Everso - Silence Disarm - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Everso - Silence/Disarm b/w Rebirth

Brazilian based noisy post-gazing duo 'Everso' have unleashed a stunning new single entitled 'Silence/Disarm' b/w 'Rebirth'. The band are made up of Daniel Ikuma - guitars/bass/vocals & Rock Silveira - drums/backing vocals with Daniel Watanabe from 'Alma Mater Band' contributing some song arrangements on this release. 'Everso' have a sound that is inherently shoegaze orientated with subtle underlying layers of alt-rock and swirling post-rock bubbling under the surface. This latest single is available to buy/download right now from eversoband.bandcamp.com

'Silence/Disarm' streams into the ether on hazy waves of reverberation. A fuzzy wall of guitars ride a tempestuous percussive swagger as throbbing bass frequencies hum and fizz enveloping that sublime vocalisation whilst 'Rebirth' sits firmly in the atmospheric post-rock stable with ambient like guitars swirling around fragile vocals, driving bass lines, whooshing cymbal crashes and massive swathes of percussive noise.





Tus Nua - Geyser - Featured Image - (700x700)


Post-gazers 'Tús Nua' formed in 2014 & are currently based in Zagreb. They self-released their debut EP entitled 'Existence' in April 2015 and are currently recording their first full length LP 'Horizons' which will be released on September 16th 2017. Their sound is an interesting mix of shoegaze, alt-rock and post-rock with layers of synth, entrancing vocalisations and impressive production. They have just released a brand new single entitled 'Geysir', the second to be lifted lifted off the aforementioned new album! The band are made up of Jordi Ilić, Jelena Božić and Matea Milevoj with Sara Ercegović (ŽEN) guesting on drums for this single. 'Geysir' is available to buy/download right now from: www.tus-nua.bandcamp.com

'Geysir' opens up in a haze of jangling guitars, subtle synth swells and noisy atmospherics. Steady percussion keeps a firm bedrock underfoot as throbbing bass frequencies bubble and skip through entrancing verse progressions, deftly enveloping those impressive vocal skills. It soars through it's chorus parts with relative ease, swirling and tumbling through layers of reverberating instrumentation and magical lead lines effortlessly. Definitely recommended and ones to watch going forward.





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ALBUM REVIEW | Township - Impact Bliss

TOWNSHIP - Impact Bliss - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: Township

RELEASE: Impact Bliss 

RELEASE DATE: 28th April 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Prairie State Records

'Impact Bliss' is a lengthy album by Wisconsin based shoegaze outfit Township; it’s an original and downtrodden piece of shoegaze with one defining feature to its arsenal: it’s deliciously refreshing. But how is it refreshing? It’s refreshing because it fully showcases the beauty and power of heavy and thick, drowned out shoegaze without cranking any reverb pedals up to 1 million. The songs all dance around quietly, touched upon perhaps most obviously by genres like slowcore and the darker side of alternative rock. In fact, on some of the songs, Township are more of a slowcore band than they are shoegaze or anything else. The songs are haunting, dark sketches of truly emotive music; structurally thin but ridiculously rich at the same time. Altogether, it is the purity and directness of the song writing that makes the band and their stylistic choices stand out so strongly against a crowd of blindfolded kids who think the greatest way to go about things is to possum stomp a reverb pedal and hide behind a Spector-style wall of sound. The album was released back on the 28th April 2017 through Chicago based independent record label Prairie State Records and it is available to buy/download right now on various formats via prairiestaterecords.bandcamp.com

‘Turquoise Kiss’ opens the release, heavy and downtrodden with the subtle squeal of a very well written guitar riff. Following from this is the albums most signature element; slow and quiet dynamics; presenting an eerie layer of vocals. The songs chorus sounds positively alternative rock based, punctuated by a return to the opening guitar riff and the slower turn of the bands sound. ‘Yes & Yes’ opens with the same slowcore-elements briefly touched upon on ‘Turquoise Kiss’. This time however, most of the song centres around slow, plucking guitar rhythms and a meditatively dark vocal performance; perhaps summarizing the atmosphere that feels laced around the sound of the song. For most of its duration, the song remains slow and quiet; restraining itself against the desire to launch fully into a drowned out-feedback landscape. For this reason, there is a great sense of patience-centred admiration for ‘Yes & Yes’ and for Township themselves, for withholding and resisting the easy, simple and generic song writing strategies so many other bands love to love. ‘Be If Me’ stands out less than the former tracks, but its much more post-rock orientated sound highlights some elements of the bands song writing that remained unexplored on the opening tracks. The heavier and rock-ier chorus drowns out some of the emotional rawness of the previous tracks also. This is not to say it doesn’t deserve a place on the record as at least an interesting listen.

