisy reverb pedal as a melodious vocal line meanders and undulates gracefully, intertwined with a brilliantly constructed guitar progression and another impressive drum pattern. The track builds as it shifts through it's sonic gears and finishes with a flurry of golden hued sounds.

Track three, 'Tonight' initially confuses me. At first, it leans into indie pop territory as its opening chord progressions coupled with another blissful vocal line unfurls. That notion however is quickly shattered as the track unleashes a whirlwind of soaring reverb induced guitar squall coupled with driving instrumentation and an explosive percussive attack to bring what is now my favourite track on this entire release. What tweaks my attention about the 'The Autumn Sighs' is that they have the ability to surprise their listeners as each track works through its progressions. Something that is unfortunately lacking in most modern shoegaze bands these days.

The EP's penultimate track entitled 'Flat', woozily enters earshot on a tremulous guitar line, throbbing bass frequencies and an accompanying percussive pattern. Its dreamy vocal lines enter the fray and instantaneously lifts the entire track to new heights allowing it to glide and arc all over the soundscape thus bringing a serine calmness to proceedings until its finale. The EP's closing piece entitled 'Sway' gently flows as its crawling instrumentation acts a s bedrock for another impressive vocal performance. Its chorus parts build momentum on waves on glorious reverberation coupled with ethereal vocal lines and steadying percussion. Bass frequencies throb as the track meanders along its chosen predesigned course culminating on swirling fuzzy drone. A beautiful & fitting ending to a marvellously executed EP.  Recommended listening!




Del Chaney has spent the last four years not only fronting popular experimental Irish Electronic duo Analogue Wave but also dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk, post rock & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing writer for The Sound Of Confusion. His other arm - Primal Radio - has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has hepled him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | The Planets Collide - Circles


Tasmania based experimental psych/space rock aficionado 'The Planets Collide' aka Stephen Dunham has released a follow up single entitled 'Circles' to May 2016's stunning release 'Wake Me Up When Its Over'. With a sound that deftly traverses the outer reaches of psych rock, melded brilliantly with subtle hypnotically charged rhythmic percussion whilst all the while swirling hazily through motorik driven experimental space rock 'The Planets Collide' offer up something completely different and fresh to this modern day experimental/psych/space rock scene. 'Circles' is a available to buy/download right now from

'Circles' explodes into a cacophony of swirling reverberating frequencies from the off, attacking the senses and dragging you the listener with it as its utterly addictive vocal lines and thunderous sequenced percussive attack jostles within the hazy musical maelstrom. A thoroughly enjoyable sonic thrill ride through layers of growling guitars and brilliantly executed synth lines. Recommended!