‘Catch a Wish’ offers one of the most stripped back portraits of the band on the entire release; most of the track centres around the hushed, claustrophobic vocals and the slow, noisy rumble of a background guitar. This combination of the tense and close, and the wild and far away proves to be beautifully poignant in terms of the impact of the song, while also distancing and adding conceptual context to the opposing heavy-guitar driven elements at the start of the release. ‘Impact’ is another slow and wavy piece of guitar based slowcore music, although the introduction of what sounds like a string section in the songs backing and small percussive xylophone opens a beautiful passage to the dreampop style riff that follows. Contemplative and somewhat meditative in its glowing, ‘Impact’ marks a full circle of sorts for the world of Impact Bliss; its full circle of skin shedding, and then re-applying, tastes all the more sweet as the brilliant song writing aesthetics do what they do (and do so neatly) on ‘Impact’. The weightier, weaving sound of ‘The Tunnel At The End of The Light’ follows; showcasing a tad more epic length than the other tracks on the album… Dabbling over the seven minute mark with smashing and pounding drums. Things turn somewhat prog-rock as the song twists and turns; built most predominantly around the bash of the cymbals of rolling of the drums. Things culminate into a shoegaze-heavy passage following the chorus; guitars an vocals bounce off into a kind of softness between the sounds.

'Impact Bliss' may not be one distinctive kind of music (it’s not a shoegaze album, just how its not a dream pop album, just as much as its not slowcore album), but this may be one of its most defining features. In a similar way, tracks and songs are not completely forgein from one another; a weaving conceptual form ties the songs together quite nicely across the board. It is hard to throw direct criticisms at Impact Bliss, why is that? You ask? Because it is so tightly and successfully wound and bound together from song to song that it does not leave much room for criticism. Almost every track is an interesting and engaging listening experience; supported by solid, thoughtful and refreshing song writing. The only fault one could place upon the entire release is the tone and presentation of the vocals, which sometimes sound borderline whingy across the album. But for most that won’t be a thought at all, rather, they’ll be concentrating on a thorough and strong album by a band whose distinctive charm is not one constructed of lazy clichés, but of effort, patience and relief; proposed, presented and played out through production, mixing and sound.







Cam Phillips is a writer and above all, a music lover, who seeks to gain experience through writing and listening. He is also an avid film viewer and art and literature junkie who enjoys creative writing. His most recent published work was featured on Baeble Music and Culture (USA), Sounds and Colours Magazine (Latin America, London), Easterndaze (Latvia) and the Australian based heavy music blog, I Probably Hate Your Band.

Alter - Pendulum (700x700) Featured Image

ALBUM REVIEW | Alter - Pendulum

Alter - Pendulum (300x300) Post imageARTIST: Alter

RELEASE: Pendulum 

RELEASE DATE: 28th April 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Grimoire Records

From Baltimore in the USA comes the deep humming roar of Alter, whose core sound consists of the delicate layering of everything cold and aesthetically pleasing: alt-rock, post-rock, ambient music, shoegaze and even some sort of wild and loud dream pop thrown in there for good measure. Pendulum consists of six dense and spacious tracks laced with reverberating echo and drowned out vocals; offering the sound of envelopment to listeners in the form of some kind of snow drenched village off in the middle of nowhere. For some it will be a sluggish slog through the at times thick and murky waters of alternatively loud guitar music that Alter push forth from their instruments; for others the flood of noise and the hushed echoes of the vocals will provide some kind of beauty through the snowstorm of sound; for your sakes I hope it’s the latter. 'Pendulum' was released via the Baltimore based independent record label 'Grimoire Records' back on the 28th April 2017 and it is available to buy/download right now from grimoirerecords.bandcamp.com

'Pendulum' opens with ‘False Mirror’ a brilliantly heavy track with subtle hints of post-punk in there for good measure. The beginning of the song makes one immediately think of the quiet, slight post-rock music that they’re about to hear; that is until the churning, loud guitars and cymbal heavy drums arrive into the mix. From there the most intriguing element of the song comes in; the vocals… sporting the aforementioned touch of post-punk. The vocals remain deeply layered under the walls of noise, but unlike the much rehashed shoegaze production technique that many of us are already familiar with, Alter’s vocals sit in a higher register; offering up an almost contrast to the music and the sound on the song. ‘False Mirror’ pans out into a cymbal lead breakdown before turning full circle back within itself. ‘Momentary’ offers up a similar slow beat that concluded ‘False Mirror’ except with a more obvious touch of post-rock evident in both the song writing and the mixing. The dynamics alter awkwardly throughout ‘Momentary’, especially the galloping drums on the second half of the track, but it seems to be the most 'by the book' that the band play it; although it still holds the same beauty as the other tracks around it.

Following on, the band turn in one of the EP’s best and most moving songs; its title track. The slow, drum and guitar combination roll slowly in the background of a fantastically harmonious vocal performances; even when the song moves back into borderline noise-gaze anthemic guitar, the catchy and dark alt-rock stlye chord progression stays along; forming the song into a complete package of heavy and emotive beauty. Special love and interest should be given to the songs second half, after the slight silent break, where the bands and instrumentation becomes even more extensive than before. ‘Inner Eclipse’, while at the start sounding like the heaviest the band will go, turns out actually to be a brilliantly weird, almost math rock based charge of cymbals and thick reverbed guitars. Bouncing back and forth between walls of sound lead by the bass and guitar, and the more groove orientated riffs that lead into the songs heavier sections, the vocals hold everything together again… Except this time they are much clearer. All these elements mix together to create a fantastic blend of post-rock/shoegaze amplification.

‘The Storm’ is also a definite EP highlight; its downtrodden and icy sound connects the sounds and styles of the title track with the previous and more formless ‘Inner Eclipse’ to create a piece more melodic and drawn out. Of all the heavy, weighty tracks on the EP, ‘Lost Instinct’ offers up the substantial size of feedback laden reverb and soundscapes for the listener to hear. It begins with borderline droning guitars and drums, backed up by the soundscaped noises of guitar feedback and, eventually, the wavering and floating vocals that have played such a pivotal role on other tracks throughout the EP. The wild, open feedback ridden landscapes of Pendulum make it difficult to say whether everybody would be a fan. But for those who appreciate the kind of melodic heaviness that can only really fit comfortably with post-rock and ambient texturings; then the EP is for you. Alter shine greatly when they display their strengths wisely; those being their attitude toward filling up the entire canvas with noise, the dynamics of sound in context with the instrumentation, the smart mixing and production, and perhaps most importantly; the vocals. Thankfully for almost the entire EP, the band do in fact display their strengths wisely offering a sonic piece of noise meditation, created through production, performance and sound.







Cam Phillips is a writer and above all, a music lover, who seeks to gain experience through writing and listening. He is also an avid film viewer and art and literature junkie who enjoys creative writing. His most recent published work was featured on Baeble Music and Culture (USA), Sounds and Colours Magazine (Latin America, London), Easterndaze (Latvia) and the Australian based heavy music blog I Probably Hate Your Band.

Bolywool - From Void To Matter Vol 1(700x700) Featured Image

EP REVIEW | Bolywool - From Void To Matter Volume 1

Bolywool - From Void To Matter Vol 1 (300x300) Post ImageARTIST: Bolywool

RELEASE: From Void ToMatter Volume 1

RELEASE DATE: 26th May 2017


Back in March 2016 whilst writing for 'The Sound Of Confusion' I was tasked with reviewing a fantastic fourteen track album entitled 'Hymnals & Bombs' by Swedish based (Borgholm/Gothenburg) cousins Calle Thoor and Oskar Erlandsson AKA Bolywool. Having never heard of the band before I instantly fell face first into their shimmering & experimental sonic landscapes and I was literally blown away by their musical interpretations on life and the way in which they told melancholic stories through the medium of sound. Now the duo have released the first of a planned trilogy of EP's entitled 'From Void To Matter Volume 1'. This stunning two track EP was released back on the 26th of May 2017 via VÅRØ Records  and it is available to buy/download right now via varorecords.bandcamp.com

Pounding, rhythmically charged percussion announces the opening salvos of ‘Hafmeyjan’ and with its arrival it pulls droning synth swells and the constant twang of guitar with it to collectively conjure up mesmerising incantational atmospherics. Beautifully intense passages of serine vocalisations swirl into the ether riding the turbulent instrumental wave before rippling skywards on undulating pulses of reverb and delay. ‘Hafmeyjan’ stirs the imagination and instills heavy swathes of melancholic abandonment as it meanders through layers of brilliantly executed production used effortlessly to whisper tales of salt lashed islands and far flung windswept beaches. This is a stunning opening track and it reminded me of just how good Bolywool are at telling stories through the medium of sound.

Up next the duo unleash ‘Meø Lögum Skal Land Byggja’ and it opens up tumbling erratically into a shimmering ball of sequenced electronics, swirling samples and the constant accompaniment of a synth heavy drone. Lazy, but brilliantly produced drum patterns rattle and shake, underscored at times by throbbing bass frequencies and tantalising good instrumental atmospherics that glide and shimmer on wave after wave of stunning reverberation. It’s synth lines glisten as they rise and fall giving off the impression of waves crashing on a storm ravaged beach-head and the constant rolling of different sonic frequencies add swathes of light and shade, reminiscent at times to the sun breaking through dark storm clouds. A magnificent ending to what is the opening volume of Bolywool’s planned trilogy of EP’s.









Del Chaney has spent the last four years dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk, post rock & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing  writer for The Sound Of Confusion (Now On Hiatus). His other arm  - Primal Radio -  has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Wozniak - Shader (Morningside Young Team Records)

Edinburgh based noise manipulators 'Wozniak' have unleashed yet another super sonic cut entitled 'Shader' lifted off their forthcoming & highly anticipated debut album 'Courage Reels', penned in for release on the 21st April 2017 both digitally and on a limited edition CD via Morningside Young Team Records. The band are made up Simon Cuthbert-Kerr - guitar, Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr - guitar/vocals, John Sinclair - drums & James Urquhart - bass and their collective sound swirls deftly in a heavy sonic stew filled with hazy shoegaze, atmospheric post-rock and fuzzed out noise rock.

'Shader' is an angry sonic behemoth that tumbles menacingly in a dark and fuzzy universe filled with repetitious frequencies and layered reverberations that swirl and undulate precariously on top of a trembling bass line and another impressive percussive assault. Highly addictive, the instrumentally brilliant 'Shader' spins through its verse progressions with intense atmospheric rage before using its powerful chorus parts to soar into the ether on utterly sublime shoegaze inspired highs. Thoroughly enjoyable, this track is a stunning prelude to the forthcoming full length release.






NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Fugleflugten - En Anden Side Af Ting

Danish based atmospheric post-gazing four piece ‘FugleFlugten’ have unleashed a brand new single and it's accompanying video entitled ‘En Anden Side Af Ting’ lifted off their forthcoming sophomore EP penned in for release over the coming months. Their sound swirls within a heady mix of reverb induced post-punk, shimmering synth swells and subtle hints of hazily layered shoegaze. Singing in their native tongue, ‘Fugleflugten’ are made up of Rasmus Yde, Frederik Henriksen, Mathias Rosenkilde & Laurits Pilegaard and if you like what you hear you can head over to soundcloud.com/fugleflugten to keep up to date with everything Fugleflugten related.






Edinburgh based noise merchants 'Wozniak' have announced an immense new single entitled 'Perihelion' lifted off their forthcoming & highly anticipated debut album penned in for release on the 21st April 2017 via Morningside Young Team Records. The band are made up Simon Cuthbert-Kerr - guitar, Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr - guitar/vocals, John Sinclair - drums & James Urquhart - bass and their collective sound swirls deftly in a heavy sonic stew filled with hazy shoegaze, atmospheric post-rock and fuzzed out noise rock. 'Perihelion' gets its full official release on the 3rd March 2017. A limited edition CD includes extra exclusive tracks 'Ground Echo' and 'Portents' and you can pre-order it right now via wozniak.bandcamp.com

'Perihelion' squeals into earshot on a repetitious instrumental drone as jangling guitar progressions spin in close orbit peppering the senses with waves of pulsing reverberation. Ethereal vocalisations hang precariously on the edge of a tightly coiled metronomic beat as the constant hum of bass frequencies hover and cajole the entire piece, looping and arcing menacingly into a turbulent tidal wave of shimmering noise. 'Perihelion' is darkly atmospheric, filled with raging torrents of latent noise and intense production. This is a stunning return to form from a band who can do no wrong! We can't wait for the full album.






NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Someday - Last lesson


Torino based alt-rock trio 'Someday' have released a brand new video to accompany the latest track entitled 'Last Lesson' to be lifted from their debut ten track full length 'This Doesn't Exist'. The album is penned in for release digitally today (February 10th 2017) via 'Seahorse Recordings' followed by CD distribution in late February via Audioglobe. The band are made up of Daniele Bianco, Michele Fierro & Fabio Digitali, with a sound that skips nonchalantly through impressive passages of alternative rock peppered at times with melodiously dark guitar progressions, atmospheric post-rock reverberations and interesting vocalisations. The full album is available to buy/download right now from: someday.bandcamp.com